Hey community,


I am going to ask you all for a favour. Please click on the link and go support the bill that has been introduced in Congress about saving gyms, crossfitboxes etc. We all know that health is more important than ever and that physical training will only have positive effects on your brain and your body. It is time to rethink training facilities important role in this pandemic and actually look at numbers and statistics with this in mind.  Go to this link: https://gymscoalition.org/get-involved/ and complete the form and  It takes 30 seconds and is important in showing our support for the gym support bill that has been introduced in Congress. 





Thursday’s Training: 


Minute 1: 12/9 Cals AB

Minute 2: 12 Squats + 8 Thrusters (95/65)

Minute 3: 200m/150 Row

Minute 4: 12 Bar Facing Burpees Minute

5: Rest

*Intention: CrossFit Open Prep / Recoverability. What number of reps can you sustain for this EMOM 40? With any workout, think of ‘relative intensity.’ If you’re taking 50 seconds to complete 12 cals on the AB, reduce the number of cals. You need more built in rest in order to complete the work ahead. This is NOT an AMRAP. Move fast and get built in rest.

Oak Park, we are adding a new specialty class and new coach! Power Bell with Coach Kylie begins at Noon on Friday, February 19th.


What is Power Bell?


Coach Kylie Tullipan will be joining us for the next 8 weeks to lead “Power Bell” a 1-hour kettlebell focused class Fridays at noon. This one-hour class will compliment our existing GHP training and introduce you to the many benefits of training with kettlebells. Want to bulletproof your shoulders, improve your midline stability and generate more power and strength? Show up for Power Bell with Coach Kylie. This class will be held in place of our usual GHP class on Fridays at noon.


Who is Coach Kylie?


Kylie Tullipan is a seasoned performance coach and certified StrongFirst SFG2 & SFL Instructor. She empowers her students to reach and exceed their goals in and out of the gym through a combination of strength training, mobility, and mental discipline.


A former dancer, figure skater and triathlete (sprint – Ironman), Kylie teaches athletes, moms/dads, teens, and those on the spectrum. 


After reaping the rewards of a more balanced approach to her own personal training, she has transferred this methodology into her coaching, helping others live a more balanced and healthier life, while educating and pushing individuals to their limits. Kylie’s approach encompasses healthy eating habits, lifestyle, mental well-being, and maintaining a goal-focused mindset complementing the physical aspects of training.


Kylie believes through hard work, dedication, and the right approach, that her students can accomplish whatever they set out to achieve. She follows the philosophy “strong in the gym, strong in life” and embodied that herself when she moved from Australia to Los Angeles to pursue her goals.


Notable Certifications & Qualifications:

Oak Park Coaches Development Program

NeuroMotive Coach

StrongFirst Kettlebells – SFG1, SFG2

StrongFirst Lifters – SFL

StrongFirst Plan Strong

StrongFirst BodyWeight – Attendee 

CrossFit Strongman Instructor

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Kids

The BrandX Method Teen Weightlifting Certification

The BrandX Method Advance Kids Certification

BirthFit Coach

Australian Institute of Fitness Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer

Deuce Gym Coaches Prep

I am welcoming you to our special event this coming Saturday – the all girls GALENTINE’S Workout to celebrate our female community. We will run two classes 10am and 11am WOMEN ONLY. Reservation is open as of two days back and if you for some reason haven’t got a spot, connect with me and we will try to arrange the best we can to get you in. Come as you are and/or with glitter and sparkle in your hair and clothes! Cannot wait to see you all on Saturday to celebrate women, training and life! 

This is Saturday’s ALL GIRLS WOD:



400m run  

15 OHS 

-Rest 3min-



1000m Row

50 Thrusters 

30 Pull Ups 

-Rest 3min- 



3 C&J 

3 Bar Facing Burpees 


If you are a male reading this – don’t be too upset that you are missing out on this workout. It will come back on the training schedule for the entire community and you will get a chance to do it then. Here are Thursdays and Fridays Community Workouts:


Thursday’s WOD

“Murph Prep”


400m run

12 pull ups 

24 push ups 

36 squats 

– 35min cap – 


Friday’s WOD


For Time:


Overhead Squats (95/65)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull 




Of all the things humans have endeavored, that was once learned, why did the bike become the expression in our lexicon?

Well, there’s a neuroscientific explanation for why we never forget how to ride a bike!

There’s a particular nerve cell in the brain the controls the formation of memories for motor skills.  They’re called ‘molecular layer interneurons’.  These never cells encode electric signals leaving the cerebellum – the part of the brain that controls coordinated movement – into a language that can be stored as memory in other parts of the brain.

This process is true for all other motor skills, from throwing a ball to dancing the tango…so why have we singled out the expression…’ It’s like riding a bike?’  Why not it’s like dancing the tango???

For some reason, we’ve chosen riding a bike as the benchmark by which all motor skills are to be judged?

I personally don’t know why this is, I’m sure no one really knows…but science has a theory:

“Intrinsic stability” meaning that the modern front steering wheel of a bike, when at speed, will steer itself.  For example, have you ever ghost riding a bike before?  You get up to speed and jump off and you watch the bike go!  The bike will even make small steering corrections to keep upright. It can be suggested that our brains feel a sense of instability with a dash of fear when we learn to ride a bike – we quickly correct and encode a permanent skill out of necessity?

Or…..I like this theory.  It may have to do with childhood when most of us learn to ride a bike. It’s one of the few universal skills taught to us by a trusted adult.  That leap of faith when the trainers are removed and the person holding the seat to keep you steady… (but has secretly let go).  I ofter dream about the time when I was riding my bike for the first time on my own. I remember looking back and seeing my dad blocks away…and thinking….”this is the best feeling!”  

I’ll never forget that moment…



Coach Nick describing this past weekend and workouts to come for the OP Open:


Monday’s Workout – Practice
200m Row
10 Hang Power Snatch
10 Push Press

2 Minute Rest

200m Row
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
10 Front Squats

Advanced: (65/45)

Intermediate: (45/35)

Beginner: (35/22)

*Intention: Build muscualar endurance for OP OPEN WORKOUT #3 ‘Andi.’