For years I’ve been told and sold that I’ve got to be on socials for all the reasons. Never have I felt well on them. Now as it turns out we are learning why social media makes us ill.

Our intent at Oak Park is to help with Fitness, Health and Wellness. Below are simplified reasons why Oak Park the business does not use “Extractive Technology” (Tech that modifies your behaviors without you knowing it and somebody else getting paid for it). 

  1. Time: 3 Billion humans are currently committing 2-3 hours daily on the primary social platforms. Are any of us actually thinking, “Tomorrow, I’m going to wake up and check my phone 150 times impulsively throughout the day. While I’m at it, I’ll just toss two and half hours (plus or minus) at FB, IG, YouTube, Twitter, etc..”? Unfortunately, that’s the math. What would you do with another 56-84 HOURS A MONTH?  Two years ago when I got off I gained back 42 minutes a day. Since then taking one simple action of of eliminating my activity on the four major platforms has given me 480 hours! 
  2. Attention: As far as the human nervous system and brain go most of us have about 3-4 hours tops of quality attention to give on any given day. Extractive technologies increase your arousal states so you pay attention. The problem here is that IF you’re giving 2-3 hours of attention to platforms in a provoked, aroused state you are by definition limiting what of YOU is left for other likely more important things.  

NOTE: Time and Attention of humans is how these companies value. The companies are great at what they do. And the price for participating is that we are amplifying impulsivity, anxiety and depression.

3.  Impulsivity at the expense of Intentionality: Again 3 Billion people are averaging 2-3 hours a day practicing impulsivity, reacting to what the algorithms want us to pay attention to. If, in these moments of scrolling and liking we actually reflected, “Is this what I truly want to be doing in this moment? Are these behaviors (actions) most in line with my intention as a person?”  Probably not. But, these platoforms are not designed to get us to our higher reflective selves (as there isn’t much money in that… for the moment). Rather, extractive technologies are designed to capitalize on our impulsivity and reward us. “Fetch boy, go get a like!”   Every time we play fetch they get better and better at predicting human impulsivity. Throwing us more n more scrolls to go and pant for more. Now that’s power. I’ve yet to hear this: “For 50-90 hours a month did impulsivity training staring at a screen with little to no intent and man am I happy and feeling great!”  The point is that it is math. Are you spending REAL time conditioning impulsivity or intentionality?

   4.  Negative Emotions: Impulsivity is the fertilizer of fear, anxiety, and depression. Clinical diagnoses of both anxiety and depression have dramatically increased due to social media use. The impulsivity training we are doing is ramping up our anxiety and depression. Concurrently, sincere human empathy is a partial solution to this and notoriously absent from social media. In fact, as psychologists are pointing out, the more time spent on social media the less empathy one feels. Effectively, the platforms amplify negative emotions and  nullify the helpful ones.  That’s not the kind of graph I want to run for a population I lead. 

Personally, I’ve been off two years and life is better for it.  When somebody says, “Don’t you need it for business?” I say, “No, our business is fitness, health and wellness. Socials steal the limited resources for this: Time, attention, intention (vs impulsivity) and positivity.”  I trust that other businesses will start to join us in action – especially those in the service of helping people be more fit, healthy and well. 


Monday’s Workout


EMOM 36 | :40 Work :20 Rest
Min 1: Cal Row
Min 2: Back Squats*
Min 3: Burpees
Min 4: Front Squats
Min 5: AB Mat Sit Ups
Min 6: OHS
*Choose weight from “Squat Battery” OP Open workout.

A little over a month ago I posted a little video of me doing some yoga. And asked why move?  I listed a bunch of reasons to move, but would truly love to hear from you all. At Oak Park our goal is to help you be more resilient. To live life in a way that you can do whatever its is you want. Not be restricted by physical limitations or mental limitations. 

Our coaching intention is to provide you with tools that you can apply in the real world. I feel Covid is a prime example of that. We have been working on your health, fitness and wellness by showing up to class, being mindful of how you move, what you eat and who you surround yourself with.  Breath practice helps you control your mental state by either ramping you up or settling you down.  Exercise helps with boosting mood, immunity, detoxification and just makes you more durable person, oh and its fun and hard. Our coaches and community help to guide and support you. 

I share this all as our goal is to help you grow as a human. Not just to squat more, or be more bendy, but to be able to mentally, physically and emotionally handle life as you move through it.

Thank you for participating, I hope you see what a wonderful tool kit you’ve been building over the days, weeks, months or years. 

And maybe you are wondering what Sundays aerobic capacity class is?  In general terms CARDIO (Run/Row/Ski/Bike). Learn and practice getting your heart and lungs(BREATH) in better health!  

Saturday’s Workout


“5 Rounds of:”
400m Run
16 Over Head “reverse” Lunges (85/55) (S.ct)

***20min. Cap****

Until today, online reservations for our classes have been open 36 hours before the class start time and closed 10 hours before the class start time. You have been able to reserve class in the 10 hours before class started simply by texting your coach that: (1) you want to reserve a spot; and (2) that you have run through the CDC’s self-checklist and are covid symptom-free. The 10-hour stop for reservations has been in place for two reasons: (1) Because we do not do a body temperature scan when you enter Oak Park we are requiring you to instead go through a pre-arrival self check to verify that you are not currently experiencing covid symptoms. You should do this every time you reserve a spot for class and then you must email or text the class coach or your primary coach and inform them that you are symptom free. This allows us to keep records of your self-checks as a substitute for temperature scans at the gate. As you know, we also do a verbal check when you arrive to confirm that you are still symptom free. This is all inconvenient, I know. But it is necessary for us and for the continued safety of our community.


Beginning today, we are going to revise the cut-off window for reservations (except for the 6am class) so that you may now reserve a spot for class as late as 3 hours before the class start time. You are still required to conduct the self check and inform your coach or the class coach in writing (text or email) that you are symptom free. Hopefully this allows you more flexibility in planning your training schedules. For the 6am class, the reservations will still close 10 hours before class starts so that the morning coach knows who will be showing up in the morning.


Got questions or suggestions? Let’s chat!



“24-Minute Pyramid”

Choose your destiny…

– Row – Max Meters

– Assault Bike – Max Miles

– Ski – Max Meters

4 min. ON, 2 min. RECOVERY

5 min. ON, 2 min. RECOVERY

6 min. ON, 2 min. RECOVERY

5 min. ON, 2 min. RECOVERY

4 min. ON, DONE!

Los Angeles’s air pollution is among the worst in the United States, both for PM2.5 and ozone. PM2.5 It is widely regarded as one of the most harmful pollutants to human health for its prevalence at dangerous levels. Exposure to PM2.5 has been linked to health effects such as heart disease, respiratory illness, and premature death.


For PM2.5, the greater Los Angeles county contains 9 of the 15 most polluted cities in the United States, according to the 2019 World Air Quality Report. According to the 2019 State of the Air report, which compared data across 229 metropolitan areas, Los Angeles has the worst ozone air pollution in the United States. Ozone is a gas pollutant formed when sunlight reacts with nitrogen oxides and organic substances. Vehicle exhaust contains both the nitrogen oxides and reactive organic substances needed to form ozone, so traffic is frequently identified as a leading source. Like PM2.5, ozone can cause health effects ranging from respiratory infections and inflammation to premature death.


Together, PM2.5 and ozone form the smog that Los Angeles is often known for. The summer months of June, July, and August tend to be more polluted than other months. This is because of drier conditions, less rainfall, higher temperatures, and a higher frequency of wind-blown dust and wildfires.


The air quality has been extremely bad the last 10 days. We need to understand that climate change is real and we as a community are directly exposed to these negative changes. I really want us all to work for healthier and cleaner air. What are some things we can do as a business to work for a better climate? What do you do to make a change? Please let us know and also reflect on your own behaviour. 


Be safe and breath through that nose of yours! 

Coach Char 


Thursday’s Workout 

Gym Peeps – “The 300”

For Time:

25 Pull Ups

50 Deadlifts (135/95)

50 Push Ups

50 Box Jumps

50 Floor Wipers

50 Alt. KB Clean & Presses
25 Pull Ups

A few things that help me stay calm and grounded…
– Yoga
– Paying attention to my breathing
– Eating well
– Riding my bike
– Getting in the ocean
– Connecting with family and friends
Whatever yours are…I hope you are well and thriving!

Gym Peeps – 5 on the 5:00
400m Run
15 Back Squats (135/95)

**Score = Slowest Round**

…Immediately into 10 Minute Row:
Option A or B? You choose. Do it!
A) Avg Watts
B) Active Recovery


Zoom Peeps – 5 on the 5:00
400m Run
15 DB Squats

**Score = Slowest Round**

5 MONTHS tomorrow!! Love you, Jack 🙂 

Tuesday – Practice

Gym Peeps –
A) 15 Minutes of Practice: Pull
**Superset w/”Durante Core”**
– Pull Ups
– Chin Ups
– Ring Rows
– Inverted Pulls
– Negatives
– Bar Hang

15 Cal AB
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)
5 DBALL Squat Cleans (100/70)

Zoom Peeps –
A) 15 Minutes of Practice: Pull
-Superset w/”Durante Core”

1:00 Double Unders or Singles
10 Burpee Tuck Jumps
5 DB Squat Cleans

The Purpose of Oak Park as a business is to support fitness, health and wellness.  The position of Oak Park is that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (and other “extractive technologies”) HURT one’s fitness, health and wellness. Therefore, we don’t use these (and other) platforms.  If you are unfamiliar with “why” we chose these specific actions read this article and/or listen to the podcast from last year about “going dark”. Please contact me or your coach directly with feedback about all of this. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen it yet please take a moment to watchThe Social Dilemma (


Monday’s Workout


Gym Peeps –
For Time: (18 Min. Cap)
1000m Row
8 Clean & Jerks (185/125)
750m Row
6 Clean & Jerks
500m Row
4 Clean & Jerks
250m Row
2 Clean & Jerks

Zoom Peeps –
For Time: (18 Min. Cap)
800m Run
16 DB Clean & Jerks
600m Run
12 DB Clean & Jerks
400m Run
8 DB Clean & Jerks
200m Run
4 DB Clean & Jerks
**Use two DB’s or go home. 😉 Get it?!**

Recently a new friend asked my sister what she appreciated about me. To my surprise she said my sense of calm. I laughed to myself, as, I sometimes appear to be calm on the outside, yoga has been my anchor for calm on the inside. It’s the inward looking, the focus on the breath and learning to sit with myself and slowing down.  Yoga has been a practice of min for over 20 years, its come in waves of times with more and less, but it’s been with me for a long time. It brings me a lot of joy to share yoga with you all.  So, next week I will share with you on Thursday eve, in person at 7:15pm. 

I’m looking to build up Yoga at the gym- so please reach out if you are interested in making it part of your sustainable growth here at Oak Park! 

Please come and allow me to share a bit of calm with you. In our beautiful backyard. Reserve your spot via Zen planner. 

Saturday’s Workout

4 Rounds (1:00/1:00)
Power Clean + Press (85/65)
Lateral Box “Step” Overs (16″/12″)

Folks, we have some fun workouts programmed for Friday and the weekend but note that we are keeping an eye on the air quality index and may choose to cancel some classes if the air quality is so poor as to be dangerous for your health. It is LA, so air quality is always an issue, but the smoke from the recent wildfires is adding a level of danger and post-apocalyptic flair to the air that isn’t typical. If we need to cancel class we will let you know as early as possible to disrupt your lives minimally. Thank you in advance for understanding.

FRIDAY’S WORKOUT (Air Quality Permitting)

A) “Jackie In Reverse” For Time:

     30 Pull-Ups

     50 Thrusters (45#)

     1000m Row

**8 Minute Cap**

-Rest 2 Minutes-

B) “Mini-Helen In Reverse”


     12 Pull-Ups

     21 KBS (24kg/16kg)

     400m Run

**8 Minute Cap**

-Rest 2 Minutes-

C) Light “Double Isabel”

     For Time:

     60 Snatches (95#/65#)

**8 Minute Cap**

If you haven’t yet seen the documentary “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, PLEASE DO SO. 

That social media can be addictive and creepy isn’t a revelation to anyone who uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. But in Jeff Orlowski’s documentary “The Social Dilemma,” conscientious defectors from these companies explain that the perniciousness of social networking platforms is a feature, not a bug. 

 It is creepy to learn about this. And it gives me anxiety regarding my children and their future. Please watch it, reflect and do something about it. Thank God I am not on facebook, twitter or Tiktok. Next step will be BYE BYE Instagram. 


Thursday’s Workout 


Minute 1: 7/5 Cal AB

Minute 2: 7 Deadlifts – You choose load!

Minute 3: 7 Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)