Welcome to Oak Park
the Home of CrossFit LA

Connect. Play. Grow.


Oak Park is a training facility in Santa Monica, CA that focuses on intentional, sustainable growth. The original Oak Park was an athletic club and the childhood home of Kenny Kane in Santa Rosa, CA. When Kenny took over as the owner and head coach of CrossFit LA in 2014, he did so with a vision to build a fitness business centered around coaching relationships. We officially rebranded in 2017, and Oak Park became the home of CrossFit LA. We continue to serve our local community as one of the original CrossFit affiliates because we believe in the efficacy of functional fitness. We also understand that hard training is difficult to sustain and do our best to help people establish an integrated physical practice based on human connection, routine play, and measurable growth. This is done through private training and group classes led by professional coaches with decades of experience.