Group CrossFit Class

Group CrossFit Class is the centerpiece of training at Oak Park. Each 60-minute CrossFit class includes a thorough warm-up, opportunities to develop skills or strength, the main workout, and a cool down — all of which will be appropriately tailored to each student’s individual needs, goals, and abilities by a passionate and highly-skilled Oak Park coach.


Yoga Flow Class

Yoga Flow Classes are 60-minute flow classes that help us create more space in our bodies, gain more flexibility, and recover better.


Run Class

Run Classes educate and stimulate runners of all abilities on the principles of body position, stride rate and economizing transmitting forces through interval and long distance training. 



Breath Class

Foundational to all the training we do at Oak Park, our breath classes explore a variety of breathing techniques with a focus on functional breathing, self-regulation, and mindfulness.



Youth Program

Oak Park Youth Program offers private training and group classes that are both fun and diverse for kids 5-17 years. We teach kids how to properly run, jump, push, pull and squat in a variety of ways. Students practice proper movement patterns through body weight exercises, lifting weights, and develop conditioning through running, rowing and jumping rope.  We break down and slow down movements first to practice, then add intensity when appropriate.  We play games and use teamwork exercises to facilitate connection and allow students work at their own level to build confidence and autonomy.

Triathlon Training Program

Under the guidance of Program Director and Head Coach Jamie Silber, the Triathlon Training Program was created to expose CrossFit athletes to endurance events outside the gym. This specialty program ranges from 10 weeks to 6 months in length and is designed to prepare for specific events (e.g. sprint distance, Ironman competition). In addition to on-site training, the Triathlon Training Program will also engage in pool and open water swimming, bike rides, and running via team clinics and camps.



Private and Small Group Training


Individuals and small groups who want a more individualized training program can connect with an Oak Park coach who will design and guide a highly-individualized program customized to address your specific health, fitness, and wellness goals.



Private Training

starting at $125/hour

Monthly Class Memberships (12-month contract)

$295 (Unlimited)

$265 (3 classes/week)

$200 (2 classes/week)

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