Oak Park is a training facility in Santa Monica, CA that focuses on intentional, sustainable growth. The original Oak Park was an athletic club and the childhood home of Kenny Kane in Santa Rosa, CA. When Kenny took over as the owner and head coach of CrossFit LA in 2014, he did so with a vision to build a fitness business centered around coaching relationships. We officially rebranded in 2017, and Oak Park became the home of CrossFit LA. We continue to serve our local community as one of the original CrossFit affiliates because we believe in the efficacy of functional fitness. We also understand that hard training is difficult to sustain and do our best to help people establish an integrated physical practice based on human connection, routine play, and measurable growth. This is done through private training and group classes led by professional coaches with decades of experience. 


Private Training

$110/hour (On-site)

Monthly Class Memberships (12 month contract)

$295 (Unlimited)

$265 (3 classes/week)

$200 (2 classes/week)

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Group (GPP/CrossFit)

Group class is the centerpiece of the Oak Park experience, where our students and coaches come together as a community to connect, play, and grow. Each group class session is led by a passionate and highly-skilled Oak Park coach from start to finish. Each session is 60 minutes, and a typical session will include a detailed explanation of the workout, a thorough warm-up, opportunities to develop skills or strength, a workout, and a cool down. Our coaches guide our students’ personal fitness journeys within the group class setting by working with each student to ensure that the workout of the day is appropriately tailored to each student’s individual needs, goals, and abilities.

The CrossFit methodology is the foundation of our group class training, but our model of contextual programming thoughtfully incorporates a variety of tools and methods to create a variety of experiences to continually challenge our students in fun and interesting ways. One day, students might be developing their capacity to control their bodies and move well as they practice static gymnastics holds, breath work, and balance drills. The next day, the workout might test the students’ work capacity with a challenging combination of weight lifting movements and running. On another day, the workout might be structured to provide students the opportunity to develop perseverance and the mindset of turning impossibilities into possibilities . . . and there is a good chance that a friendly game of dodgeball or an impromptu dance session breaks out on any one of these days.

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We recognize running as 1 of 7 simple movements that we strongly believe are vital to functional living and a better quality of life.  If you are new to running, we offer private instruction on the principles of body position, stride rate and economizing transmitting forces.  Our group classes are off site at parks, on the track and sometimes on the trails.  The open environment facilitates a wide variety of running modalities.  From intervals to longer distances, our classes will educate and stimulate runners of all abilities.  All group running classes are offered as part of your membership. 









Triathlon Team

Under the guidance of program director and head coach Jamie Silber, the Tri Team was created to expose CrossFit athletes to endurance events outside the gym.  Over the years, Oak Park athletes have competed in numerous triathlons; from the Sprint Distance to Ironman!  Tri Team is a specialty program that is closed end, ranging from 10 weeks to 6 months depending on the demands of the event.  The program is robust in offering everything from pool/open water swimming, bike and run workouts and all things related to triathlon via clinics and camps.