August Recovery Sundays continue this weekend with a new twist: Yoga with Coach Shirley. Breath Class will run from 11:15am to 12:00pm. At noon, Shirley will lead a 1/2 hour yoga session, followed by Fire & Ice exposure at 12:30. Treat yourself to some restorative breath and movement, and set yourself up for an amazing night of relaxation and recovery with the ice bath and sauna.


If you’re coming, bring a yoga mat, your swimsuit and towel, and a 20-lb bag of ice. Hope to see you Sunday!





Singer in Destiny’s Child. Always in Beyonce’s shadow, but eventually stood on her own two feet with a successful career.

4 Rounds :30:30

Shadow Boxing – Jab & Bob Squats

Shadow Boxing – Jab Jab Cross Rev Lunges

Shadow Boxing – Upper Cut & Hook DU’s




In 5 minutes, Row for Max Meters

Rest 4 minutes

In 4 minutes, Hold High Plank for Max Time

Rest 3 minutes

In 3 minutes, Bar Hang for Max Time

Rest 2 minutes

In 7 minutes, Run 800 meters

Then, in time remaining, Max Thrusters (95/65)

Score: Combined total meters, time (in seconds) & reps.


In depth challenge to the fitness industry: “Going Dark article”

Monday’s Workout

Author: Coach Matt

11-time WSL world champion surfer
Youngest world champion at 20
Oldest world champion at 39
Scored two perfect 10’s at Teahupo’o
Appeared in 27 episodes of Baywatch

10 Burpee to surfer stance (Regular stance)
11 Single-arm KB Strict Press (Each side)
10 Burpee to surfer stance (Goofy)
27 Walking Lunges (Slow & Dramatic)

Tuesday’s Workout

Author: Coach Nick

10 Rounds
200m Run
3 C&J (135/95)
15 Box Jumps (24/20)
15 Wall Balls (20/14)

Fire & Ice will return this Sunday after Breath Class. Come for a good workout at 8, 9, or 10am. Stay for Breath Class at 11:15 to calm your body and mind and after the workout and to learn some breathing techniques for handling the sauna and ice bath. Then, challenge yourself to take a dunk in the ice bath and recover with your friends in the sauna. Fire & Ice will start at 12:15pm. Bring your swimsuit, towel, a bag of ice, and a friend!




5 RFT: Run 400m

10 Split Squat into Pivot Reverse

5 Deadlifts (315/225)

5 Muscle-ups




1994 Olympic Figure Skater who, at 25, got clobbered in the leg by Tonya Harding’s people.



10 Bird Pickers with Plate

10 Skater Jumps

10 Box Jumps (28/24)

500m Row

Score is number of reps PLUS style points






The Body of Knowledge Podcast 

Monday’s Workout

Week of Nancy’s


(Shirley) Singer and actres born 1940. Best know for the song “These boots are made for walking.”

6 rounds of:
100m Farmers Carry
16 Walking lunges

Tuesday’s Workout
Week of Nancy’s

(Jamie) Best remembered for her campaign..”Just Say No” to Drugs!

Because the Oak Park staff always denied Coach Jamie with: “Just Say No to NANCY”…we’re finally doing NANCY!!!

5 RFT:
400M Run
15 OH Squats (95/65)



There are just two spots left for Restorative Yoga this Sunday (Aug 4) at 6:45 and one at 5:30.

Let’s chill together!

Friday’s Workout
ReTest Week

5 Rounds For Time:
20 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
40 Sit Ups
50 Air Squats
3 Minute Rest

Saturday’s Workout

3 Rounds for FUN
3 Wall Walk ups
9 Deadlifts
18 Box jumps
600m Run

Cash out- 20 Spider Crab Spider

Sunday’s Workout

With a partner, sharing the work:

3 Rounds for Time:

50 cals Ski Erg

200m D-Ball Carry

200 Double Unders

Monday’s Workout
The Week of Nancys

Singer and actres born 1940. Best know for the song “These boots are made for walking.”

6 rounds:
100m Farmers Carry
16 Walking lunges




Greetings from Oakland… HAPPY RETEST WEEK! 

While y’all are re-testing, I am in the bay area working with my alma mater where I received my master’s in Sport Psychology. Specifically, I am assisting a group of first year grad students with their teaching of sport psychology concepts to a group of golfers (some of which are as young as seven years old!). The students I am working with are attempting to teach mental toughness, and they are breaking down the all encompassing topic of mental toughness for these golfers by using psychologist Peter Clough’s Four C Model:

  • Commitment
  • Challenge
  • Control
  • Confidence

As students of Oak Park, you are already very familiar with the purpose and importance of CHALLENGE as it pertains to a mental toughness workout. If you need a refresher, I recommend you revisit this blog post. For this post, let’s consider the role that the other 3 C’s play, particular when retesting this week. 


  • COMMITMENT is largely about the specificity of goal setting, and your ability to adhere to the goals you set for yourself. For example, how many retest workouts this week are you committed to retesting and WHY? What additional behaviors are you going to commit to before (e.g., breath work), during (e.g., intentional strategy), and after (e.g., mobility) your retest workouts to support the plan you have for yourself? 
  • You only have 100% CONTROL over your thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes (combination of thoughts and behavior). Therefore, the strength of your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and physiological sensations will determine how well you can exercise control of your behaviors. This behavioral control is most effective when you are least mentally burdened by fixating on that which is out of your control. This is also why we stressed the importance of writing down the variables of each test workout during test week–to clarify what is in your control, so you can replicate it (e.g., seat height on assault bike), and what is out of control so you are less distracted by it (e.g., weather outside when running the urban course). 
  • As for CONFIDENCE, what do you believe to be true about your abilities and how do your beliefs about your capabilities affect how you focus during a workout? Do you believe you are capable of PRing? If not, why not? Your beliefs are a version of your thoughts that YOU have CONTROL over. If not in existence yet, I encourage you to adopt the belief that you are capable of PRing and then super charge this belief with supporting evidence that is true for YOU: For example, I have consistently attended 3-4 classes a week this past cycle, I have been getting more sleep, my mobility has improved, and I have gotten better at nasal breathing.

Now, which of the 4 C’s will be most pertinent to your success and fulfillment during this retest week!?

A) For Total Feet: (15 Minutes) 3 Broad Jumps
B) 1RM Power Clean (20 Minutes)

Urban Course 2.0

Sunday Recovery 

Cycle 20 Test Workout review:

Monday’s Workout

“Fourth Quarter”
A) For Time (2-Minute Cap):
     15 Burpee Jumps To Target*
     20/15 Cal AB
*Rest 5 Minutes
B)  For Time (2-Minute Cap):
     20/15 Cal AB
     15 Burpee Jumps To Target*
*9′, 8′, 7′ Targets

Tuesday’s Workout

A) For Total Feet: (15 Minutes)
     3 Broad Jumps

B) 1RM Power Clean (20 Minutes)

We will be providing a challenging, new experience this weekend and I encourage all of you to join us. If you showed up last week, you know what I am talking – ice and heat. Many of you had questions last week about why we would do it, and I am sure many of you who haven’t experienced it yet are also curious about why we would willingly sit in a hot sauna or choose to immerse ourselves in icy cold water.


We train hard at this gym. Most of us train 5-6 days per week and some days it is very challenging. That training is a stressor on your body. Adaptation comes only from stress, but the adaptations most of us are seeking (increased health, fitness, and wellness) only come when our bodies recovery from the stresses of training.


But how well do we recovery? Do we recover with the same intensity, the same consistency as we train? Simply put, No. Not really, and we all know it. The answer needs to be Yes. If we are serious about how we train (and we are) and we are actually committed to our fitness goals, the answer needs to be Yes. Recovery begins with sleep, hydration, and proper nutrition — all of which is fodder for many other posts. If we have those dialed in, we can also add in active and passive recovery methods, including cold water immersion and heat exposure. I want to offer some insight into why we would supplement our recovery with these tools.


Just as training is a stressor, thermal exposure protocols also stress us. It is deeply uncomfortable psychologically and physiologically, and that is why we do it. 


Ice and heat are psychological stressors: the extreme temperatures cause discomfort, which creates vulnerability. Within this vulnerability, we build resilience. Learning to control the mind and our stress responses in these extreme environments can transcend into other areas of our life. Simply put, there is a large psychological payoff from doing things that suck.


Ice and heat are physiological stressors: studies suggest that the extreme temperatures (which our ancestors once routinely dealt with as a part of life) are unique stressors that may activate adaptations we may not be able to access in other ways. Some of the benefits associated with ice and heat include improved blood flow, reduced inflammation, and improved muscular and cardiovascular recovery. In short, you will feel amazing afterward.


If you choose to join us on Sunday, you will do something that is mentally confronting, physically challenging, and just plain hard. It is going to be very uncomfortable, But that’s what we do! People like us do things like this. We choose discomfort, because from that challenge comes growth.




A) Death by Sucka Punch Foo’

B) 5 Rounds on the 4:00 for Quality:

     2 Rope Climbs

     4 Man Makers

     8 Double Paralette Lateral Hops



A) Back Squats (deload)

     3 x 10


     800m Run

     6 x 10m Sled Push

     400m Run

     4 x 10m Sled Push

     200m Run

     2 x 10m Sled Push

     Then Max Push-Ups until the 20-minute cap.



Think back to when you were in college or growing up and going to school. You would often have one last final exam before you could enjoy weeks off for summer break.


Your teachers would probably emphasize that coming to every class would be crucial to passing this exam. That the answers would be provided in lecture. That the occasional extra work would be very helpful, to retaining the information. Or, that they would even be willing to offer extra office hours, so you could be successful. All key ingredients that would almost guarantee you success on that final exam. We all know this; and we all knew that ones who showed up and put forth the effort, would often pass. Well the same goes for our gym.


You cannot expect to show up once or twice a week, and max out your lifts. You cannot expect to never try one of running or cardio classes and get a sub 7 minute mile. Just like showing up in school and putting in the effort in and outside of classroom, the same goes to towards our class.


We like your former teachers, are here, willing to give you those extra tips. Willing to provide those 1:1 sessions (aka office hours). Or anything that you may need. But, it’s going to require a lot of work from you.


You cannot only show up on the days, that you deem to be a “good workout”. Show up on the days that challenge you, that bring out your weaknesses, that prioritize nasal breathing, and so on. All of these things matter. And I promise, if you show up, work hard, ask for help –you’ll get what you’re looking for. 



Tuesday – Practice 

A) Power Cleans: 5 Rounds on the 2:00
2 @ 60%
2 @ 65%
2 @ 70%
2×2 @ 75%

B) 3 RFQ:
40 lateral Hops
16 Alt Pistols
100m DBall FR Carry
Flex Arm Hold

Wednesday – Competition

“DA DIZ” 10 Rounds
2 min to complete: 
250m Row
10 Burpees to a Target
-60 Second Rest-






Monday’s Workout
Mental Toughness
“Keep it 200”
     AMRAP 18:
     Row EXACTLY 200m
     15 Push-ups
     Run 400m

Tuesday’s Workout
A) Power Cleans:
     5 Rounds on the 2:00
     2 @ 60%
     2 @ 65%
     2 @ 70%
     2 @ 75%
     2 @ 75%

B) 3 RFQ
     40 lateral Hops
     16 Alt Pistols
     100m Dball FR carry
     Flex arm hold