Monday’s Workout

A) Snatch it up!
     1 x Hang Power Snatch, 1 x Snatch Balance, 1 x Heaving Snatch Balance + OH Squat

B) 5 Rounds of :
     2:00min Row @ 80% RPE G4 Breath
     10 x Seated DB Press
     10 x Ring Rows

Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

“The Swinging Ghost”
6 Rounds
– 1 minute of rowing
– 1 minute of burpees
– 1 minute of double unders
– 1 minute of RKBS (28/20)
– 1 minute of rest

Coach Lindsay Ashmun is back this weekend and will be teaching Ground Control on Friday and Sunday. The Friday class starts at 9am and will run for 90 minutes. The Sunday class starts at 11:15am (in place of the Sunday breath class) and will run 60 minutes. Lindsay’s Ground Control class is a mixture of breath work, pilates, yoga, and ground-based movement that will get you in touch with your body in ways you’ve not experienced before. If you have taken her class, you know. If you haven’t take her class yet, DO IT.




A) Front Squats

     3×5 @ 70% (deload)


     10 DB Floor Press (55/35)

     8 Jumping BMUs

C) Row (work/rest)








A) Partner Pistols

B) Partner AMRAP 16:

     P1: 400m Run

     P2: 5 DL(135/95)

            3 Hang Power Cleans

            1 Jerk


Join us Saturday November 2nd at Oak Park for, “Lean into Stress” with Brian MacKenzie. Proceeds support Tanya and Brian’s nonprofit, theHealth and Human Performance Foundation.

Register today at:

Questions? Email Tanya:


Monday’s Workout

In 5:00min
800m Run + Max 20m Shuttle Sprints

5:00min rest

In 5:00min
800m Run + Max 20m Shuttle Sprints

Tuesday’s Workout

A) E2MOM X 6
1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Power Snatch Below Knee + 1 Squat Snatch*

B) For Time (12 Minute Cap)
100 Wall Balls
50 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20

The weekend breath & exposure workshops have been a big hit. Who knew that recovery could feel so good?!?


There are three more opportunities in October for you to experience breath and fire & ice. This weekend we are holding a one-of-a-kind event at Steve Carcano’s home (you can scroll back and watch Kenny’s video about it). That will be on Sunday, October 13th.


I’ve just added another workshop on Sunday, October 20th and the final event will be on Sunday, October 27th. If you have questions or want to sign up for any of these events, talk to me in person (Coach Matt) or email me at:




A) Back Squat

     Find a HEAVY 20

B) 4 on the 4:00

     10 DB Front Rack Reverse Lunge

     10 DB Push Press

     5 Bar Muscle-ups

     50 Double Unders



3 RFT:

15 KB Snatches (24/16)

3 Rope Climbs

10 Hang Power Cleans (115/75)



Tuesday – Mental Toughness

12 Min Sled Push AMMAP (one partner working; other holding Ironman)

(1 min Transition)

12 Min Max Meters Weighted Carry (two different weights–front rack/farmers; one carrying at a time

Wednesday – Practice

A) Progessive Power Snatch E2MO2M 10
4 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch @ Open Bar
@ 50%
@ 60%
@ 70%
@ 80%

B) In 12mins:
1K Row
then, AMRAP:
8 DB Thrusters
8 Pull-Ups


XPT Workshop This Sunday! from Kenny Kane on Vimeo.

In the video I mentioned that this weekend’s XPT experience is on Saturday it’s actually Sunday. (Unfortunately I realized this at night time and far from our amazing location…). Regardless, if you are open to truly pushing the ends of your comfort and learning a lot about yourself in the process this workshop will serve you well.  Reserve you’re spot with Coach Matt ( 

Monday’s Workout

“Squats on Squats Monday”

A) Front Squats 5×5 @ 85%

B) 21-15-9 FQ
Assault Bike
DBall Squats (Front Rack Hold)

Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness


12 Min Sled Push AMMAP
(one partner working; other holding Ironman)

(1 min Transition)

12 Min Max Meters Weighted Carry
(two different weights–front rack/farmers; one carrying at a time

The CrossFit Games have changed significantly in the last couple of years as CrossFit HQ has shifted its focus from the spectacle of competing for the title “Second Fittest Man on Earth after Mat Fraser” to the global health crisis of chronic disease. One of those changes  is coming soon…the CrossFit Games Open begins next week. If you want to compete in the events, the Saturday morning workouts (regular class times) beginning on October 12 and running through November 9 will be the CrossFit Games Open workouts. If you are interested in signing up to make your participation official, you can sign up here


Things at Oak Park have changed (less drastically) in the last couple of years, and more specifically will change beginning next week. Thursday night’s 7:30pm Mobility & Recovery class is going to change. “Change to what?” you ask? Well, ask your coach. It will be an opportunity for you to come in and work on specific goals under the guidance of a coach. That could mean a lot of things, from picking up a workout you missed in the week or working on weaknesses. Really, it can be anything that you and your coach together decide upon. What it will not be is “open gym.” It will be a class, you will need to sign in for it, and I will not let you sign in and do anything unless I’ve been assured by you that you and your coach have had a conversation about whatever you are going to work on (which might even be an Open workout!).




A) Front Squat

     6×5 @ 83%

B) 21-15-9


     Row (cals)

     Wall Balls





10 Cal Row

5 Deadlifts (315/220)

— Rest 2 Minutes —


10 Cal Row


— Rest 2 Minutes —


10 Cal Row

5 Lateral Burpees

— Rest 2 Minutes —


ME Cal Row

Score = Total Reps

What does it mean when you hear someone talking about their ‘strength ratios?’ It means that they’re interested in being a BAD A$$ MOFO or they simply want to know their ideal strength levels between lifts. Either way, this is important in keeping your body healthyand reducing the risk of injury. Let me explain. 

Popularized by Charles Poliquin, ideal strength ratios are presented as the following:

Reference List: Back Squat

Bench Press: 75% of Back Squat
(Powerlifting) Deadlift: 120% of Back Squat
Strict Press: 45% of Back Squat 

To be clear, I would recommend referring to either your 3RM or 5RM, as your 1RM can vary by quite a bit from day to day. With that said, I’m going to go against my own word and use an 1RM (for this example), from an athlete I know quite well. This athlete has tested the above multiple times and has sufficient amount of data to feel confident in using their 1RM. Thus, being able to compare ideal strength ratios between lifts. 

Reference List: Back Squat – Current 1RM 270 pounds

                       Ideal                                                    Current 1RM                       
Bench Press:  75% of Back Squat                         150 pounds (55% of Back Squat)
(Powerlifting) Deadlift: 120% of Back Squat       330 pounds (122% of Back Squat)
Strict Press: 45% of Back Squat                            100 pounds (37% of Back Squat)

As you can see, this athlete is balanced between their squat and deadlift. Another way to look at it is, this athlete is balanced between their quads & hips/lower back. If this athlete’s deadlift was, let’s say, 270 pounds, then I would have this athlete work on strengthening their hips/lower back to prevent injury down the road. 

Real quick, CONTEXT, this athlete isn’t a ‘powerlifter.’ Their primary exercise is CrossFit. Also, this athlete is a female where most of the time, upper body strength is a primary weakness and needs work. I’m NOT saying females aren’t strong, so back on up!! But, as you can see, her Bench Press and Strict Press could use some work.


Every athlete is different! Your training age, consistency, and even your levers can play a huge role in your percentages. Lifting is a process, that takes time, but is completely worth it. 


Learn what your strength ratios are and become a BAD A$$ MOFO! Your body will thank you!! 




Tuesday’s Workout – Practice


A) EMOM 12:
1 Power Clean + 2 Hang Power Cleans + 2 Jerks

B) 15*12*9*
DB Snatches
200m run*

Wednesday’s Workout – Practice

A) Russian Dips 3 x 8

16 Push Press
16 Pistols
–Rest 2–
6 Box Jumps
12 Burpees


The coaches are usually required to read books either for professional development or to inspire us to view human movement in a new or deeper light. The last book we read was Natural Born Heroes, which was a fascinating, albeit detailed, account of how everyday Cretans and a group of Resistance fighters led Nazis on a goose chase around Crete during WWII not allowing Nazis to advance to Russia; that advancement would have changed the outcome of the war and probably much more. Though that’s the framework of the book, below the surface the book is about athletic prowess and humans’ instinctual ability to do extraordinary things with our bodies. “Every ordinary person has a touch of the godly.”

I am also reading a few books having to do with an upcoming intensive, continued yoga teacher training.

I hadn’t read any fiction in a long time — until recently. It had been even longer since I’ve devoured a book, but Circe has me riveted! It’s based on the Greek mythology of Circe a goddess, witch, and daughter of Helios (god of the sun). The author brings the story to life, taking liberty to fill in the sparseness of the original myth with vivid detail giving the story such dimension I feel I’m truly privy to the thoughts of a goddess. 


Friday’s Workout

In Pairs
2 Rounds of:
2:00 Ski Erg for Max Cals
2:00 10ft Free Thows for Max score

Saturday’s Workout

BEACH WORKOUT! Meet at Montana & Ocean

Sunday’s Workout

24 mins Total (alternating between iso, strength and conditioning piece)
Iso (MENTAL TOUGHNESS) 8x, Strength (PRACTICE) 8x, Conditioning (COMPETITION) 8x

1: Iso (30-45 seconds)
*Can pick two

Wall Sit
Hollow Body
Bottom of the Lunge
Side Plank
Bottom of the Pushup

2: Strength (3-5 Reps)
*Can pick two

Sumo Deadlift
Weighted Chin Up
Strict Press
Bench/Floor Press
Back/Front Rack Reverse Lunges
SA Bent Over Rotational Row

3: Conditioning (30-45 seconds)
* Can pick two

Assault Bike
Ski Erg
Step Ups
Rotational Med Ball Slams
Sit to stands

Monday’s Workout

Franklin Hill 6 on the 6:00