Recently a new friend asked my sister what she appreciated about me. To my surprise she said my sense of calm. I laughed to myself, as, I sometimes appear to be calm on the outside, yoga has been my anchor for calm on the inside. It’s the inward looking, the focus on the breath and learning to sit with myself and slowing down.  Yoga has been a practice of min for over 20 years, its come in waves of times with more and less, but it’s been with me for a long time. It brings me a lot of joy to share yoga with you all.  So, next week I will share with you on Thursday eve, in person at 7:15pm. 

I’m looking to build up Yoga at the gym- so please reach out if you are interested in making it part of your sustainable growth here at Oak Park! 

Please come and allow me to share a bit of calm with you. In our beautiful backyard. Reserve your spot via Zen planner. 

Saturday’s Workout

4 Rounds (1:00/1:00)
Power Clean + Press (85/65)
Lateral Box “Step” Overs (16″/12″)