Hi Friends,

Have a good weekend and be excellent to each other.

Friday’s Workout

A) AMRAP 10:
200m Run
25 Push-ups

B) Bench Press
Build To A Heavy 5

C) Back Squat

Saturday’s Workout
12 min AMRAP
12 Burpee Box Jump
12 Toes to Bar
12 Russian KB Swings

Sunday’s Workout
“Strange Grace”
400m Run
10 Squat Cleans and Jerk (185/135)
100 DU
800m Run
10 Squat Cleans and Jerk (135/95)
100 DU
400m Run
10 Squat Cleans and Jerk (95/65)
100 DU

Life is in this very moment, right now.  The air we breathe in and out. The keys with each key stroke. Right now is what is important. If I think about the past I can get caught up in what I’ve done before, be it right, wrong, good or bad (or maybe not assigning any judgment at all could be helpful). Thinking in the present moment helps me make conscious choices about what is appropriate for the now.

Mindfulness is what people are calling it these days. I am a believer and a practicer. And like any human I can get caught in ways of the past and thoughts of the future. 

It almost seems so simple. BE HERE NOW. Yet the mind likes to wander and give attention to whatever we allow it. The beauty of what we do here at Oak Park is that is truly requires you to be present. Present and conscious of your breath, your body position and your mindset. As you take the step, jump or pull for your next rep, being fully present allows your mind to have that focus. To feel the joy, the challenge, the growth and the learning that takes place here. 

Thank you for taking the time to be present with us. 

Wednesday’s Workout

CrossFit Games Team Series 2016
Event 3

In teams of 2:
Row for max calories in 5 minutes
Immediately into:
Max reps Push Press in 5 minutes (115/80)
(10-minute cap)

Thursday’s Workout

3 RQR: 2:00 :30 
Partner Stations:
-Seated, Weighted Rope Pull (from pull up rig)
-SA Thrusters
-Lateral Plank Walk
-Box Jumps



Let’s start with my conception. My timing was a failure even before I was conscious. I was a rude surprise, especially to my eighteen year old mother. From the beginning, I was behind the eight ball.

In second grade, I had a huge crush on Jamie Steiner. Kid never noticed me. WHATEVER JAMIE STEINER.

In catholic school, in general, I was a f*ck up. I was always getting in trouble; the nuns were on me about everything. My grades were shitty. And I had one nun literally tell me, “When we go to mass today, we don’t need you hanging from the chandeliers.”

In high school, I tanked my grades in my senior year because I ditched school so often to play basketball at Memorial Park.

Though I was MVP of your very mediocre Santa Monica High School Vikings, only one college came to see me, Northridge. They hinted at a partial scholarship, and I had no tools on how to follow that up.

I didn’t go to college.

I pined hard about going to college. Then did nothing about that.

I once landed an interview for a job I really wanted, then marked down the wrong day and showed up to the interview a day late. What a heel!

I was hired to be a salsa dancer for the movie Mambo Kings, but I failed to take the offer. I was too scared to leave any of my three jobs at the time for something that seemed frivolous. Sigh.

When I was a broker, and as soon as I started to make real money — money I had never seen before  — I blew most of it like a total idiot. And I ruined my credit. 

I once fell on the dance floor during a salsa exhibition when my partner stepped on my shoe. I don’t even need a metaphor for failing and getting back up — this one is literal!

I have failed at my share of relationships and friendships.

I failed at owning a business.

I should have written three books by now.

I haven’t PR’ed a lift in years, and I’ve tried hard on cleans especially.

I’ve messed up this parenting thing a few times even when it’s the thing I work hardest at.

For the first 40 years of my life, I failed to realize that I alone am responsible for my happiness. Sometimes I still forget.

In blogs and coaching, I talk a lot about failure and not shying away from it. And it occurred to me to point out some of the times I’ve done it myself. There are still so many things I didn’t list. If you know me from the gym and/or from Instagram or FB, my life looks pretty spectacular. That’s because it is, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t gone through a lot to get here.

I still constantly wonder if I’ve done enough, if I’ve tried hard enough. Possibly not, but I’m just going to keep going. I’ll dust myself off, and try again harder at the things I’m passionate about even if they’ve eluded me before. What else am I gonna do? Without the constant getting back up, my life would not be anywhere near as spectacular as it seems – and is.

Friday’s Workout

A) Power Cleans
Find a heavy 2-rep Power Clean

B) 4 Rounds on the 3:00
Run 200m
Max reps of Pull-ups or Chin-ups (Strict)
(Work capped at 1:30)


3Rounds for Time
400m Run
9 Front Squats (295/185)

Don’t forget to check out Nick’s Barbell Bodybuilding class at 11am


24 mins Total (alternating between iso, strength, and conditioning)

Iso 8x, Strength 8x, Conditioning 8x

1: Iso (30-45 seconds)

           Wall Sit

            Hollow Body


            Bottom of the Lunge

            Side Plank

            Bottom of the Pushup

2: Strength (3-5 Reps)

            Sumo Deadlift

            Weighted Chin Up

            Strict Press

            Bench/Floor Press

            Back/Front Rack Reverse Lunges

            SA Bent Over Rotational Row

                *Can pick two                

3: Conditioning (30-45 seconds)

            Assault Bike

            Ski Erg


            Step Ups

            Rotational Med Ball Slams

            Sit to stands

                * Can pick two

Monday’s Workout

For time:
Row 10,000 meters
(50-minute cap)


Psychologist  Abraham Maslow argued that humans no longer have instincts because we have the ability to override them in certain situations. So, congratulations! We’ve learned in the last few hundred years how to outsmart our inherit inclinations that have helped us survive ever since our appearance about 300,000 years ago. We’re so smart, we’re dumb — in some cases at least.

Take the practice of recovery: Lately I’ve looked into the deep, layered history of yoga, and I’m discovering that though the Hindu of India supposedly show the first recorded evidence of yoga arguably six to seven thousand years ago, many ancient cultures from all corners of the world practiced their own version of poses, meditation, spiritual practices, and even mudras, which is a Hindi word for hand positions commonly used in yoga and meditation, and are believed to affect the flow of energy in the body. All of these practices balance a demanding life, promote recovery, and higher understanding.

There are many who believe that Kemetic practices from Egypt, which are illustrated in hieroglyphics and pyramid drawings, predate yogic practices from India. There are arguments that in the Yoruba of West Africa culture’s practice of ríró,  — which means “elasticity” and is a practice of meditative stretch postures to awaken spirituality — came even before that.

Four-thousand-year old evidence shows that the Pre-Classic Mayan of Mexico and Central America practiced their own version including meditation, moving poses, and studying nature. There are theories that the Mayan traveled two, vast oceans to get to India to adopt yogic practices to bring them all the way back home, but I think Mesoamerican civilizations also tapped into their own instincts and developed practices that promoted optimal health and wellbeing linked to breath, recovery, and spirituality.

I am not a historian and I’m not in a position to argue which came first, but I do want to acknowledge that many ancient cultures had a form of “yoga”, which leads me to believe that our instinct as humans was to consciously relax and recover from a rigorous life. It was an important physical and spiritual practice. It is as important as any other practice in life. And personally I’m enjoying awakening this particular human instinct while honoring the ancient cultures who easily understood these things thousands of years ago.

Friday’s Workout

“Freaky Friday”
10 Burpees
10 DB Ski Swings
10 DB Renegade Rows
10 DB Thrusters
Every 3 minutes, a MT Freaky Friday twist …

Saturday’s Workout

4x :30:30
Mini BB rollout
Mid Range Chair Sit
Hanging Chair Sit (alt grip)

6-8 Bottom Up Press
6-8 Inverted Row

15 min AMRAP
20 (10 & 10) Step Up/Step Through
12 Split Stance DB Clean
250m Row

Sunday’s Workout

Parter WOD:
Partner A: 500m Row (Time Keeper)
Partner B:
20 KBS (20/12)
20 KB Front Rack Lunges
20 KB Figure 8’s up to shoulder (I know the movement, just don’t know the proper name!)
Rest of time AMRAP Situps
Then Switch..

As I woke up this morning… I realized. I didn’t post to the blog. My apologies for that. So here is your post for Wednesday!

Wednesday’s Workout

A) Power Clean Complex
1 High Hang Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Power Clean

B) Press Complex
1 Strict Press + 2 Push Press + 3 Push Jerks

C) 3 Rounds of the 4:30:
3/2 Rope Climbs
AMREPS Ground-to-Overhead
(work capped at 1:30 each round)

Thursday’s Workout

4 Thrusters
8 Thrusters
12 Thrusters
16 Thrusters

Rest 5 Minutes

B) Partner Up!

Partner A: 100m DBALL Carry
Partner B: 100m Farmer Carry
*6 Minute Cap*

C) Relay Style!
Partner A: 800m Run
Partner B: 800m Run
Score = Total Time

Remember, no regular classes on Monday. But see you at 8am for Murph!

Friday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

The Annita
5 Deadlifts (275/205)
15 Box Jumps
30 Sit ups (anchored)
E2MOM 9 OP burpees
Finish with 800m run

Saturday’s Workout

6×3 Push Press
6×10 (per arm) Banded Row

8 KB Swings (32/24kg)
10 Ball Slams
12 (per side) Half Kneel MB Throw

Sunday’s Workout

400m Run
10 Power Cleans (95/65)
50 DU (100 SU)
10 Squat Cleans (95/65)
50 DU
800m Run
10 Power Cleans (95/65)
50 DU (100 SU)
10 Squat Cleans (95/65)
50 DU
400m Run

Monday’s Workout


Last week was the end of our first ever Seasonal Running Classes at Oak Park.  Both Coach Char and I were so impressed with the runners who frequented the classes and embraced the outdoor environments.  We will return on September 11th with a new Running Class schedule….  But with endings come new beginnings!

Coach Nick is starting the inaugural Seasonal BBC Classes at Oak Park.  What’s BBC you ask?  He’s talking: 



Classes will be held twice a week: STARTING: JUNE 1st.

Wednesday’s – 6am – 6:45am at The Bluffs –  Cardio

  • Low Impact: KBs, D-Balls, Battle Ropes, etc
  • Body weight: Running, Air squats, Push-Ups, Lunges, etc

   Saturday’s – 11am – 12pm at Oak Park LA – Barbell and Bodybuilding

  • Strength: Back Squats, Deadlifts and Presses
  • BodyBuilding: Reverse Lunges, Booty sculpting, Curls, Single Leg Movements and Accessory Work, etc


Franklin Hill – 5k aka….”Double Death Loops”



4-8 Strict Pullups
12/9 Cals Airbike

B) “The Heiden V” Challenging technical lateral movements

C) Back Squat 1 x 20


Three years ago Mark Semos from SEAL Team Five hit us with an opening talk that put what we were doing on Memorial Day in perspective. He had rendered us speechless the previous year, too, and frankly we weren’t sure if he’d have the same impact again. But he did.

I’ll paraphrase his message:

War is dark and often bleak and evil. And soldiers are willing to do things that most of us are not — things we can’t even fathom — to protect the rest of us. But what connects us all as human beings is love. Michael Murphy made a conscious sacrifice. He gave up everything he had and everything that was ever to be for the love of his friends, his brothers. That glimmer of connection keeps soldiers sane and determined. And as civilians, though we will never be able to relate to what they go through, we can connect as humans and do things out of love and for the greater good. Be better. Be good people.

Murph is not about getting yourself to suffer in honor of soldiers. We don’t know that kind of suffering, and hopefully never will. Murph, for us anyway, is about our community coming together and bonding. It’s about connecting and sharing a love of life and well being, and appreciating our health and freedom together. 

I look forward to seeing you on Monday, May 27th at 8am. 

Fridays’ Workout

A1) 3 RFQ:
:30 Assault Bike @ G3 Breath
:30 Double KB Front Rack Hold @ G3 Breath

Rest 1 minute

A2) 4 RFQ:
:15 Active Hang / L-sit Hang
:15 High Plank to Low Plank

B) 4 RFQ:
8 Bulgarian Split Squats (each)
2-4 D-Ball Over the Shoulder

C) EMOM 10:
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean

Saturday’s Workout

10 Rounds for Time
200M Run
10 Burpees
8 Thrusters (95/65)

Sunday’s Workout

*Murph Prep*
For Time:
800m Run
50 Strict Pull Ups
800m Run
100 Push Ups
800m Run
150 Squats

Monday’s Workout

A) Forearm Plank/Leg Throwdowns

B) Agility Drills


D) 10 Min AMRAP
5 Power Clean
20 (1 ct) Lateral Jumps over bar
10 Z Press (DBs)

A classmate, teammate, student, friend, inspiration and overall wonderful person. That is Annita to me. Annita joined us in May, 9 years ago. If my memory serves me right I think I we used to attend 7am class together. It was always fun training with Annita as we pushed each other in ways we both needed. I had the opportunity to get to know her even better as we trained for the CrossFit Games in 2011. There are so many wonderful memories that I have, from practicing carrying each other in the hallways of the hotel as we prepped for the “Sand bag event”, to wearing innovate headbands as tube tops and training at Hacklemans gym. All of it was fun, hard and so very memorable. 

It’s been a long journey for Annita in which she has been slowly growing.  I remember a while back when she said she wanted to be a Police officer, I thought that is exciting, but had no idea how long of a process it would be. And I learned just how commited she was to making that dream a reality. This gave Annita true purpose, in which she has been diligent with weekly check ins and putting in the the work. She has tackled and is still working on the physical and mental of it all. She never asks for recognition, but she does ask for support and coaching. And I and the team were honored to do that for her as we all found value in it. We did what we could in these wall, and asked for outside help when needed. Annita is now more confident and empowered than when she came in here 9 years ago.. She represent true growth.

The next step for Annita is following that dream as she will be moving  to San Diego to pursue her career as a police officer.  Next Friday we will say our farewell to her with a workout in her honor. All classes will do some of what Annita loves and is good and and some of what she dislikes. Because, that’s what life is about. You push even when its hard and be persistent. That is Annita…. Persisitant. Celebrate by showing up on Friday and give her a little love, she’ll likely attend the 4:30 or 5:30 class next Friday, May 24, so you can say goodbye in person. 

Annita you have left a legacy! Thank you and you will be missed!

Wednesdays Workout

A) Agility Ladder

B) 5 rounds
2 Turkish Get Ups (Left + Right)
12 DB Push Press
10 Tuck jumps
– Rest :30sec –

C) Back Squats
1 x 20



Thursdays Workout

For Time:
2K Row