Oak Parkers! 

We are going to use the Parking Lot to accommodate larger classes with the addition of outside workout stations!  This will be available only on:

Saturday’s: 8:00am  Gym Class
Sunday’s: 9:00am Gym Class

As Kenny’s blog mentioned yesterday, for the month of July, we’ve made changes to the class schedule for both Zoom and Gym classes.  We hope that we can accommodate more peeps in the gym and keep the Zoomers moving at home!

Log in to reserve GYM classes up to 24hrs in advance – but 10hrs before to ensure there’s minimum attendance.

Zoomers – Just Log on and get moving!

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200m Run
20 SA Renegade Rows (Each)
20 DB Pass Throughs
20 V-Ups

So brave and courageous, loving and kind.

Leading the way by example.

You’ve taught me how to love myself unconditionally.

That I matter, that we matter. You’ve seen a side of me that I hadn’t yet seen.

A reminder that speaking up is important.  That speaking our truth matters. That my truth is more important that keeping others comfortable. 

In the physical you encourage one rep at a time, always with positives. 

You show love to all beings big and small. 

You’re fierce and committed, your life is honorable and inspirational. 

In the emotional, you create a safe space to be express and allow others to be heard and seen. Judgment feels far from you. 

In the spiritual, your faith leads you in the most open way. Reminding me that Mother Earth needs love to keep us safe and taken care of. 

Your willingness to fully grow in all areas of life can be a model for us all. 

Thank you for being part of my team! 

You have left a legacy.


Coach Shirley 


Saturday’s Workout

The “Dunn”

15 Power Cleans (Heavy)
10min / Max cals: Bike/Row/Ski/Run

15 Power Cleans
7min / Max cals: Bike/Row/Ski/Run

15 Power Cleans
5min / Max cals: Bike/Row/Ski/Run

15 Power Cleans (135/105)
3min / Max cals: Bike/Row/Ski/Run

– 35min Cap –

I’m going to go out on a radical note because that’s fitting! I’m going out on the radical notion that you are more than your fitness or your body. You are most certainly a 1000x more than the number on the scale, or the pounds on a barbell. How do you experience life? Deal with stress? How loudly do you laugh? With mouth wide open until heads turn? How hard do you dance? So hard you rip your pants like Benet? Does every life blow feel personal and unescapable? Or are you so adaptable and yet so human that you cry and yell, and then shift directions. Does your fitness and health lend itself to humanity? How do you serve a community, small and big? Do you challenge stale and/or harmful norms to make a clear and equal pathway for everyone?

To me, this is health and fitness.

So, yes, you are more than this body that fluctuates in weight, that doesn’t always hit the PR, that loses sleep sometimes, that has pizza too often, that is frustrated by children and spouses, that works too hard but then remembers to rest. You are a soul that loves deeply, cares and shares and forgives and feels for others and moves mountains to get things done when needed. Aren’t you?

My parting desire is that you discover how compelling your body is – not for its perfect or imperfect looks, but because of its perfect design as a vehicle to experience an amazing life. Your body is not a shallow collage of round and high or loose and flat parts. It is an ecosystem; complex and fascinating – a gorgeous master plan that houses your beautiful mind and generous soul. And with that compulsion can you be moved to help it run as well as you can so that you can enjoy this short life and be helpful and do what you were meant to do with more ease.

Thank you for 10 great years, you guys. Keep on keeping on: connecting, playing, and growing.

I do love you all,


Friday’s Workout

Gym Workout
Minute 1: 15/12 Cal Row or 12/9 Cal AB
Minute 2: 5 Deadlifts + 10 Pull Ups
:40 Work :20 Rest
Minute 1: Up/Downs
Minute 2: DB Deadlifts + 10 Ground Pull Ups


There will be classes on Saturday, July 4th:

8:00AM – Gym Class
9:30AM – Gym Class + Live Zoom

It’s also Oak Park member Andy Dunn’s birthday!  He admitted that he’s a big snacker and wants to burn more calories…thus, I created the “DUNN” Workout for this Saturday – hope to see you there!!



Complete Class Schedule

Zoom Classes

Coming Wednesday

Gym Workout
4 Rounds on the 4:00

20 Push Press
15 Lateral Burpees
10 T2B

**Cap: 3 Minutes**

See Programing for Home Workout scales and subs!


Change is inevitable, growth is optional – John C. Maxwell

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately and open to feedback and hearing from more of you. KK and I were interviewed for the So Cal affiliate rep position last Tuesday, and it was great to be heard. It provided a glimpse of hope for me. There were many great candidates, and we did not get the position.  I’m proud of myself for putting myself out there. 

Now, continued work on the inside. Flip the perspective, change the view.

What can we acknowledge?

  • We’ve got a wonderful caring committed community 
  • We’ve created an amazing professional coaching team
  • We serve a specific class of people 

What could we do differently?

  • Examine our tenants and values – making sure we are all in line (purpose, growth, value, legacy, tribe)
  • Redefine our tenants and values- what is important to us NOW.
  • Create more diversity in who we serve, including race, gender, class and ability.
  • Allow access to those who do not have access

Question environment, systems, behaviors, leadership and purpose  

  • We are here to help you grow
  • We use physical training and coaching to do that
  • How we lead matters. Are we leading the best way we can?
  • Can we continue to use intention, education, support and love to grow?

The world is crying for something different. Something new and revised. I’m trying to find more of my voice in all of this. I’ve often felt seen, but not heard, especially with little practice in a nation that is not creating a supportive environment for it. The systems are not working. 

We as a team our examing our gym. We have heard from some of you and I appreciate you sharing what is on your mind.  We don’t know what actions truly comes next, beside thinking about some of the above. 

Saturday’s Workout

NANCY “Light”
4 rounds of:
400m Run
15 Over Head Squats (65/45)

At Home Workout
400m Run or 30 Reverse Lunges + 20 Lateral Lunges

Any Object that looks and feels like a “Bar” may be used to go over head on the Squats. If the “Bar” is light?…Can opt to do temp squats: 3:2:1


Three simple steps to showing up to a Gym Class:

#1 Log in to Oak Park Class Schedule as early as 24hrs in advance to reserve your class by:

#2 Make sure you are healthy for your safety and others – Review Covid-19 Symptoms before you arrive at class!

  • Text the COACH of the class before your arrival to confirm you have reviewed the Covid-19 Systems checklist.

#3 You MUST wear and mask into the gym and wash your hand or use sanitize gell. 

  • Once in the gym, the coach will explain all the stuff to keep you and your gym mates safe!

Oh…one more step, HAVE A BLAST!!!!

10 RFT
200m Row
15 Squats
10 T2B
**20 Minute Cap**
“Home Zoom Option”
10 RFT
200m Run or 100 High Knees
15 Squats
10 V-Ups
**20 Minute Cap**

Today as I coached my first hybrid class I was reminded why I appreciate you all so much.

From coach Nick Co-coaching our Juneteenth workout at 7am (Thank you), to those of you who brought friends, showed up early and responded with actions to make our world better.

To the noon class when Josh stepped it up and put money on the movement of the class, as he shared that experience with his family and to Diz just always showing unlimited LOVE!

And likely, 6pm experienced joy and fun too.

Over the last 3 months (and many years) I have truly seen how great of a community we have. On Monday, Maddison sent out an email that truly made my day. She thanked us, and also asked us to do better. Calling us out. I appreciate that as that is what helps us grow.

CFHQ recently they announced they are starting an affiliate representative program- to which you/we can nominate people for to help build lines of communication with HQ. After Kenny and I had a conversation I decided to ask some of you for that nomination. I nominated Kenny and hope that this can be a team effort.  When HQ showed me this action I wanted to also step up (with a lil nudge from my boss). 

I believe in our community, I support all of you. I hope that you all continue to do and be better, whether it be in our walls or outside in this beautiful world that is crying for help and what looks like, we are responding. 

Thank you to all of you working to make this world a better place! 


As Nick noted in his post, June 19 is Juneteenth. Here’s a little deeper dive into its history and significance.

Facts from Dr. Tamika Nunley and Afi-Odelia Scruggs 

On June 19th, 1865, Union general Gordon Granger issued a military order declaring that all the enslaved people of Texas were free. This became their official day of freedom. Slavery had technically been abolished two years earlier by Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which covered the Confederate states. As Union troops retook territory, they emancipated enslaved people living there. And the orders issued on Juneteenth applied only to Texas. Slavery didn’t end in states like Kentucky  and  Delaware , which hadn’t seceded and therefore weren’t covered by Lincoln’s proclamation, until Dec. 18, 1865, when the 13th Amendment was adopted.

The 13th amendment to the United States Constitution states that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Juneteenth has a flag that represents many different symbols. The star represents the star of Texas highlighting where many African Americans finally learned they were indeed free. Red, white, and blue for the African American experience in North America. Many Juneteenth celebrations include red food, which symbolizes many food taken from the West-African traditions. In West African cultures, red is a meaningful color signaling strength. It also symbolizes life and death. West African cultures are largely represented in Juneteenth celebrations because that’s where many enslaved people were taken from. 

The decades following the war became increasingly difficult with the rise of Jim Crow segregation. African Americans who attempted to celebrate Juneteenth faced harassment, beatings, and even death by lynching. 

Juneteenth celebrations largely died out during Jim Crow. Some historians theorize segregation made the holiday too difficult to observe. But they say the civil rights movement brought national recognition to it later. The catalyst was the Poor People’s Campaign, held in the wake of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in 1968. The effort included a march on Washington and the construction of “Resurrection City,” an encampment meant to draw attention to economic inequality and poverty. The final ceremonies included a Juneteenth celebration.

As Black Americans fight for freedom and justice still, the BLM movement is calling on communities to recognize this day, June 19th, as a national holiday. A time to reflect, learn, and activate resources to empower the Black community. Sign a petition here to make Juneteenth a national holiday.

Friday’s Workout

6 Power Cleans (135/95)
19 Bar Facing Burpees
65 Double Unders

At Home Version
6 DB Power Cleans
19 Lateral Burpees Over DB
65 Double Unders or 130 Singles

At Home No Equipment Version
6 Tuck Jumps
19 Burpees
65 Mountain Climbers

Starting this SATURDAY, the Noon Zoom class will NO longer happen and will be replaced by the following classes:                                 

8:00AM Class at the Gym                                                                                                            &
9:30AM Class at the Gym & Live Zoom.                                                   

For the time being, both classes will have LIMITED attendance and MUST be requested by contacting me, Coach Jamie@OakParkLA.com at least 48 hours in advance. I will contact each person on Friday to confirm their attendance. 

NOTE: As for other classes at the Gym this week, we are starting with a SOFT OPEN…please contact your primary coach if you want to attend a Gym workout!

Can’t wait to see you guys!!



20 Burpees
20 Burpees
40 Weighted Swings
10 Burpees
20 Weighted Swings
10 Burpees
20 Weighted Swings