Friday’s Workout

A) Partner Pistols

B) Partner AMRAP 16
P1: 400m Run
P2: 5 DL(135/95)
3 Hang Power cleans
1 Jerk

Saturday’s Workout

CrossFit Open 20.2

Sunday’s Workout
TBA after we know 20.2 …:)

But come to Sunday’s Fire & Ice! 12:30-2:30pm

Monday’s Workout

A) Snatch it up!
1 x Hang Power Snatch, 1 x Snatch Balance, 1 x Heaving Snatch Balance + OH Squat

B) 5 Rounds of :
2:00min Row @ 80% RPE G4 Breath
10 x Seated DB Press
10 x Ring Rows

This past weekend I did a little food prep for our XPT event.  One of the simple things I made was chocolate chia seed pudding. You can see it right here. It was pretty simple and delicious. So I’ll share with you the recipe! 


Chocolate Chia seed pudding


1.5 cups coconut milk

.5 cups chia seeds

.5 cup organic cocoa powder

dash of sea salt

dash of vanilla

bigger dash of cinnamon

dash or two of maple syrup (to your sweetness liking)

1 banana (very ripe) smashed or cut up small

Mix the cocoa powder, cinnamon,  salt,  and vanilla all together.  Add in a small amount of milk and whisk untill smooth.  Add the rest of the milk and whisk. Add chia seeds and stir. Then add banana. Cover and refrigerate overnight.  



Wednesday’s Workout

“Jenny Jenny”
2 RFT:
8 Toes-to-Bar
6 Chest-to-Bar
7 Bar Muscle-ups
5 Power Snatches (135/95)
3 0-HS (135/95)
9 Front Squats (135/95)

Thursday’s Workout

A) Front Squats 3×5 @ 70%

10 DB Floor Press (55/35)
8 Jumping BMU


Did you guys know that CFHQ has moved The CF Open? To, like, right now? We had it in spring, I know, but CFHQ is adjusting their schedule to Fall so this year the Open will happen twice. The first workout has been announced! And every Saturday, starting this Saturday for the next five weeks, all classes will be the Open workout. We’ll have scoresheets and a lot of enthusiasm per usual during the workouts — see you Saturday!

Friday’s Workout

3 RFT:
15 KB Snatch (24/16)
3 Rope climb
10 Hang Power Cleans (115/75)

Saturday’s Workout
Open 20.1

10 rounds for time:
8 ground-to-overheads, (Rx: 95/65, Scaled 65/45)
10 bar-facing burpees
15 minute cap

Monday’s Workout

In 5:00min
800m Run + Max 20m Shuttle Sprints
5:00min rest
In 5:00min
800m Run + Max 20m Shuttle Sprints


Friday’s Workout

10 Cal Row
5 Deadlifts (315/220)
Rest 2 Minutes
10 Cal Row
Rest 2 Minutes
10 Cal Row
5 Lateral Burpees
Rest 2 Minutes
ME Cal Row
Score = Total Reps

Saturday’s Workout

40mins of Work on the :40:20
DB Push Press
Station #2
SA KB Snatches (alt)
Station #3
Lateral Box Step Overs
Station #4
MB Sprawl/Football Burpees
Station #5
AS Bike

Sunday’s Workout

For Time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
D-Ball G2OS (100/70)
Box Jumps (28″/24″)

Monday’s Workout

“Squats on Squats Monday”
A) Front Squats 5×5 @ 85%
B) 21-15-9 FQ
Assault Bike
DBall Squats (Front Rack Hold)

I’ve been having this conversation with few students lately. It’s about how they feel when they come to a 6am class. Most have noted, they don’t feel like a supple leopard. It’s like their bodies aren’t ready for movement at that hour. So, what’s a student to do?

Your body does take a bit of time to wake up. But what if you don’t have more time? Like you just can’t wake up any earlier. (your likely chained to your bed at that hour). My first word of advice is get yourself enough quality sleep.  Take look at how many hours you are getting now, see what happens when you get more sleep.(start small- go to bed 5 or 10min earlier) Take some steps to improve your quality of sleep and up your sleep hygiene. (Black out shades, cold room, mouth tape). Also look at your bedtime routine. (electronics out of bedroom, taking time off electronics before bed, tea, reading or nighttime ritual) 

How about some breath work to energize you? You could take a few minutes in bed, even before getting out of bed and start to up regulate your body. (more breath in than out)  A bit of yoga in the am? Pair that breath with movement (could be a 5 min flow) to wake things up, sun salutation anyone? 

If your only option is to come at 6am and your body is not responding how you would like it to, first off try something I mentioned earlier. Next, be kind to your body, the compassion you have for it can be helpful and even allow it to do more. Remember all of this is a practice which requires constant reflection. 

See you in the am!

Wednesday’s Workout
A) Russian Dips 3 x 8

16 Push Press
16 Pistols
–Rest 2–
6 Box jumps
12 Burpees

Thursday’s workout
A) Front Squat 6×5 @ 83%

B) 21-15-9

The coaches are usually required to read books either for professional development or to inspire us to view human movement in a new or deeper light. The last book we read was Natural Born Heroes, which was a fascinating, albeit detailed, account of how everyday Cretans and a group of Resistance fighters led Nazis on a goose chase around Crete during WWII not allowing Nazis to advance to Russia; that advancement would have changed the outcome of the war and probably much more. Though that’s the framework of the book, below the surface the book is about athletic prowess and humans’ instinctual ability to do extraordinary things with our bodies. “Every ordinary person has a touch of the godly.”

I am also reading a few books having to do with an upcoming intensive, continued yoga teacher training.

I hadn’t read any fiction in a long time — until recently. It had been even longer since I’ve devoured a book, but Circe has me riveted! It’s based on the Greek mythology of Circe a goddess, witch, and daughter of Helios (god of the sun). The author brings the story to life, taking liberty to fill in the sparseness of the original myth with vivid detail giving the story such dimension I feel I’m truly privy to the thoughts of a goddess. 


Friday’s Workout

In Pairs
2 Rounds of:
2:00 Ski Erg for Max Cals
2:00 10ft Free Thows for Max score

Saturday’s Workout

BEACH WORKOUT! Meet at Montana & Ocean

Sunday’s Workout

24 mins Total (alternating between iso, strength and conditioning piece)
Iso (MENTAL TOUGHNESS) 8x, Strength (PRACTICE) 8x, Conditioning (COMPETITION) 8x

1: Iso (30-45 seconds)
*Can pick two

Wall Sit
Hollow Body
Bottom of the Lunge
Side Plank
Bottom of the Pushup

2: Strength (3-5 Reps)
*Can pick two

Sumo Deadlift
Weighted Chin Up
Strict Press
Bench/Floor Press
Back/Front Rack Reverse Lunges
SA Bent Over Rotational Row

3: Conditioning (30-45 seconds)
* Can pick two

Assault Bike
Ski Erg
Step Ups
Rotational Med Ball Slams
Sit to stands

Monday’s Workout

Franklin Hill 6 on the 6:00


In 2018, the Oak Park Coaches we fortunate to have been apart of XPT’s, very first certification course. If you are unfamiliar with XPT, aka. Extreme Performance Training, it’s a lifestyle that encompasses three basic principles: Breath – Move – Recover.

Sound familiar 🙂

Coach Kenny Kane has been working with their founders: Gaby & Laird for some years now and in that time, a mutual collaboration has helped both our teams refine our various methods and best practices.  To that point, Oak Park’s methodology of: Intentional – Sustainable – Growth, is a perfect fit with XPT. 

We are constantly offering our members “intentional” exposures that are unknown and challenging. We are mindful of the variables: load, frequency, duration and complexity so your time with us and beyond is “sustainable”.  And sure, there’s potential for change, but can actual “growth” happen, as a result from those exposures?

With that, I invite you to our XPT WorkShop on October 13th, 9-1PM at a private residence in Pacific Palisades.

RSVP is easy, just email us at:


If you have any questions or concerns about the exposures, contact your Oak Park coach!


For Challenge to Complete

200m Run

20 Burpees

400m Run

40 Wallballs 20/14

600m Run

60 DU

800m Run

80 Situps

600m Run

60 DU

400m Run

40 Wallballs 20/14

200m Run

20 Burpees


Soft Cap 38 min Cap 40min


A) “Nacho Libre”
3 RFQ:
8-12 Front Foot Elevated Rev. Lunge (each side)
8-12 Half Kneeling Single-Arm OH Press (each side)

B) 21-15-9
Assault Bike
Power Snatch


Friday’s Workout

A) Trash Panda Complex

7 Deadlift
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Hang Squat Clean
3 Push Jerks
2 Thruster

5 Burpee Box Jump
5 Burpee Pull Up

Sunday’s Workout

3 Rope Climbs
6 Pullups or Bar Muscle Ups
9 Cal on As Bike or Ski Erg
12 Reversed Lunges with KB

Monday’s Workout

A) Bulgarian Banana Split Squats
6x :30 :30 (3 per side)

B) Rowboat Hingers & Hipsters
4x Supersets

250m Row
6 (per arm) Single Arm Floor Press
16 (alt) Dynamic Lunge Jumps

It’s the balance of it all. As my yoga teacher reminded me the other day, balance is a verb.  We are constantly moving back and forth to find what works for the current time.  The hard and the soft. The yin and yang.

When I started CrossFit in 2008 it was all hard. Like, literally hard and there was minimal room for more. As Oak Park has grown we now practice intentional, sustainable, growth. This growth includes all sides of training and recovery. The push to the limit, heart rate elevated, uncomfortable almost want to puke hard, down to the stillness and ability to sit in silence with yourself.  

These opposites blend together so well, I can’t even imagine them not together. If we only practice the hard all the time, our bodies, minds and souls get out of whack. Just like if we only practice the soft… just too soft. 

I’m offering up the thought to reflect on your movement and recovery practices. Is there balance between them? Is there more attention to pushing hard? Do you give time to rest, restore and recover?  Is there an intentional balance between?

Notice if you are intentionally avoiding something. If you are, ask yourself the question why? If you are truly looking to grow, my coaching is to reflect upon your choices. And know that we are working to provide you with a system that support it all.

Wednesday’s Workout

Remember, THE TRUTH!?!?
“The Truth”

2 Rounds on the 5:00
In 90 seconds complete:
20/16 cals Assault Bike
and, in time remaining,
Sled Push for max meters
Score is total meters.


Thursday’s Workout

EMOM 40*
Minute 1: Push Ups
Minute 2: Burpee
Minute 3: Muscle Up
Minute 4: Snatch

*This is a skills progression while building your aerobic capacity and teaching you PATIENCE

Show up and DO IT!!


As the seasons change, as circumstances at the gym change, I read the following from my restorative teacher Jillian Pransky, and it reminded me that everything will be ok. Change is a natural and inevitable part of life. It’s all in how we deal with it.

“Nature consistently demonstrates the Law of Change. Everything is in the process of becoming something else. We know that the natural order of things is not sameness, but change. We can see this easily in the life cycle of plants and seasons, as spring buds turn into leaves that then evolve from summer green to autumn gold before they fade and fall to the winter earth.

Change can be difficult for most of us. Self-initiated or not, change moves us through a transition zone which often creates a sense of groundlessness. It can be unsettling, even scary, to be in this in-between state of letting go of what we’ve known, to allow for something new to emerge.

In fact, to stay in our comfort zones, many of us even resist or suppress our own longing for change. Instead, we spend a lot of energy constructing our lives… working hard to make things the way we want them… to feel safe, in control. But no matter how much planning or arranging or clinging we do to make ourselves feel secure, there will always be circumstances beyond our control, and change is one of them.

Whether caused by a new season, a new job, moving homes, a relationship shift, or simply aging – the only thing we know for sure is that constant change is the norm.  And, however challenging, resisting necessary growth for too long will eventually break you down, make you sick, or if you’re lucky, just force you forward ungracefully. It is simply healthier, on so many levels, to go with the flow of change rather than to inhibit it.  

In fact, according to yoga and Ayruveda, our well being is dependent on our ability to change. Our very survival is based on our ability to continually evolve. “

Friday’s Workout

A) Front Squat
7×6 @ 70% of 3 RM

B) 3 RFQ
16 (8 per) Farmer Thrusters (45/30)
.7 mile Assault Bike
100m Sprint


“Kenny Kane’s Aerobic Test” 35 Minutes for Distance:
800m Row
1.5 Mile Assault Bike
800m Ski

P.S. – Lindsay Ashmun will teach at 10:00am…show up and DO IT!!


“Kettlebell Kitchen”
4 SA KBS right
4 SA KB Clean
4 Burpees
*If you miss a skip — if you don’t skip unbroken — you must add a burpee to the next round, and keep that added burpee for all future rounds. Keep adding one each time you miss during a round.


Monday’s Workout

A) Front Squat
6×6 @ 75% of 3RM

B) EMOM 15:
1: Dips or Parallete Dips/Push-ups
2: Row
3: Barbell Complex