Aerobic and anaerobic training, do you know the difference? What does it mean and why is it important to know what it is? 

We have three main energy systems that the body use to create energy (ATP). 

  1. The Creatine Phosphate system (CrP) CrP –> Cr + P + Energy –> CrP + ADP –> ATP
  2. Anaerobic glycolysis (carbohydrate metabolism anaerob) –> 3ATP/glucose + lactic acid; 
  3. Aerobic (oxidative) metabolism with oxygen.  Glycogen metabolism with carbohydrates (39ATP/glucose) or fat (150ATP/fat molecule)

The CrP system is used during very short and intense duration of training, for example a person sprinting 100m. He/She will use the creatine phosphate stored in the muscles. It will last for about 10 seconds. 

Anaerobic metabolism is when you execute high intensity work/workload for about 2 minutes. During fast glucose metabolism and/or lack of oxygen (O2) your body will create lactate (aslo known as lactic acid, which can be an uncomfortable feeling as it hurts). This lactic will be transported out of the cell for the body to get rid of it as CO2. During metabolism of lactate you will create ATP = energy. The positive thing with using lactic acid as energy is that you can create big amounts of ATP in a very short time. For example, a 400m runner / sprinter at a high level will use anaerob metabolism during the race. He or she will have big amount of lactic acid at the finish line as a rest product of creating energy. The negative thing using anaerobic metabolism is that your pH will drop, in other words your cells will have a low pH (acidic). A crossfit athlete performing the workout FRAN under 3min will also tap into this system. If you as an athlete perform FRAN – it might take you 5-6min to finish. This means you will be using both the anaerobic energy system AND the aerobic energy system that I will talk about now. 

Aerobic (oxidative) training is the third energy system and the most efficient system being used by most people during exercise. Here you will have access to oxygen due to lower consumption of energy and the metabolism will happen within the mitochondria to Co2  that will be transported through the blood to the lungs and you will exhale the Co2. (Also called the Kreb cycle). By letting your cells use oxygen (O2) in the metabolism – you will receive 39ATP per glucose molecule compared to 3ATP during anaerob metabolism. YOU WILL LAST LONGER!  

Aerobic training is very good for you because you will by exercising:

a) Peripheral Circulation – increase your amount of mitochondria in the tissue, increase the network of capillaries in the tissue (where the gas exchange happen), perfusion of organs and non working muscles.

b) Lungs – ventilation and diffusion will improve.

c) Heart/Circulation – increased hemoglobin, bloodvolume, minute ventilation (HMV = HF (heartbeats) + SV (volume of blood per contraction). SV is the most important factor as it shows how fast the heart can contract and pump the oxygenated blood out in the system.

d) Metabolism – your overall metabolism will increase and become more efficient.

e) Lower your blodsugar – your muscles will have the ability to store glucose without the use of insulin. The only way to lower your blood sugar and prevent diabetes type 2!!! 


Next week we will discuss VO2 Max and Submax numbers and tests we can do to improve our aerobic and anaerobic training. 



Coach Char 


Thursdays Training: 


AMRAP 15 Strict Pulling 

5-10 strict pullups 

5-10 pushups 

:30-45 seconds of hollow holds 


400m run or 500m row (your choice)

20 DB Stepups (16- 24″)



Starting in my 40’s, I started to feel weakness and pain in my low back & right leg.  I chalked it up to riding my bike and all the cement naps (aka falls) I had from my skateboarding days.  I was in moderate pain for over 10 years until 2016 when my training and lifestyle started to suffer greatly.  The MRI revied that I had two compressed nerve roots: Lumbar 4, & 5.

So I jumped on the therapy wagon and trained smarter (Thanks Dr. Britt & Tiana) and had a couple of good years, but then the wheels started to come off in Sept. 2019…I’ve been in the pain cave ever since.  I had another MRI and it was the same diagnosis…so I decided to intervene with an Epidural procedure.

They take a needle and inject a steroid (anti-inflammation) into the nerve root canal along with another injection of pain medication.  While the procedure went well, I did not get much relief.

Fast forward, I had another injection TODAY with Dr. Gene Tekmyster (USC Medical Surgery) and went in with a different approach.  My hope is after a few weeks, I come out of the pain cave and get back to moving.  The Dr. reviewed my MRI’s and he’s confident that my back problems are genetic…or normal aging of the disc space and not from trauma as I suspected….either way, it’s been a pain in the ass!

P.s. Through it all, I’ve never stopped moving and thanks to the Oak Park Community and my Tri Teammates…you guys keep my spirits high!


10 rounds on the 1:15
3 Power Snatches + 3 OHS
*Every 2 rounds go up in weight.





My dog is sleeping in this morning and not barking

My back is in pain, I’m going to stretch and breath

I have a Zoom Call with a 78yr old client who needs to move

I’m thinking about all the people in my life that I love

I’m eating Steel Cut Oates for lots of reasons 🙂

I have other clients and students that want to move today

At some point, I will turn on the news…

Tonight I will remember this day and hope that tomorrow will be a new day.



Strength & Power

A) 5 Sets – Increase load/set.
3 Position Squat Clean
High Hang
Mid Hang
Low Hang

B) 5 Sets –
5-10 Strict Pull Ups
– Scaling Options:
– 5×5 second Negatives (supinated grip)
1 Round ‘Durante Core’
– Durante Core =
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
10 second Hollow Body Hold


Happy New Years! 

I am excited for a new year and new opportunities as we move into 2021. I have truly learned a lot during this past year, both about myself and the world and I am mentally ready to tackle and use the past years ups and downs and turn it into something productive. Let us do positive good changes moving forward.



Coach Char 


Thursday’s Workout 


100m Run

10 Back Squats (155/105)

10 Pull Ups*

*Scale = Jumping Pull Ups

– Advanced: 5-7 BMU

It’s quite simple…

Lie on your back and breath

Focus on your breath

Then shift your focus to…you

Ask yourself what fulfills you and are you taking action?

If not, visualize your fulfillments

Can you see them in an image, or in a single word?

Then, get out some magazines, pictures, or even search the Webb…

And create your vision and start taking action!


*Courtesy of*

For time:

300m Row
20 Push Press (135/95)
300m Row
15 Push Press
300m Row
10 Push Press
300m Row
5 Push Press


In honor of our resident chiropractor and Oak Park member Mackenzie Kolt, we’ll be staging the inaugural New Year’s Day Workout:
The Manitoba Mac“.

Why Manitoba you say….?  Well turns out Dr. Kolt hails from this fridged part of Canada and he wanted a workout that would reflect the harsh conditions.


So, if you want to join in on the “fun”???
Here are the details:
Day/Time: New Year’s Day at 8:00AM 
Location: T26 Short Term Parking Lot & Beach – Directions
The Workout: 20min Beach Workout with Stuff and Fun! 

Note: Your coaches will send more details to you soon!


Some Fun Facts about Manitoba:

The coldest day with windchill in 2019 in Winnipeg was -53 Celsius or -63.4 Fahrenheit.

The average January day is approximately -13 to -22 Fahrenheit.

The polar bear capital of the world is in Churchill Manitoba! They roam wild!

The largest snake den/pit in the world that houses ~ 70000 garter snakes

It’s lake country in the summer, Over 100,000 Lakes.

The northern lights are a common thing. Head north to ‘The Pas’ and see the sky dance every Jan-March.

There are the most curling rinks per capita in the world. We like to Curl! 🥌

Manitoba is the geographical center of North America.

Manitoba is from the Cree language and it means ‘the narrows of the great spirit’


Strength & Power

15 on the 1:15
5 Deadlifts** – You choose the weight!
3 Hang Power Cleans
1 Shoulder to Overhead

**Build weight every 5 Rounds**

Example: Coach Olive Oil
Rounds 1-5: 155
Rounds 6-10: 185
Rounds 10-15: 205