In a year that has rocked many people to their core, I am very thankful for all that I have.

I am thankful to wake up everyday and come to place of work that I love. A place where I am surrounded by an awesome community and incredible team.

I am thankful for my health, vegetables and the ability to still workout – now more than ever.

I am thankful for my friendships, my family and for community. Although I can’t see or be around everyone, I appreciate the way we have all found ways to connect.

I am thankful for my wife, my partner in crime who makes everything in our lives possible.

But in this year, I am most thankful for Jack Nicholas. Now I know this will go down as one of worst years in history, but it’s the year that brought me my son and I will forever be thankful for that.

So as I enter my 35th year around the sun and as we get closer to the end of this crazy, crazy year I am choosing today and everyday to be thankful for what I have.

On that note, join us tomorrow for my birthday workout. Promise it will be a doozy:)



Tuesday – FUN AF! 🙂

“35 Years of Greatness: Nicholas Yiakos’ Birthday WOD”
For Time:
35 Cal Row
35 Burpee Bar Muscle Up
35 Clean & Jerks*
**Every 3 Minutes = 35 Double Unders/Start workout with 35 Double Unders**

Clean & Jerks:
1-20 (135/95)
21-30 (155/105)
31-35 (185/125)

A couple of close friends and mentors shared some excellent reminders with me in the last week and I want to pass them along to you:

  • Life is hard. It just is. There is no getting away from that fundamental truth.
  • You are not special. The stresses and challenges of life that affect everyone else? Well, they are going to affect you, too. You can pretend that you’re invulnerable, but you’re not.
  • Sometimes the answer to discomfort is to just sit with it. There isn’t always a need to do something or fix the situation. Sometimes, the best thing to do with an uncomfortable feeling is to sit with it for a while and see what it brings up. If that discomfort is coming from the people around you, then remember what Carl Jung offered, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”


Reminder to download the SugarWOD app to get the workouts delivered to your phone every day



5 Rounds on the 5:00:

50 Double Unders

20 Alt. DB Snatch – You choose the weight!

1:00 Max Effort Cal Row

**Subtract seconds from your round from the max effort cal row**


“Aim For the Bushes!”

For Time: 

100 Thrusters (95/65)

60 Bar-Facing Burpees

40 Pull-Ups / 30 BMU (RX+)

– Partition Reps However You Want…DO IT! –

**22-Minute Cap**

Students, athletes, community members – here are some event that you do not want to miss out, please mark your calendars with the following: 


Wednesday the 25th of November (the day prior to Thanksgiving) there will NOT be a 5 or 6pm class, BUT we will run two classes for noon, 12pm and 1pm and I will be coaching the last class of the day at 4pm before we all head home to join our families for Thanksgiving. 


Thursday and Friday the 26th and 27th the gym will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving.


Saturday the 28th – Please come and join us/my husband, our dear Kenny Kane for his 50th (!!) BIRTHDAY workout celebration. Kenny has composed a long, tough, fun workout  that he will do with the community and anyone that wants to join can participate and scale appropriately.  It will be at the OUTDOOR SPACE at the gym between 9am-12pm. After we will do a potluck picknick so if you just want to come by and join us for some food please do so (bring your own food for covid safety) We will have our favourite barista, Louis, from Primo Passo Coffee provide the best coffee on the west side to anyone who comes to celebrate with us.  Kenny’s actual birthday is on December 1 – but this is the day he will officially (covid safe) celebrate with the community and his friends. DONT MISS OUT! 


Sunday the 29th – 8am start – Coach Jamie will lead the community through an epic outdoor training session and run through all the stairs and canyons in Santa Monica. It will be a 90min longer endurance piece and different groups divided into speed and ability. 


The new winter class schedule will start the week after Thanksgiving weekend. The biggest change and news will be the added women’s class, we will now provide three classes a week- women only. They will be the following days and times: 

Tuesday’s 7am (at the gym)

Wednesday’s 8am (at the gym)

Friday’s 8am (at the gym) 


We will also start hosting seminars for our community. A lot of people have questions and want to learn more about nutrition, basic anatomy, breathing, stress, postpartum and sleep improvement.  We are looking into providing the community with roughly one seminar a month where we as a group discuss and talk about a specific topic that month. Stay tuned! And if you have thoughts or subjects you would like to learn more about or host the seminar around – please let us know. 


Stay safe,

Coach Char 


Thursday’s Workout: 

Context: Competition 

For Time:

15 – 12 – 9

Assault Bike Calories

DBALL Squat Cleans (100/70)


We are making some updates to the website and the ways in which we deliver information, including the daily training, to you. We are also making some changes to the online Zoom classes. Some of these changes are in effect now, some will be rolling out in the coming days. If you find issues, please share them (and your proposed solutions) with the coaching team. I cannot promise we will adopt your proposed solution, but we absolutely will listen to your feedback.


We are experimenting with – and will likely move to – the Sugar WOD app for posting the workouts online. Sugar WOD will allow you to log and track your progress, which is something that we believe is necessary for real growth. It also allows us to more easily deliver the workouts to you in a timely manner and helps us collect data in the workouts. You can take a look at how the workouts will show up by clicking on the “Today’s Training” link in the menu on the right side of the blog or in the main navigation menu on every page of this site. I encourage you to sign up (it is free), try it out, and give us your feedback.


Zoom classes will continue for the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7am classes without changes. Zoom classes will continue for the Monday-Friday 6pm classes without changes for now. For all other classes, if you want or need to attend remotely, you may do so. But you will need to contact the class coach well in advance to let them know you will attend.


I am going to offer a morning guided breathwork + journaling session on Tuesday mornings at Oak Park beginning tomorrow (November 10th). We will start at 7:05 and I will guide you through about 15 minutes of breath work and give you 15 minutes to journal afterwards. If you are curious, please show up! I know this is a great way to start the day and I look forward to sharing this with you guys. This will be an in-person offering. Wear a mask and bring your journal. We may add ice baths to this, if there is enough interest.


You may notice that Tuesdays are consistently an aerobic capacity class. It is not an accident of programming, but an intentional decision on the part of the coaching team to systematically introduce Aerobic Capacity on Tuesdays and Sundays as a class specifically focused on developing your aerobic engine and your understanding of your own physiology. You may notice that Wednesdays are consistently a Strength & Power day. That, too, is intentional. This will likely extend through the end of 2020, but our plan rolling into 2021 is to begin offering multiple types of classes each day of the week, so that you can choose a combination of classes throughout the week that best supports your purpose in training. More to come on that. For now, if you want to build your engine, get in here on Tuesdays and Sundays for sure. If you want to focus on strength and Olympic weightlifting, do not miss Wednesdays.


Got questions or suggestions? I would love to hear them.


Tuesday’s Workout

Aerobic Capacity – Competition


18 Rounds

:60 Row – MAX EFFORT!!


**After 18 rounds, perform 50 burpees.**

**Focus will be on your AVG. WATTS after 18 Rounds.**

**Two Scores: 1) AVG. WATTS 2) Time: 50 Burpees


Peace, I read somewhere that its an inside job. It’s likely there will never exactly be peace all around us. We can do our best to create conditions of peach, but in reality there will always be something.  In each moment there are sounds, people moving and distractions. The practice of mindfulness allows us to turn inward and just lets the outside sounds and distraction be just what they are. Outside sounds and distractions. 

This seems to be the topic at hand. How do you find peace when there are so many things up in the air?  Anxiety is high and people can barely sit still. Those who have never been interested in politics, have voted and taken interest. In my mind it’s actually quite amazing. This breakdown of our country has also been an awakening of people. Noticing, paying attention and speaking up. 

Each day we get to start something a new. We wake, can set our mind and chose to focus on what is important to us. There are tugs and pulls and the more we practice being present, in this very moment, the only one that truly matters, we can be at peace. 

I say this all because, being calm and at peace is a practice. You don’t need quiet room or a meditation cushion. You just need the willingness to show up, bring your attention inward (breath or mantra) and when your mind wanders, and it will it, be compassionate with yourself and then bring you attention right back to your breath, mantra or whatever your focus is that day. 

I encourage you to go inward if you have been feeling anxious, worried or distracted.  

You can find peace within you. 

Peace IS in you.

Saturdays Workout

I’m sure it will be fun- be prepared for a bit of moisture and chill 🙂


On Oct 31 – many places and countries around the world celebrate/honor/remember the people that have left this life before us. (A day similar to the US Memorial Day). In Sweden, this day also falls on Oct 31 and most people make their way to the cementry to light a candle for a beloved and missed family member.  I saw this note as I left the cementary after lighting a candle for my grandparents and wanted to share it with you. Also – a beloved Oak Park member lost her younger sister last week and I wanted to send extra love to her and her family. 


It is okey to be afraid. 

It is okey to be sad. 

It is okey to feel broken inside. 

It is okey to feel that you don’t have more to give.

You will give more than you think you can. 

In the end you will collect the pieces of yourself.

You always have. 

Despite everything going on. You have always collected the broken pieces of yourself and dragged yourself up.

Despite every hurdle that have come your way.

Despite every heartache, every failure, every tragedy.

And you will pull yourself together this time too. 

I promise. 

It will be painful. 

But you will also experience good moments. 

Beautiful moments. 

Moments worth saving. 

I want you to experience those beautiful moments. 

I want the sun to shine on you.

I have got your back. 

I will sit with you when you need me. 

I will give you the hope you need. 



Thursday’s Workout:

“Casper” 6 Rounds

1:00 On / 1:00 Rest

Row Cal


Double Unders


*Go ALL out on each movement. Do not game it.*