It’s needed all the time.. or I should say, life might flow a bit better while practicing patience. Patience is something I feel I’m always trying to work on and it’s needed in all areas of life. It’s the ability to be calm and delay gratification. It’s understanding there is a right time and place for everything. I’ll share just a few opportunities that I get to practice patience in my life. Standing in the grocery store line that just won’t move, call in some patience.  Waiting for the Verizon people to arrive during the 8-2pm window they gave me, call in some more patience. Coaching adults and children as they learn new skills, patience wins again. Olympic lifts like the clean and snatch, call in patience so I don’t pull early. Muscles ups, yep, patience again, as my arms like to do the muscling that my hips should be doing. It’s really all over.

As we move our way through this cycle I encourage you to see where patience might be a skill in the gym, be it in a movement, a workout or the entire class. Patience is something that can give us more peace of mind. Instead of getting frustrated or angry when things don’t work out how we wanted, we can find some calmness in waiting for the right time for things to happen. We have to chose patience as we move through life in the time of instant gratification. 

Wednesday’s Workout

A) 1-Rep Max TGU (15 minutes)

Rest 5 minutes

B) “Tear Down That Wall”
25 Med Ball Push Press (20/14)
25 WB Sit-ups


Thursday’s Workout
A) EMOM 15:
Min 1: Strict Pull-ups (single set)
Min 2: Core/Midline
Min 3: More Core

B) 5 Rounds for Consistency:
:60 Ski Erg
:60 DB Thrusters
:60 Double Unders
:60 Rest

 Isn’t that a great question?  I’m here wondering what to cook for dinner and I love cooking (most of the time). Ok, I love eating.  When I’m in doubt and want a quick and healthy dinner I have a couple go to’s. 

Vegetable coconut curry

This is usually a mix vegetables I have on hand. Which might be onions, carrots, broccoli, peas, maybe cauliflower, mushroom and or zucchini. It’s either use what I have in the fridge or go to the store to get some more ingredients. Then I’ll take some coconut oil, sautĂ© the onions, add the spices, usually some mix of curry powder, cumin, ginger, ground fenugreek, crushed red peppers, garlic powder, maybe paprika and salt. Cook for a bit, add coconut milk or cream then add vegetables and cook until my desired doneness.  Most of these turn out amazing. Serve with rice, quoina or whatever you want by its side.


Lentil vegetable soup

Grab a pot, add mirepoix, add some rinsed whole lentils, tomatoes, garlic and depending on my mood different seasonings like Bay leaf and pepper. Cook for bit on low, add in vegetables that don’t need super long cooking time carrots, zucchini, kale and Voila. Winter hearty winter soup.  Finally add salt at the end and enjoy. And if the timing is right I’ll serve with some sourdough bread.


When cooking I’m always trying to add as many colorful vegetables as possible to get varied nutrients and they just taste good. And when I’m kinda cooking I’ll just make a salad, scramble or fry up and egg, or at my laziest at home, carrots, olives, hummus and tomatoes. 

What are you making for dinner? 


And don’t forget: This SATURDAY OP classes 8am, 9am and 10am are meeting at Ocean and Montana! Be there or be square

Wednesday’s Workout

CF Games Open 11.2
9 DL (155/100)
12 Push Ups
15 Box Jumps (24/20)


Thursday’s Workout

A) Box Squats

B) FQR 5 rounds on the 3:00
1:00 Toes to Bar / Plank
1:00 D-Ball Carry
1:00 Rest

When I moved to LA over 15 years ago it was a little shock to my system. I was coming form Ashland, Oregon where I went to college. When I moved to Ashland after finishing high school  in Tillamook Or, that too was a big shift as I was coming from Netarts, Or., a super small town on the coast. In our small town most people know you by name and we didn’t lock our doors. It had a very relaxed feel to it. Which I didn’t come to appreciate until moving to LA.

I am super grateful to have grown up in a small town, then slowly moved to more diverse cities and people. The thing that really got me when moving to LA was that when I would smile at someone they wouldn’t always smile back. Sometimes people would ask, “do I know you?” Most often I would say no, as I was just giving a smile. I feel have let myself get a bit hardened from that. I don’t smile at random people as much as I used too. I share this with you as one of my intentions for 2019 is to share more smiles. I feel this world needs just a bit more love and care right now and this is my way of adding it. 🙂  

What about your smile? 

Test Week Cycle 19

3 RFT:
Row 60 cals
100m D-Ball Carry
100 Double Unders
(35-minute cap)


Test Week Cycle 19

For time:
Power Cleans (135/95)
DB Thrusters (50/35)

It’s a great day, week or month when you can make it to class and have a nice organized and well thoughtout workout planned for you. But lets be real, that takes planning and organization for all that to happen. And sometimes, the stars just don’t align and you find yourself at the end of the day and no workout has been done. Now what? It all depends on what your goals are and why you wanted to show up.  Lets play with a few different scenarios:

Scenerio 1:

Your goal: Consistenly Workout out 3 x week for 3 months. 

So, you missed class.  And that doesn’t mean you can’t workout. There are a ton of easy at home workouts. Go for a 10min or 30min jog. Or do a mix of body weight movements amrap or emom style. Or find a hill and run or walk up and down it multiple times. 

Scenerio 2:

Your goal: Increase your level of fitness so you can run a mile under 10min by end of Dec.

So, you missed class. And that doesn’t mean you can’t workout and continue to increase your level of fitness. There are a ton of easy at home workouts. Go for a quick jog, run some intervals. Do a mix of bodyweight movements like an amrap 10 or emom 10 with burpees. All of this work will contribute to you running faster when done with intention.

Scenerio 3: 

Your goal: Weight loss (10 pounds)

So, you missed class. Well, exercise truly isn’t the best tool for weight loss. Eating balanced and healthy IS. So, go for a walk or run (you will feel better and make better choices). And more importably, be mindful of what you are eating. Are you eating lean protein? Adding in lots of colorful vegetables and watching your portion size? The nutrition choices play a large part in what happens on your weigh loss journey. Also make sure you are getting in plenty of water and adequate sleep. If your body is too stressed (lack of sleep or overly stressed by work or other stressors) is doesn’t like to release body fat. 

We miss you in class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout and make healthy choices. 

Remember that this holiday season.


12/13/18 THURSDAY
Special Breath Class @ 7:30pm
A Fundraiser for: Set Her Free

This Thursday we have a special fundraiser to supper the organization: Set Her Free which supports underpriveldged women in Uganda. Coach PJ Nestler will be coaching breath class at 7:30pm. This will be replacing our regular mobility class. Any donation is welcome and click this link for more info. or to donate if you cannot make the class and want to support.


Wednesday’s Workout

A) OH Shoulder mobility Test/retest 

B) Nancy’s Drunk Uncle

400m Run
15 OH Squats (95/65)
200m Run
5 OH Squats
400m Run
15 OH Squats
200m Run
5 OH Squats
400m Run
15 OH Squats + 10 Burpees “OTB”


Thursday’s Workout

A) Hypoxic Breathwork on Erg
3-4 Rounds of
:25 :5 Intervals (Nasal / Breath hold)
:50 :10 Intervals

B) EMOM 10
3-5 Sumo Deadlift 

6 Get-ups
32′ Loaded Balance Beam Walks
8 Single-leg RDLs
:30 Bar Hang 

I attended class Tuesday and it reminded me of where I am at.  The last three months have been focused on yoga, which has been truly wonderful. I’ve gotten more in touch with my body, my emotions and slowing down which always brings me joy. Coming back to find a heavy 3 thruster I found I had more space to move with (hooray), but really had to be conscious of moving fast and getting my hips through. I went where heavy was for today. This is where I am at. I am grateful to have a fully functioning body that allows me to move it in space where I want to. It gives me signals and feedback that I interpret how I will.  I am grateful to have a long history of strength training and I have to continue to practice my speed under the bar, reconnecting with the aggressive power and strength needed to move a heavy barbell. I’m thankful for each opportunity we get to connect, play and grow.

Wednesday’s Workout

A) Dry Land Swimming
4 Rounds for the Experience:
12/8 cals AB @ 90-95% RPE
3 Breaths
Max distance Farmer’s Carry on breath hold / exhale
Rest coach’s interval
*3 Rounds breath hold as you want, 1 Round breath hold on exhale

B) 8 RFT:
Row cals (20/16)
10 Burpees to target
Rest 2 minutes b/w rounds


Thursday’s Workout

“The Broomstick Mile”
For Time With a PVC Pipe (except the mile)
25 Back Squats
25 Front Squats
25 Overhead Squats
400 meter Run
25 Shoulder Presses
25 Push Presses
25 Push Jerks
400 meter Run
50 Hang Squat Cleans
400 meter Run
50 Power Snatches
400 meter Run

Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care. 

  • Siddhartha Gautama

This quote is from the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga by Deepak Chorpa and David Simon. In the past few months my yoga teacher training has had me reading a lot of books, as well as practicing breathing, postures and meditation. There has been a lot of talk about the mind  and the control that it has over our actions, reactions and feelings.  Most of our minds are insanely busy, with the cell phones, computers and endless streams of media, they don’t seem to quite down. And when we are aren’t on our devices, we might just be thinking, or overthinking a situation or how to do something. This battle of balance of thinking and non thinking is constant. This can be helped by quitting the mind. 

Quieting the mind through breath is a wonderful way to bring attention out of the mind and into the body. We’ve been practicing it here in a variety of ways (breath class and regular class) and many of you have seen the benefits.  Some of you are able to find this state in a workout, you’ve practiced a movement so much you don’t have to think about it, you can just find your flow. It’s a beautiful thing. Bringing more focus to breath while moving can help bring calmness, awareness and more efficiency to you body.

Quieting the mind through breath and sitting is another wonderful tool to connect with yourself. Find a quite space, look and focus inward. The more we connect with ourselves the freer we can be in life.

As we are in day three of Re test week- take a look at what you want to accomplish, what time or weight you want to beat, how you want to it to feel or look when you are doing it, then focus on the breath!

Wednesday’s Workout
Re-test Week

For time:
Run 1 Mile
50 DB Alt. Box Step-ups (50/35) (24/20)
Run 1 Mile


Thursday’s Workout
Re-test Week

A) Tidal Volume Breathing Test: Overhead Squat (12 minutes)

B) 20 Minutes to find Heaviest Load: 1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch + 2 OHS

1 mile Run
      -rest 4mins.
800m Run
      -rest 3mins.
400m Run

What’s really hard in life? Isn’t that a good question? I bet each of you reading this would give me a million different definitions of what is hard. Just this past weekend most of the staff and some Oak Park students headed to Malibu to play and learn at the XPT workshop.  Some of us had briefly talked about what was going to be hard for us individually. I thought getting to the ice bath wasn’t going to be that bad, my thought was “I’ll just breathe”. The hard part for me was getting myself to the bottom of the pool to pick up a dumbbell and bring it up to the surface. I KNOW that my breath is my biggest tool, because I use my breath to help keep calm in many situations.   When I’m under water… there is NO breath to be used.  So, what I perceived to be hard was (imagine that).  I had the biggest challenge moving under water with dumbbells, or I should say swimming with dumbbells was my biggest challenge. The thing is I know this is where my growth happens, when it’s uncomfortable and hard, and it’s usually the stuff I don’t want to do. THAT IS GROWTH. 

In 2012 I participated in one of my first Insight Seminars. The intention of insight is to learn to live from your heart. Now, I’m really talking about hard. The thing that was hard for me was getting up in front of all the participants to share.  We were invited to  get up in front of the group and share what we were aware of. I don’t usually think of myself as having trouble talking in front of people, unless of course I have to talk about my emotions. So, when I got up in front of the group all I did was cry. I couldn’t get words out of my mouth. I was so scared to talk about what I was feeling that the only thing I was able to do was cry. Over a few days it got better, but this was HARD and that was growth. 

I share all this with you because we all perceive things differently. What brings joy to me can bring a feeling of dread to you and vice versa. Our intention at Oak Park that we all want to learn, try new things and continue to work on the not so fun stuff as well as all the other fun stuff. As we do, we grow and become more balanced people both in and out of the gym.  I’ll always have to continually work on expressing how I feel, (which has gotten a lot easier), and remind myself to do that things that I don’t like doing and I appreciate having this community of support to do that. 

Wedesday’s Workout

“CF Games Open 17.1”
For time:
10 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
20 Dumbbell Snatches
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs
30 Dumbbell Snatches
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs
40 Dumbbell Snatches
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs
50 Dumbbell Snatches
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs
(20-minute time cap)

If you got time capped, add the number of reps you failed to complete to your time in seconds. E.g. If you got 210/225 reps (didn’t finish the last 15 Box Jumps) your time would be 20:15.


Thursday’s Workout

A) Ascending ladder for Quality and Creativity
4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16…….
Pull up
Push up
Squat x 2
Time cap: 15

B) Bench Press
Peak 5 x 4 @ 85%
Base 5 x 6 By Feel


Every other week I ponder what to share with you all. Sometimes I think it will be super thoughtful, emotional or insightful. Then at other times I think I’ll just share about gym etiquette, but I feel we are past that.  So at the end of today I leave you with this quote.

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” Pema Chödrön

Wednesday’s Workout

“The Riv-Ram”
AMRAP 25 – for total reps
6 Power Cleans (135/95)
9 Pull Ups
300m Run

9 Power Cleans (135/95)
12 Pull Ups
300m Run

12 Power Cleans (135/95)
15 Pull Ups
300m Run
(add 3 reps to every every movement every round …)


Thursday’s Workout

A) Squat Mobility (10 minutes)

B) 6 Rounds :30:30
Blocked Kip Swings / Kipping PUs
Alternating Pistols
(12 minutes)

C) 7-10 Rounds for Quality Load:
1 Power Snatch + 1 OHS + 1 Snatch + 1 OHS
Rest ~ :90

Our perception that we have “no time” is one of the distinctive marks of modern Western culture.

“Margaret Visser”

I’m currently in week 4 of my yoga teacher training and it’s been a joy.  Each sunday we spend the morning studying history and philosophy, then we have a 90 minute yoga practice as a group.  We take a lunch break to return in the afternoon to anatomy, postures and practice teaching.

In August I received 10 books for the curriculum  which we will read over the entire training. One book in which I’m truly enjoying is “Brining Yoga to Life” by Donna Farhi.  

The above quote is at the start of one of the chapters entitled Slowing Down. It states that one of the precursors to yoga practice is slowing down. Slowing down the mind, the body, feelings and emotions. We are all constantly over scheduled, overworked and overbooked. We rush from one appointment to the next, and hurriedly go from Monday till friday in anticipation of the weekend.  If we are lucky, maybe we have some down time.  Or maybe we are rushing from one social engagement to the other. The truth is we all have a few minutes to sit down and breathe. It just feels like we don’t.  If we do take the time to breath its likely that the sky will not fall down and no major problems will occur. But we will never know unless we actually slow down. 


Wednesday’s Workout

A) 4 rds of 40:20
Minute 1: 90/90 Split Squat Lunge
Minute 2: Inverted Row
Minute 3: Pike Push Ups

B) Reflect

C) Sumo Deadlift
PEAK: 4x 1 @ 90%
BASE: 5×3 (by feel)


Thursday’s Workout

Beep Test – New Leader Board!

AMRAP Run 20meter shuttles – Progressive Temp


Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don’t fall at least 10 times, then you’re not skiing hard enough.

Guy Fieri

The above quotes really resonates will me. I’ve had so many kitchen fails I can’t even count and  I keep getting up and trying again because I enjoy the process and find joy, curiosity in the kitchen. Cooking for others is how I show people I care for them. 

This weekend I get to be creative for those attending the pop up and you are all invited.  Cooking and sharing food is one of my very favorite things to do. So, this weekend I’m having a Pop-up Picnic. 

This is the third year in a row my good friend Nina and I are cooking for any and all that want to attend.(you must RSVP to save your spot).  Nina and I met here at the gym many years ago and we found we both have a love for food both cooking and eating it.  We get together often to cook new things, talk about food, eat food and enjoy each other’s company in the kitchen.  A few years ago we said- hey… lets actually do this. Like serve food to people like it’s our job for the day.   And we did!

In 2016 our former CFLA member Woogene rented us his restaurant (Fundamental LA) for the day and we served brunch to 108 people. Wow, it was so fun, and so hard. We had a blast, felt super supported and learned so much. Thank you to all that came out. 

In 2017 Ortal and Simon open their home to us and we did a 5 course dinner for 40 people. It was another wonderful experience to share food that we prepared with you all. 

This year we are taking it outside to a local park. Grilling, chopping, and baking, picnic style. Because there is nothing better than eating outside.  You bring a water bottle and a blanket, we will provide the food and a fun experience. $35/adult $15/kid is the cost for your evening out where we will serve tasty food.  

RSVP to coach Shirley before wednesday at noon!

Wednesday’s Workout

A) For Time: 100/80 Cal Row (Gear 3)

B) Sumo Deadlift
PEAK: 5 x 3 @ 80%
BASE: 5×4 (by feel)

C) Press
5×3 (70-80%)

Thursday’s Workout

“OP ExatlĂłn”
In Teams of 2 or 3:
250m Row
Plank Walk with weight
6 Burpees
Army Crawl
8 MB Sit 2 Stand Slams!
10 Jump Squats
4/6 Cals on A.Bike
6 PunterĂ­a!