This past weekend I did a little food prep for our XPT event.  One of the simple things I made was chocolate chia seed pudding. You can see it right here. It was pretty simple and delicious. So I’ll share with you the recipe! 


Chocolate Chia seed pudding


1.5 cups coconut milk

.5 cups chia seeds

.5 cup organic cocoa powder

dash of sea salt

dash of vanilla

bigger dash of cinnamon

dash or two of maple syrup (to your sweetness liking)

1 banana (very ripe) smashed or cut up small

Mix the cocoa powder, cinnamon,  salt,  and vanilla all together.  Add in a small amount of milk and whisk untill smooth.  Add the rest of the milk and whisk. Add chia seeds and stir. Then add banana. Cover and refrigerate overnight.  



Wednesday’s Workout

“Jenny Jenny”
2 RFT:
8 Toes-to-Bar
6 Chest-to-Bar
7 Bar Muscle-ups
5 Power Snatches (135/95)
3 0-HS (135/95)
9 Front Squats (135/95)

Thursday’s Workout

A) Front Squats 3×5 @ 70%

10 DB Floor Press (55/35)
8 Jumping BMU


I’ve been having this conversation with few students lately. It’s about how they feel when they come to a 6am class. Most have noted, they don’t feel like a supple leopard. It’s like their bodies aren’t ready for movement at that hour. So, what’s a student to do?

Your body does take a bit of time to wake up. But what if you don’t have more time? Like you just can’t wake up any earlier. (your likely chained to your bed at that hour). My first word of advice is get yourself enough quality sleep.  Take look at how many hours you are getting now, see what happens when you get more sleep.(start small- go to bed 5 or 10min earlier) Take some steps to improve your quality of sleep and up your sleep hygiene. (Black out shades, cold room, mouth tape). Also look at your bedtime routine. (electronics out of bedroom, taking time off electronics before bed, tea, reading or nighttime ritual) 

How about some breath work to energize you? You could take a few minutes in bed, even before getting out of bed and start to up regulate your body. (more breath in than out)  A bit of yoga in the am? Pair that breath with movement (could be a 5 min flow) to wake things up, sun salutation anyone? 

If your only option is to come at 6am and your body is not responding how you would like it to, first off try something I mentioned earlier. Next, be kind to your body, the compassion you have for it can be helpful and even allow it to do more. Remember all of this is a practice which requires constant reflection. 

See you in the am!

Wednesday’s Workout
A) Russian Dips 3 x 8

16 Push Press
16 Pistols
–Rest 2–
6 Box jumps
12 Burpees

Thursday’s workout
A) Front Squat 6×5 @ 83%

B) 21-15-9

It’s the balance of it all. As my yoga teacher reminded me the other day, balance is a verb.  We are constantly moving back and forth to find what works for the current time.  The hard and the soft. The yin and yang.

When I started CrossFit in 2008 it was all hard. Like, literally hard and there was minimal room for more. As Oak Park has grown we now practice intentional, sustainable, growth. This growth includes all sides of training and recovery. The push to the limit, heart rate elevated, uncomfortable almost want to puke hard, down to the stillness and ability to sit in silence with yourself.  

These opposites blend together so well, I can’t even imagine them not together. If we only practice the hard all the time, our bodies, minds and souls get out of whack. Just like if we only practice the soft… just too soft. 

I’m offering up the thought to reflect on your movement and recovery practices. Is there balance between them? Is there more attention to pushing hard? Do you give time to rest, restore and recover?  Is there an intentional balance between?

Notice if you are intentionally avoiding something. If you are, ask yourself the question why? If you are truly looking to grow, my coaching is to reflect upon your choices. And know that we are working to provide you with a system that support it all.

Wednesday’s Workout

Remember, THE TRUTH!?!?
“The Truth”

2 Rounds on the 5:00
In 90 seconds complete:
20/16 cals Assault Bike
and, in time remaining,
Sled Push for max meters
Score is total meters.


Thursday’s Workout

EMOM 40*
Minute 1: Push Ups
Minute 2: Burpee
Minute 3: Muscle Up
Minute 4: Snatch

*This is a skills progression while building your aerobic capacity and teaching you PATIENCE

Show up and DO IT!!


Kids classes are NOW happening. In fact my first class was Tuesday afternoon. One of my favorite parts about coaching kids is watching them grow and learn to appreciate the work their body can do. I also love to see the kids that come in because their mom told them too, ask to come back for another session.  

I will run two 6 week sessions- one right after the other. Your child can enroll in one or both sessions. 


Yoga starts this Friday night, 745pm. Bring a mat and be ready to breathe, move and  recover your way to a great weekend.  Yoga will count as one of your classes and will last 60min. 

Wednesdays Workout

A) Front Squat
6×8 @ 65%

4 Ant Man Floor Press (2 per side)
3 C2B Pullups (Singles)
200m Row


Thursdays Workout

“Working 9 to 5”
For time:
200m Row
9 OH Squats (135/95)
300m Row
8 OH Squats
400m Row
7 OH Squats
500m Row
6 OH Squats
600m Row
5 OH Squats

This week is an opportunity to see where your fitness and movement stand. Monday’s test of power, Tuesday’s test of strength, Wednesday’s lung and heart capacity, Thursday BB skill work and Fridays body weight test is a beautiful balance.  I hope you are all enjoying showing up and seeing where you stand.

As we get to reflect on what’s been done we can see what excites us, what we are good at and what needs attention. Then we get to decide what to work on. Have a conversation with your coach about what you want to work on over the cycle.  It can be anything, but the more specific the easier it will be. 

Areas for improvement: 

Movement capacity – work mobility and putting yourself into different shapes
Work Capacity- be smart about increasing volume of work
Mindset- breath work can help with that
Strength- find a focus: squat, pull, push, hinge, flex/extend, rotate (simple 7 anyone)
Consistency- make a plan to show up

Any of the above or something else you have in mind is a great focus. 

*** Youth classes start up after Labor Day. Kids ages 5-17yrs. Weekday and Weekend class. Email for info or to enroll. 

Wednesday’s Test
Cycle 21 

“Big Ass Buy In”
In 30 minutes, complete:
1 Mile Run
2K Row
3 Mile Assault Bike
Then, with time remaining:
AMRAP D-BALL Ground-to-Over Shoulder (100/70)


Thursday’s Test
Cycle 21 

For Time:
Box Jump Over (24/20)
Power Snatch (95/65)

*Time Cap: 13 Minutes

I hope you are all enjoying this week of Nancy! 

Wednesday’s Workout
Week of Nancy

NANCY GRACE-Celebrity legal commentator, “journalist,” and mother of twins Kind of an outrageous personality, fond of guilty until proven innocent

30 RFT: 2 Burpees (lateral over the bar)
1 Clean & Jerk (155/105)

Thursday’s Workout
Week of Nancy

5 RFT:
Run 400m
10 Split Squat into Pivot Reverse
5 Deadlifts (315/225)
5 Muscle-ups

We’ve got something special in store for you. This week we have TWO new Classes

Friday 7/27 @ 9:30am to 11am

Saturday 7/28 @ 10am class

Coach Lindsay’s signature movement practice weaves together breath work, core work, yoga and body weight based strength strategies.  This 90 minute class is designed to challenge movement and postural habits, balance joint stability and mobility for the purpose of optimizing our energy and breath. Expect to move, learn, shift, align, sweat, tremble, breathe well and rest.

This class is especially designed for people who:

Do NOT like yoga.

Do NOT like pilates.

Love yoga and pilates and movement of all kinds.

Teach/ Coach movement.

Want to feel stronger on the inside.

Feel strained from vinyasa yoga or weightlifting


Please show up and try it out! 

Wednesday’s Workout

10 Rounds:
2 min to complete:
(not including the rest)
250m Row
10 Burpees to a Target
-60 Second Rest-

Thursday’s Workout

A) Death by Sucka Punch Foo’

B) 5 on the 4:00 for Q
2 Rope Climb
4 Man Makers
8 Double Parralette Lat Hop


This past weekend we had the pleasure of having Patrick Mckeown – the author of The Oxygen Advantage with us all day Saturday. His book shares that nose breathing will bring us better health. He mostly talks about all the hours we aren’t at the gym, which are the majority of the hours. His tag line – breathe light to breathe right.  At Oak Park we have been incorporating breathing exercises and protocols for a while now which is awesome and can be challenging. As a kid who had exercise induced asthma growing up, not being able to breathe was the main reason that moving wasn’t fun sometimes. (that’s how weightlifting began for me) Anyway, if we can control our breath we can control our mind.  

When we breathe through our nose we improve diagphram movement, we also improve our functional movements (that’s what we work on) and reduce the risk of back injury. Our diaphragm is connected to our ribs and spine and when we engage it through use it assists in spinal stability. 

When we breath through our nose (be it at rest or during exercise) Nitric Oxide is released. This is a vasodilator which allows blood to flow smoothly and carry oxygen that our muscles need to fuel our body for moment and life. 

Patrick shared a few great exercises to assist in nasal breathing for better health. 

The below warm up exercise can be done seated and helps bring attention to nasal breathing.

You will start with normal breathing, then after a small exhale pinch you nose and hold for 2-5 seconds. Next breathe normally for 10-15 seconds and repeat again. This should take about 2.5min. You should not feel stressed during this. If you feel stressed hold your breath for shorter duration. If your air hunger becomes too much, decrease breath hold time. 

And if you haven’t yet taped your mouth shut at night with some paper tape to ensure nasal breathing while sleeping, give it a try. The first time I tried it I woke up feel the most refreshed Id ever felt. 

Wednesday’s Workout

A) 3 Rounds :30
See Saw DB Bench Press (45/30)
Hypoxic DB Carry for distance

B) 2 Rounds AMRCAP 2
(As many rope climbs as possible in 2 min) 2 min rest

C) Power Clean – Strength
A1) Power Cleans
2 reps @ 60%
2 reps @ 70%
2×2 reps @ 75%
2×2 reps @ 80%
3×3 Clean Pulls @ 100%


Thursday’s Workout

Min. 0-2
60/40 Cal Ski*

Min. 2-6
20 Wall Balls (20/14)
20 DB Snatch (50/35)

Min. 6-12
10 C&J (135/95)
10 Lateral Burpee Over Bar (24/20)

Min. 12-20
400m Run
60/40 Cal Row
200 Double Unders

Total Score = Total Reps

Does your effort dictate your outcome? Well, it will dictate a certain outcome. But, will it be the specific one you are looking for? That’s a great question.

There are things in life that effort does not necessary mean you will get a specific outcome. It all depends on what you are working towards. Setting goals is key- knowing what you want and how you will get it is key. Knowing what effort is needed can be helpful.  Let’s talk about consistency.  If you are continually putting in the effort to show up regularly and you are showing up, then yes, your effort will earn you your outcome of showing up consistently. 

Let’s say you have put in a lot of effort to say learn a skill, but something isn’t clicking. The effort might not match the outcome. It’s possible to spend time doing something and not get what you want. (you might need some more coaching and other tools to help)

That’s why we are here. To guide you in that process. We (your coaches) can help you along the way and set some goals and learn what you want to work towards. 

Wednesday’s Workout

A) Stability/Parkour Training

B) 4 min QAMRAP
4 Goblet Squat Jumps (heavy-ish)
4 Strict Press (eccentric iso–90 degrees)

C) Back Squat 1×10

Thursday’s Workout

A1) Power Cleans
2 reps @ 60%
2 reps @ 70%
2 reps @ 75%
2 reps @ 80%

A2) Clean Pull
4×3 @ 90%

B) Progressive Watt / Squats on the 2:00/2:00
Round 1
AS Bike :60 @ 70% G2
Max Air Squats :60
-Rest 2:00
Round 2
AS Bike :60 @ 80% G4
Max Air Squats :60
-Rest 2:00
Round 3
AS Bike :60 @ 90% G5
Max Air Squats :60


Life is in this very moment, right now.  The air we breathe in and out. The keys with each key stroke. Right now is what is important. If I think about the past I can get caught up in what I’ve done before, be it right, wrong, good or bad (or maybe not assigning any judgment at all could be helpful). Thinking in the present moment helps me make conscious choices about what is appropriate for the now.

Mindfulness is what people are calling it these days. I am a believer and a practicer. And like any human I can get caught in ways of the past and thoughts of the future. 

It almost seems so simple. BE HERE NOW. Yet the mind likes to wander and give attention to whatever we allow it. The beauty of what we do here at Oak Park is that is truly requires you to be present. Present and conscious of your breath, your body position and your mindset. As you take the step, jump or pull for your next rep, being fully present allows your mind to have that focus. To feel the joy, the challenge, the growth and the learning that takes place here. 

Thank you for taking the time to be present with us. 

Wednesday’s Workout

CrossFit Games Team Series 2016
Event 3

In teams of 2:
Row for max calories in 5 minutes
Immediately into:
Max reps Push Press in 5 minutes (115/80)
(10-minute cap)

Thursday’s Workout

3 RQR: 2:00 :30 
Partner Stations:
-Seated, Weighted Rope Pull (from pull up rig)
-SA Thrusters
-Lateral Plank Walk
-Box Jumps