So brave and courageous, loving and kind.

Leading the way by example.

You’ve taught me how to love myself unconditionally.

That I matter, that we matter. You’ve seen a side of me that I hadn’t yet seen.

A reminder that speaking up is important.  That speaking our truth matters. That my truth is more important that keeping others comfortable. 

In the physical you encourage one rep at a time, always with positives. 

You show love to all beings big and small. 

You’re fierce and committed, your life is honorable and inspirational. 

In the emotional, you create a safe space to be express and allow others to be heard and seen. Judgment feels far from you. 

In the spiritual, your faith leads you in the most open way. Reminding me that Mother Earth needs love to keep us safe and taken care of. 

Your willingness to fully grow in all areas of life can be a model for us all. 

Thank you for being part of my team! 

You have left a legacy.


Coach Shirley 


Saturday’s Workout

The “Dunn”

15 Power Cleans (Heavy)
10min / Max cals: Bike/Row/Ski/Run

15 Power Cleans
7min / Max cals: Bike/Row/Ski/Run

15 Power Cleans
5min / Max cals: Bike/Row/Ski/Run

15 Power Cleans (135/105)
3min / Max cals: Bike/Row/Ski/Run

– 35min Cap –

Change is inevitable, growth is optional – John C. Maxwell

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately and open to feedback and hearing from more of you. KK and I were interviewed for the So Cal affiliate rep position last Tuesday, and it was great to be heard. It provided a glimpse of hope for me. There were many great candidates, and we did not get the position.  I’m proud of myself for putting myself out there. 

Now, continued work on the inside. Flip the perspective, change the view.

What can we acknowledge?

  • We’ve got a wonderful caring committed community 
  • We’ve created an amazing professional coaching team
  • We serve a specific class of people 

What could we do differently?

  • Examine our tenants and values – making sure we are all in line (purpose, growth, value, legacy, tribe)
  • Redefine our tenants and values- what is important to us NOW.
  • Create more diversity in who we serve, including race, gender, class and ability.
  • Allow access to those who do not have access

Question environment, systems, behaviors, leadership and purpose  

  • We are here to help you grow
  • We use physical training and coaching to do that
  • How we lead matters. Are we leading the best way we can?
  • Can we continue to use intention, education, support and love to grow?

The world is crying for something different. Something new and revised. I’m trying to find more of my voice in all of this. I’ve often felt seen, but not heard, especially with little practice in a nation that is not creating a supportive environment for it. The systems are not working. 

We as a team our examing our gym. We have heard from some of you and I appreciate you sharing what is on your mind.  We don’t know what actions truly comes next, beside thinking about some of the above. 

Saturday’s Workout

NANCY “Light”
4 rounds of:
400m Run
15 Over Head Squats (65/45)

At Home Workout
400m Run or 30 Reverse Lunges + 20 Lateral Lunges

Any Object that looks and feels like a “Bar” may be used to go over head on the Squats. If the “Bar” is light?…Can opt to do temp squats: 3:2:1

Today as I coached my first hybrid class I was reminded why I appreciate you all so much.

From coach Nick Co-coaching our Juneteenth workout at 7am (Thank you), to those of you who brought friends, showed up early and responded with actions to make our world better.

To the noon class when Josh stepped it up and put money on the movement of the class, as he shared that experience with his family and to Diz just always showing unlimited LOVE!

And likely, 6pm experienced joy and fun too.

Over the last 3 months (and many years) I have truly seen how great of a community we have. On Monday, Maddison sent out an email that truly made my day. She thanked us, and also asked us to do better. Calling us out. I appreciate that as that is what helps us grow.

CFHQ recently they announced they are starting an affiliate representative program- to which you/we can nominate people for to help build lines of communication with HQ. After Kenny and I had a conversation I decided to ask some of you for that nomination. I nominated Kenny and hope that this can be a team effort.  When HQ showed me this action I wanted to also step up (with a lil nudge from my boss). 

I believe in our community, I support all of you. I hope that you all continue to do and be better, whether it be in our walls or outside in this beautiful world that is crying for help and what looks like, we are responding. 

Thank you to all of you working to make this world a better place! 


I’ve always admired my sister. When I was younger I literally looked up to her as she was older, cooler, faster and smarter. Nowadays I’m the one who is taller, stronger and calmer. I currently look up to her in a time when we are in need of leadership and my sister has been my savior lately. As kids we did argue, as sisters do, but I think most of the time I was just jealous of her. I will acknowledge that she tried things out first and got into trouble, which allowed me to move through life a little easier. 

In these times of uncertainty,  I feel the most connection with my sister. Some say your sibling is the person who you will likely have the longest relationship with. I hope that to be true. As biracial kids growing up in a white community,  it was challenging as we experienced explicit racism. As of late many feelings and experiences from the past have resurfaced. There has been nothing more comforting than a conversation with my sister. 

My sister has always been an avid reader. In fact,  I would often find her hidden away in her bedroom reading. Recently she has been my inspiration in continuing to educate myself on implicit racism and we often talk about how we can continue to learn and do better.  I am currently reading White Fragility and I’m about halfway through. 

In this time of quarantine, racial uprise and uncertainty I hope you continue to connect with yourself and community, play in whichever way brings you joy and grow to add to our ever changing world. 

Saturday’s Workout
“Running With The Devil”

10 RFT:
5 Devil’s Press
200m Run
*25 Min CAP

I’ve been so happy to share yoga with many of you over the last month. I wanted to share a bit more about Yoga. I started practicing yoga over 20 years ago, it was just the physical (asanas) that interested me. After moving to Los Angeles I learned there were so many types of yoga offered here it opened up a lot of possibilities. 

2 years ago I took my teacher teacher training with Jayco at Yogaraj. I spent three months studying the philosophy and movement practice. Each Sunday we showed up for a morning of philosophy lecture, then asana (physical) practice, then learned about anatomy and how to teach. Our expectation as teachers in training was to practice with other teachers in the community and on our own at least 4 times each week. It was wonderful to learn with this group of people.

You might be wondering what else is there besides the movement. Well, Yoga can be defined in many ways, some define as yolk, union, unite or love. Uniting us all, mind and body. According to Pantajalis yoga sutras (Sanskrit text of yoga) There are 8 limbs of yoga. Which defines yoga not just as a physical practice but a way of life or being. Here they are below.

1 Yama (ethical/moral practices)

2 Niyamas (self discipline/personal practices)

3 Asana (physical postures)

4 Pranayama (breath control)

5 Pratyahara (attention inward)

6 Dharana (outward focus)

7 Dhyana (Meditation/concentration)

8 Samadhi (freedom) 

and lastly-

Here is last Thursday’s LIVE  Zoom Yoga Class that will help before or after Murph for restoring your body, please enjoy. 


And.. Hope to see you all this Monday at Murph

9:00am Speaker 

9:30am Workout 

Saturday’s Workout

Stay ready for Murph and/or get what you need!


Most days 

I feel great
I have a roof over my head
Food to eat
Friends to talk to 
Feel rested upon waking

Most days 
I enjoy coaching
Connecting with others
Feeling of purpose
Have a wonderful job

Most days
I recognize and am grateful for all that I have

Some days
I’m tired
I don’t want to go out
I’m content just staying at home

These days
Are filled with ups and downs
New feelings and experiences
And Love

Saturday’s workout

“Jack Bauer”
Min 1: 12 DB Thrusters (45/30)
Min 2: 12 Diamond Push Ups


Today I share with you a video that I (and Jamie helped) put together. I have been making kimchi and its truly easy and simple. I hope this inspires you to make some and improve your gut health.

This video is a how to video, with recipe, instructions and some guidence. 

Saturday’s Workout

Weekend Cardio Party!

Show up, workout and have fun! 

Over the past 5 weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work with a bunch of kids. I’m primarily working with kids ages 8-13yrs (ish). We are holding group kids virtual classes Monday’s 345pm, Wednesdays 4pm and Saturdays 10am. If you know any kids that are looking to get moving with me and a handful of other kids, please reach out to me.   

It’s been fun coaching and working with the kids in their own homes. Meeting their pets, seeing them be creative as we deadlift back packs or planters. Running around the yard taking the computer with them as Coach Kelsey and I get dizzy and nauseous. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some families.  That could be you. Get your space ready, log into zoom and I coach you and the entire family for a workout filled with fun, challenge and more connection. We can do group playdates too! 

Thank you to all that have embraced the virtual training. 

Saturday’s Workout

KK CARDIO FUNK… Guaranteed cardio party to get you through the weekend!