Peace, I read somewhere that its an inside job. It’s likely there will never exactly be peace all around us. We can do our best to create conditions of peach, but in reality there will always be something.  In each moment there are sounds, people moving and distractions. The practice of mindfulness allows us to turn inward and just lets the outside sounds and distraction be just what they are. Outside sounds and distractions. 

This seems to be the topic at hand. How do you find peace when there are so many things up in the air?  Anxiety is high and people can barely sit still. Those who have never been interested in politics, have voted and taken interest. In my mind it’s actually quite amazing. This breakdown of our country has also been an awakening of people. Noticing, paying attention and speaking up. 

Each day we get to start something a new. We wake, can set our mind and chose to focus on what is important to us. There are tugs and pulls and the more we practice being present, in this very moment, the only one that truly matters, we can be at peace. 

I say this all because, being calm and at peace is a practice. You don’t need quiet room or a meditation cushion. You just need the willingness to show up, bring your attention inward (breath or mantra) and when your mind wanders, and it will it, be compassionate with yourself and then bring you attention right back to your breath, mantra or whatever your focus is that day. 

I encourage you to go inward if you have been feeling anxious, worried or distracted.  

You can find peace within you. 

Peace IS in you.

Saturdays Workout

I’m sure it will be fun- be prepared for a bit of moisture and chill 🙂


To anyone who needs this….YOU have the permission to slow down

the phone rings
the timer dings
someone needs to be somewhere

we work so hard to save up for two weeks
travel, then rest before returning to work

when do we rest
when do we slow down
when does recovery take place

is this healthy
are we actually making gains or moving somewhere
do we have the ability to stay present in these busy overloaded moments

multitasking, is it what it’s cracked up to be
the definition of focus is bringing energy to one area and away from another
It seems like we are set up to fail

we are
over notified
over caffeinated
over fed
over worked

we are
under rested
under nourished
under connected
under utilized

press pause
for a second or a minute
take a breath and just be

YOU are the only one who can give YOU permission to slow down

Saturday’s Workout

Buy In: 1500m Row
5 Rounds
10 Pull Ups
8 Deadlifts (185/125)
50 Double Unders



Yoga means unite or yolk. From the outside its appears to be a physical practice (asana), like what we do here in our fitness classes. Yoga, like what we do here is deeper than that. It’s more than the physical.  We are practicing how to move our way through life. How do we handle the stress life throws at us?  How are we at practicing things we are not good at.

For youth it offers the opportunity to SLOW down, focus, get off a screen and experiment and play.  

Starting Wed Oct 28th for four weeks I’ll be offering youth yoga at 4-4:50pm.  Open to youth of all ages. RSVP get in for the four weeks. 

Enroll if you are interested in trying yoga or have been missing it. Bring your own mat.

Saturday’s Workout


50 Cal Row
40 Pull ups
30 DB squat Cleans(100/70)
20 Box jump overs (32/24)


Twice this week it’s been a topic of conversation. The perception of self or what I heard today as I listened to the Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra. The selfie is not the self.

We are always changing and growing. An actual photo represents one moment in time. All my cells, thoughts and feelings are constantly changing, and likely never to be the same.

All around there are peceptions of me, whether they been seen, talked about or created. I’ve got one of myself, and you likely have one of me too. I would bet they are different.

All of my experiences, expectations and judgments have shaped what I think of myself. All the experiences you have had have shaped what you think I am. Then there is: what I think, you think, I am. (yes, what I think, you think, I am)

It takes looking inward to move away from this perceived self. Letting go of beliefs others might have of me, Letting go of things people have said and old thoughts and behaviors that accompany them.  Letting go of old beliefs I’ve had of myself requires being vulnerable, honest and present. 

I share this with you as an opportunity to take a look at yourself, your perceived and your most truest self.  Maybe take a seat, close your eyes, and connect with your breath. Notice what you notice, reflecting inward, letting go of images, judgments and just notice.

Be Well. 


OAK PARK OPEN 2020 Workout #3


2 Shuttle Sprints

5 Deadlifts (315/220)



Level 4 = 315/220

Level 3 = 275/195

Level 2 = 225/155

Level 1 = 185/13

As I was coaching this morning, gearing my class up on the bikes, one of my students asked “where do I find the gears on the bike? ” Well… this breathing gear system is not listed on the bike. The breathing gears I was coaching into are your internal system.  (See photo above)

We are using this from the Art of Breath and Brian Mackenzie as a way to truly listen to your bodies barometer (breath) and work from there.  Breathing can guide you and help you be more efficient, develop more capacity and the ability to recover quicker.  (who doesn’t want to recover quicker?.. anyone?) 

One thing to NOTE: This IS gonna SLOW you down. And I know many of you have been annoyed with this slow down. I’ll ask you first, how is your breath at rest? As coach Char posted yesterday our nervous system allows us to ramp up or calm down and our breath is directly related to that. So, as we warm you up in a workout, we want to slowly gear up.

Like when driving it’s best not to just slam the gas peddle, but bring your speed up slowly first. I know, that’s not the fun way. If you want more out of your training than just going through the motions- BREATHE MORE INTENTIONALLY.  

Why? More focus, quicker recovery and more body control are just a few things.  We ask your to use your breath as your guide to know what speed you can work at. If you can’t breathe you’ve kinda got no business being there. And many of us have experienced when we can’t breathe we are really no good for anything.

This is your friendly breathing gear reminder. Please memorize and use daily. 

Saturday’s Workout

OAK PARK OPEN 2020 – Workout #2

For Time:

50 Cals Assault Bike

40 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Power Snatches (95/65)

40 Cals AB

30 Bar Facing Burpees

20 Power Snatches

30 Cals AB

20 Bar Facing Burpees

10 Power Snatches

Ever stubbed your toe? It’s likely the only thing you can think about in that moment. It’s painful and sucks. Until of course, you can bring your attention to something or somewhere else.  Take a breath many would say. Breathing is our inner tool to help recenter and refocus.  Then, the energy and attention goes away from your toe.

Attention goes where energy flows. Where do you want your focus?


Saturday’s Workout 
OP Retest

Squat Battery Test

2 Rounds
10 Overhead Squats (100/70)
20 Front Squats
30 Back Squats

each round musts be UNBROKEN

12 min cap!

A little over a month ago I posted a little video of me doing some yoga. And asked why move?  I listed a bunch of reasons to move, but would truly love to hear from you all. At Oak Park our goal is to help you be more resilient. To live life in a way that you can do whatever its is you want. Not be restricted by physical limitations or mental limitations. 

Our coaching intention is to provide you with tools that you can apply in the real world. I feel Covid is a prime example of that. We have been working on your health, fitness and wellness by showing up to class, being mindful of how you move, what you eat and who you surround yourself with.  Breath practice helps you control your mental state by either ramping you up or settling you down.  Exercise helps with boosting mood, immunity, detoxification and just makes you more durable person, oh and its fun and hard. Our coaches and community help to guide and support you. 

I share this all as our goal is to help you grow as a human. Not just to squat more, or be more bendy, but to be able to mentally, physically and emotionally handle life as you move through it.

Thank you for participating, I hope you see what a wonderful tool kit you’ve been building over the days, weeks, months or years. 

And maybe you are wondering what Sundays aerobic capacity class is?  In general terms CARDIO (Run/Row/Ski/Bike). Learn and practice getting your heart and lungs(BREATH) in better health!  

Saturday’s Workout


“5 Rounds of:”
400m Run
16 Over Head “reverse” Lunges (85/55) (S.ct)

***20min. Cap****

Recently a new friend asked my sister what she appreciated about me. To my surprise she said my sense of calm. I laughed to myself, as, I sometimes appear to be calm on the outside, yoga has been my anchor for calm on the inside. It’s the inward looking, the focus on the breath and learning to sit with myself and slowing down.  Yoga has been a practice of min for over 20 years, its come in waves of times with more and less, but it’s been with me for a long time. It brings me a lot of joy to share yoga with you all.  So, next week I will share with you on Thursday eve, in person at 7:15pm. 

I’m looking to build up Yoga at the gym- so please reach out if you are interested in making it part of your sustainable growth here at Oak Park! 

Please come and allow me to share a bit of calm with you. In our beautiful backyard. Reserve your spot via Zen planner. 

Saturday’s Workout

4 Rounds (1:00/1:00)
Power Clean + Press (85/65)
Lateral Box “Step” Overs (16″/12″)

It’s a Holiday weekend and they say it’s going to be a HOT one. So get outside and enjoy it, while using your health and fitness.


Monday- Labor Day we will hold 1 in person class at 8am. Usual ZP reservation and touch base with coach beforehand required.

Thank you all for being part of our community. 

Saturday’s Workout
Oak Park Open week 4

For Time:
50 Cal Row
40 Pull Ups
30 DBALL Squat Cleans (100/70)
20 Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)

As a kid I ate all kinds of chocolate, mostly Hershey’s and milk chocolate things.  My mother baked cookies all the time and I’m pretty sure I stole chocolate chips from her.  My aunt used to bring dark chocolate when visiting and I didn’t like it AT all. I was like who wants to eat this? It’s so bitter.

Now, it’s the dark chocolate that I like. And only the dark chocolate.  A friend introduced me to a new bar called Antidote. I love their chocolate, and they have some bars that are very low sugar. If you check their website they’ve got quite a nice story. 

Another bar I’ve tried recently is Evolved. Now, when I look at chocolate, I take into account what is the first ingredient. I’m looking for organic cocoa, then how much sugar is in it.  

So, what your favorite chocolate? 

Saturday’s Workout

OAK PARK OPEN 2020 Workout #3

2 Shuttle Sprints
5 Deadlifts (315/220)

Level 4 = 315/220
Level 3 = 275/195
Level 2 = 225/155
Level 1 = 185/135