Because you are here

And it matters

That you take care of yourself

That you show up 

How you show up

The energy you bring

What time you arrive

How you participate

All of these things matter

Wednesday’s Workout

300m Run
30 Strict Pull Ups
30 Strict HSPU
30ft Walking DB Lunges (50/35)

Thursday’s Workout

3 RFT:
Row 1,000m
20 Squat Cleans (135/95)


While coaching it might seem like I’m looking for perfection. I cue my students on little and big things. I come around again and see how it’s going. I look and cue again and my student replies back “I’m doing all I can”. Usually I can 

At my CrossFit Level 2 certification I was told to be more persistent. Funny thing was I felt like I was being persistent. The constant cues, the encouragement, the support and correction and communication. Not enough in that moment during my cert. They told me to be relentless. In an effort to be a great coach I continue on that journey. I make mistakes and sometimes forget to check back on a student after giving a cue, sometimes I miss things too. What I’m really looking for is effort. 

It’s truly not perfection I’m looking for.  I believe if you continue to put in effort over time you will get closer to what your goal. Yes, there will be mistakes, and that’s why we practice. We practice our breath, mobility, movement, and mindset, all of this takes time. And then we mess up. We run into an obstacle that can either get our way, or be an opportunity to learn and it’s all ok. The mistakes are normal. I’ll continue to put in effort as a coach as I hope you do as a student. 


Wednesday’s Workout

A) Box Squat
Sets of 2 with speed

B) 6 RFQ
15 SA KB Thrusters (24/16)
5 KB windmills
5 Bar muscles up


Thursday’s Workout

5 Rounds on the 4:30*
*3 Minute Cap*

:60 MAX Cal Ski
9 T2B
# of MAX Cal Ski – D-Ball Ground To Over Shoulder

Score = Differential Between Cal Ski & D-BALL


A) Ski erg and DU Skill

Stict Pull Ups
1 Minute Rest
L – Sit
1 Minute Rest
Bar Hang

C) 3 min AMRAP
15 DB Thrusters
30 DU

Rest 90 sec

3 min AMRAP
12 DB Thrusters (heavier)
30 DU

Rest 90 sec. 

3 min AMRAP
9 DB Thrusters (heavier)
30 DU


CF Open 19.5
Thrusters (95/65)
Chest to Bar pull ups

-20min Cap


and don’t forget your canned food

Here at Oak Park we talk about investing in your health and wellness.  We ask you to take a look at how you and we (coaches and community)  are adding value to your health and wellness. As coaches want to guide you to make intentional choices that support your growth as a human being. If you haven’t thought about your health as an investment, what about if you think about the dividends all your current effort might yield later.  You’re investing time, money, effort and energy all to live a healthier, more capable and adaptable life. I hope that you feel better, recover quicker, keep most diseases away, have the ablility to move more for a longer period of time and look good too!

As Coach Nick wrote yesterday you MUST have a solid foundation. Building your strong base, be it physically through movement or being smart about your recovery and how you spend your time is all part of the equation. 

Happy investing!


Wednesday’s Workout

A) AMRAP 15:
20 Cal Row
10 Dball Squats
12 TTB
6 Dball up and over

B) 3 on 3:00
2 lengths pinch grip plate carry
Bar Hang till :90

Thursday’s Workout

“Night Night”

7 Rounds, :90 work 3min rest
For Max KBS:
2 Suicides
With time remaining:
Max AKBS (28/20)

Score = Average of the round with the highest # of reps and the round with the lowest # of reps


How do we find our limits in regards to our work and movement capacity? We’ve got to push around and up against them and feel them out, rep after rep after rep. Meaning, you’ve gotta put the time in while paying attention. The more the experience (while paying attention), the easier it gets to understand where you are.  I want to encourage you to be curious, to play and see where you are, to know where you want or need to push or back off (yes, a back off is ok too).

When pushing the upper limits I believe this truly should be done slowly- like your trying to parallel park in a small spot that you “might” fit in, this parking job doesn’t happen fast, you go slow and careful. This is what practice days are for.  Class after class gradually pushing the depth of your squat slowly.  Not jumping up on the rings to do a muscle up if you don’t have a pull up or dip. SLOW!  This doesn’t mean practice days are to be done slowly, it just means visiting the end ranges happens with care. 

Let’s talk about weights. So, let’s say you know you can move 95 pounds at most every workout with a bb clean and haven’t tried something different. Well, what if you slowly progressed the weight up to see where your upper limit is? (like when your movement breaks down). Now, there are things to consider when increasing weights over time. How many reps are you doing? Have you handled 30 reps at 95#? How about 50 reps? Does your movement look the same as it did at rep one? Maybe the workout of the day requires only 15 reps, could you be curious to see if you could handle more weight and still keep quality movement, while getting the stimulus that is asked of the workout?

Gymnastics: Let’s say you’ve tried a handstand push up before, but failed after a few. Are you missing the strength to hold the shape that is needed for the movement? Do you have enough ROM to find the start and end position? After looking at those things we can see where work  might be needed and where you can push. Again, this might call for progressing slowly form push ups to down dog push ups to hs negatives to hspu.(or another progression)  You can explore your boundaries of OH pushing strength while also playing with where you OH ROM is. This is working both work and movement capacity.

I want you to be curious, to be inspired to try something new and play with it. And remember, it’s supposed to be fun.  

Wednesday’s Workout

A) 6 RFQ 6 Dball lap to up over bar
4-6 Candlestick levers

B) Box Squat 10 x 2 @ 70% + 20lbs


Thursday’s Workout

“16.1 – ish”
OH Plate Walking Lunges (45/25)
10 Burpees to a Plate
OH Plate Walking Lunges
10 Pull Ups

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.” —Rosa Parks

Wednesday’s Workout

“Diane on the Run”
For time: *21*15*9
Deadlifts (225/155)
* = 400m Run


Thursday’s Workout

A) Core/Muscle Up Feast

B) Box Squats

Seesaw DB Thrusters


It’s needed all the time.. or I should say, life might flow a bit better while practicing patience. Patience is something I feel I’m always trying to work on and it’s needed in all areas of life. It’s the ability to be calm and delay gratification. It’s understanding there is a right time and place for everything. I’ll share just a few opportunities that I get to practice patience in my life. Standing in the grocery store line that just won’t move, call in some patience.  Waiting for the Verizon people to arrive during the 8-2pm window they gave me, call in some more patience. Coaching adults and children as they learn new skills, patience wins again. Olympic lifts like the clean and snatch, call in patience so I don’t pull early. Muscles ups, yep, patience again, as my arms like to do the muscling that my hips should be doing. It’s really all over.

As we move our way through this cycle I encourage you to see where patience might be a skill in the gym, be it in a movement, a workout or the entire class. Patience is something that can give us more peace of mind. Instead of getting frustrated or angry when things don’t work out how we wanted, we can find some calmness in waiting for the right time for things to happen. We have to chose patience as we move through life in the time of instant gratification. 

Wednesday’s Workout

A) 1-Rep Max TGU (15 minutes)

Rest 5 minutes

B) “Tear Down That Wall”
25 Med Ball Push Press (20/14)
25 WB Sit-ups


Thursday’s Workout
A) EMOM 15:
Min 1: Strict Pull-ups (single set)
Min 2: Core/Midline
Min 3: More Core

B) 5 Rounds for Consistency:
:60 Ski Erg
:60 DB Thrusters
:60 Double Unders
:60 Rest

 Isn’t that a great question?  I’m here wondering what to cook for dinner and I love cooking (most of the time). Ok, I love eating.  When I’m in doubt and want a quick and healthy dinner I have a couple go to’s. 

Vegetable coconut curry

This is usually a mix vegetables I have on hand. Which might be onions, carrots, broccoli, peas, maybe cauliflower, mushroom and or zucchini. It’s either use what I have in the fridge or go to the store to get some more ingredients. Then I’ll take some coconut oil, sauté the onions, add the spices, usually some mix of curry powder, cumin, ginger, ground fenugreek, crushed red peppers, garlic powder, maybe paprika and salt. Cook for a bit, add coconut milk or cream then add vegetables and cook until my desired doneness.  Most of these turn out amazing. Serve with rice, quoina or whatever you want by its side.


Lentil vegetable soup

Grab a pot, add mirepoix, add some rinsed whole lentils, tomatoes, garlic and depending on my mood different seasonings like Bay leaf and pepper. Cook for bit on low, add in vegetables that don’t need super long cooking time carrots, zucchini, kale and Voila. Winter hearty winter soup.  Finally add salt at the end and enjoy. And if the timing is right I’ll serve with some sourdough bread.


When cooking I’m always trying to add as many colorful vegetables as possible to get varied nutrients and they just taste good. And when I’m kinda cooking I’ll just make a salad, scramble or fry up and egg, or at my laziest at home, carrots, olives, hummus and tomatoes. 

What are you making for dinner? 


And don’t forget: This SATURDAY OP classes 8am, 9am and 10am are meeting at Ocean and Montana! Be there or be square

Wednesday’s Workout

CF Games Open 11.2
9 DL (155/100)
12 Push Ups
15 Box Jumps (24/20)


Thursday’s Workout

A) Box Squats

B) FQR 5 rounds on the 3:00
1:00 Toes to Bar / Plank
1:00 D-Ball Carry
1:00 Rest

When I moved to LA over 15 years ago it was a little shock to my system. I was coming form Ashland, Oregon where I went to college. When I moved to Ashland after finishing high school  in Tillamook Or, that too was a big shift as I was coming from Netarts, Or., a super small town on the coast. In our small town most people know you by name and we didn’t lock our doors. It had a very relaxed feel to it. Which I didn’t come to appreciate until moving to LA.

I am super grateful to have grown up in a small town, then slowly moved to more diverse cities and people. The thing that really got me when moving to LA was that when I would smile at someone they wouldn’t always smile back. Sometimes people would ask, “do I know you?” Most often I would say no, as I was just giving a smile. I feel have let myself get a bit hardened from that. I don’t smile at random people as much as I used too. I share this with you as one of my intentions for 2019 is to share more smiles. I feel this world needs just a bit more love and care right now and this is my way of adding it. 🙂  

What about your smile? 

Test Week Cycle 19

3 RFT:
Row 60 cals
100m D-Ball Carry
100 Double Unders
(35-minute cap)


Test Week Cycle 19

For time:
Power Cleans (135/95)
DB Thrusters (50/35)

It’s a great day, week or month when you can make it to class and have a nice organized and well thoughtout workout planned for you. But lets be real, that takes planning and organization for all that to happen. And sometimes, the stars just don’t align and you find yourself at the end of the day and no workout has been done. Now what? It all depends on what your goals are and why you wanted to show up.  Lets play with a few different scenarios:

Scenerio 1:

Your goal: Consistenly Workout out 3 x week for 3 months. 

So, you missed class.  And that doesn’t mean you can’t workout. There are a ton of easy at home workouts. Go for a 10min or 30min jog. Or do a mix of body weight movements amrap or emom style. Or find a hill and run or walk up and down it multiple times. 

Scenerio 2:

Your goal: Increase your level of fitness so you can run a mile under 10min by end of Dec.

So, you missed class. And that doesn’t mean you can’t workout and continue to increase your level of fitness. There are a ton of easy at home workouts. Go for a quick jog, run some intervals. Do a mix of bodyweight movements like an amrap 10 or emom 10 with burpees. All of this work will contribute to you running faster when done with intention.

Scenerio 3: 

Your goal: Weight loss (10 pounds)

So, you missed class. Well, exercise truly isn’t the best tool for weight loss. Eating balanced and healthy IS. So, go for a walk or run (you will feel better and make better choices). And more importably, be mindful of what you are eating. Are you eating lean protein? Adding in lots of colorful vegetables and watching your portion size? The nutrition choices play a large part in what happens on your weigh loss journey. Also make sure you are getting in plenty of water and adequate sleep. If your body is too stressed (lack of sleep or overly stressed by work or other stressors) is doesn’t like to release body fat. 

We miss you in class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout and make healthy choices. 

Remember that this holiday season.


12/13/18 THURSDAY
Special Breath Class @ 7:30pm
A Fundraiser for: Set Her Free

This Thursday we have a special fundraiser to supper the organization: Set Her Free which supports underpriveldged women in Uganda. Coach PJ Nestler will be coaching breath class at 7:30pm. This will be replacing our regular mobility class. Any donation is welcome and click this link for more info. or to donate if you cannot make the class and want to support.


Wednesday’s Workout

A) OH Shoulder mobility Test/retest 

B) Nancy’s Drunk Uncle

400m Run
15 OH Squats (95/65)
200m Run
5 OH Squats
400m Run
15 OH Squats
200m Run
5 OH Squats
400m Run
15 OH Squats + 10 Burpees “OTB”


Thursday’s Workout

A) Hypoxic Breathwork on Erg
3-4 Rounds of
:25 :5 Intervals (Nasal / Breath hold)
:50 :10 Intervals

B) EMOM 10
3-5 Sumo Deadlift 

6 Get-ups
32′ Loaded Balance Beam Walks
8 Single-leg RDLs
:30 Bar Hang