A little over a month ago I posted a little video of me doing some yoga. And asked why move?  I listed a bunch of reasons to move, but would truly love to hear from you all. At Oak Park our goal is to help you be more resilient. To live life in a way that you can do whatever its is you want. Not be restricted by physical limitations or mental limitations. 

Our coaching intention is to provide you with tools that you can apply in the real world. I feel Covid is a prime example of that. We have been working on your health, fitness and wellness by showing up to class, being mindful of how you move, what you eat and who you surround yourself with.  Breath practice helps you control your mental state by either ramping you up or settling you down.  Exercise helps with boosting mood, immunity, detoxification and just makes you more durable person, oh and its fun and hard. Our coaches and community help to guide and support you. 

I share this all as our goal is to help you grow as a human. Not just to squat more, or be more bendy, but to be able to mentally, physically and emotionally handle life as you move through it.

Thank you for participating, I hope you see what a wonderful tool kit you’ve been building over the days, weeks, months or years. 

And maybe you are wondering what Sundays aerobic capacity class is?  In general terms CARDIO (Run/Row/Ski/Bike). Learn and practice getting your heart and lungs(BREATH) in better health!  

Saturday’s Workout


“5 Rounds of:”
400m Run
16 Over Head “reverse” Lunges (85/55) (S.ct)

***20min. Cap****

Recently a new friend asked my sister what she appreciated about me. To my surprise she said my sense of calm. I laughed to myself, as, I sometimes appear to be calm on the outside, yoga has been my anchor for calm on the inside. It’s the inward looking, the focus on the breath and learning to sit with myself and slowing down.  Yoga has been a practice of min for over 20 years, its come in waves of times with more and less, but it’s been with me for a long time. It brings me a lot of joy to share yoga with you all.  So, next week I will share with you on Thursday eve, in person at 7:15pm. 

I’m looking to build up Yoga at the gym- so please reach out if you are interested in making it part of your sustainable growth here at Oak Park! 

Please come and allow me to share a bit of calm with you. In our beautiful backyard. Reserve your spot via Zen planner. 

Saturday’s Workout

4 Rounds (1:00/1:00)
Power Clean + Press (85/65)
Lateral Box “Step” Overs (16″/12″)

It’s a Holiday weekend and they say it’s going to be a HOT one. So get outside and enjoy it, while using your health and fitness.


Monday- Labor Day we will hold 1 in person class at 8am. Usual ZP reservation and touch base with coach beforehand required.

Thank you all for being part of our community. 

Saturday’s Workout
Oak Park Open week 4

For Time:
50 Cal Row
40 Pull Ups
30 DBALL Squat Cleans (100/70)
20 Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)

As a kid I ate all kinds of chocolate, mostly Hershey’s and milk chocolate things.  My mother baked cookies all the time and I’m pretty sure I stole chocolate chips from her.  My aunt used to bring dark chocolate when visiting and I didn’t like it AT all. I was like who wants to eat this? It’s so bitter.

Now, it’s the dark chocolate that I like. And only the dark chocolate.  A friend introduced me to a new bar called Antidote. I love their chocolate, and they have some bars that are very low sugar. If you check their website they’ve got quite a nice story. 

Another bar I’ve tried recently is Evolved. Now, when I look at chocolate, I take into account what is the first ingredient. I’m looking for organic cocoa, then how much sugar is in it.  

So, what your favorite chocolate? 

Saturday’s Workout

OAK PARK OPEN 2020 Workout #3

2 Shuttle Sprints
5 Deadlifts (315/220)

Level 4 = 315/220
Level 3 = 275/195
Level 2 = 225/155
Level 1 = 185/135


I often struggle with what I want to share with you all. Sometimes it feels so important and so profound the I must share it. Then, I revisit the topic and wonder, who really does care?

As I glance back at the week of posts, it looks as though many of the coaches decided to go with less. So, as we move forward in life, a question for you. Is less more? 

Saturday’s workout

For Time:
50 Cal AB
40 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Power Snatch (95/65)

40 Cal AB
30 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Power Snatch

30 Cal AB
20 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Power Snatch


For Time:
1000m Run (500 High Knees)
40 DB Facing Burpees
40 DB Alt. Snatch

800m Run (400 High Knees)
30 DB Facing Burpees
30 DB Alt. Snatch

600m Run (300 High Knees)
20 DB Facing Burpees
20 DB Alt. Snatch

**30 Minute Cap**

It’s been since march since a lot of you have been working from home and likely had your child home from school in some way. I’ve heard about some wonderful things that have come of this. Connecting with your immediate families more, making better nutrition  choices, less time on the road and some of you have learned more about yourself.

I’ve also learned that this is challenging for many of you. You have had to care for your children full time, feed them all the meals, be their teacher 24/7. The time that used to be yours is now shared with others. Boundaries either have been stripped away, ignored or you have set them up.  Your home has transitioned into a multi use property for office, social and gym space.   

It’s been a shift for sure. We can either complain about this, or see these as opportunities. (I know, there are more than two options). Though, using the latter is a growth mindset, and could make life feel a bit easier. There are only so many things we can control, our mindset is one of them as well as how we react or don’t react to things. We also get to chose our behaviors(which takes practice and support), which help shape how we feel and some of our thoughts and perceptions. 

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts: The Model Health Show, hosted by Shawn Stevenson. In a recent episode he was talking about finding opportunities in times of uncertainty and I wanted to share it with you. Take a listen and I hope you find some value.

Speaking of opportunities… don’t forget to test your squatting capacity with the Squat Battery test. I did this workout with the DB today. I love squats, so, a fun test for me.  
Also a challenging one as I haven’t been under load much this year and great awareness to where I am and imbalances that we can work on over the next 6 weeks before we retest.  Keep you eyes peeled for the next 3 weeks of Oak Park Open workouts to keep you in the fitness game! 


Saturday’s Workout


“Squat Battery”

2 Rounds For Time:
10 Overhead Squats (100#/70#)
20 Front Squats
30 Back Squats
(12-minute cap)

**Each round must be performed unbroken.**

Let’s talk about what’s really going on in my opinion. We have been in this messed up crazyness because our health care system is dysfunctional. Ok, actually there are a TON of dysfunctional systems, (Food being one of them) which I truly believe has gotten us to where we are now.  

We were told to stay home because our health care system needed to be able to handle the influx of Covid 19 patients. (most of which have underlying health conditions) We needed to be prepared for the sick. But what about the training for life that we at Oak Park have been doing? All of you putting energy and paying attention to what you are eating, and how you are breathing and sleeping? This IS how you build your immune system. But paying attention to building your immune system isn’t that newsworthy. It’s more exciting to pay attention to how many people are getting sick and how many are dying. (no disrespect for those who have passed). Ok maybe it’s not exciting but fear provoking which can be paralyzing. 

Now don’t get me wrong, emergency procedures and modern technology is pretty amazing. But healthcare has been failing us for a while now. 

You all are here to work on your health. You (and your coach) are your health advocates. We are doing this through building healthy habits/behaviors. (Mondays Blog) How you show up for yourself matters. What you consume matters, be it the food or media. 

We’ve had the conversation that you are investing in your health here at Oak Park. We prefer you don’t just consume, but learn and apply so you can grow.  

For many years I did not have health insurance. I was a bit concerned, well, concerned enough to ask my employer to provide it for me. But, what I did have was a practice of showing up to the gym. Eating mostly real foods and working on listening to my body. I do believe all of this has paid off, but we have to continue to question who is really looking out for us. The sick care is system does what it’s suppose to, care and profit from the sick.

Lets continue to focus on the preventative as you have to look out for you….. and we will help!

Saturday’s Workout

5 Bent Over Rows*
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

Zoom & Gym Peeps!
Prepair in advance a heavyish Dumbbell(s) or Barbell for the “Bent Over Rows”


Finding time for yourself seems to be impossible, doesn’t it? Making time for yourself is realistic.  This is a conversation topic I have with a handful of my students regarding how their physical practice, revery and all snapshot pieces, make their ways into their life. 

Yesterday I was on the phone with a student and I asked him; How does he make sure anything important in life and or work gets done? He says he schedules it in. I said, you are likely going to have to do that with your fitness. That is until this (new pandemic life) becomes a habit. Meaning constantly showing up for yourself, in ways that allows you to show up better in life for those around you.

We all have the areas that can use a bit more growth. And we can always be a bit more loving and kind to ourselves as this is a process. It’s a balance of the kindness and self love mixed with making sure we take care of what we need to do.

For me, it’s expressing fully. Over the last few months I’ve written much more than I ever have from poetry to essays to journaling. The expression on paper now always seems easy and fun. Occasionally in life I run into time where what I want to say doesn’t flow freely. 

In the end when I say what I feel inside, it always feels better after. I’ve gained a bit more courage, flexed that muscles a few more times and in the end know that I am better for it. When I don’t, I’m working on being kind with myself. 

All of this take intentionality. Awareness to slow down and recognize what we are feeling. Then deciding what needs to happen moving forward in that moment that best serves us. If there is a feeling of anxiety, fear or worry, question, what can you do work with that? If you keep missing a workout that you say you will show up too, what now?

 My solution, be in the the present moment. Practice stopping for a moment, taking a breathing and coming back to what is most important to you. Whether it be the physical movement, putting the right thing in your mouth or self expression. It’s all important.

And remember kindness matters.


Saturday’s Workout
Gym Workout:
Turkish Get-ups (alternating)
Standing Broad Jumps

Zoom Workout:
Same as above, but you’re doing it at home

I know at the start of all this pandemic many of you shared with us how much good sleep you were getting. Like real sleep, and it brought so much joy to me. I saw it in the numbers, I saw it in your energy. I ask you now, how is your sleep?

I want to hear what others things you are doing to support your health? These self care acts, not selfish at all, allow us to feel better, and thus be better. Showing up for ourselves better, our families, our work and our community. 

I’m going to assume we all know the basics, sleep (rest), food (nourishment), movement (mental and physical health) relationship (support) we talk about these in your snapshots. How are you actively participating in all of these? Are your choices conscious? Are the foods you are eating nurturing your body or harming your body? Are you moving in ways in which you like and or find joy in? I know, I’m bringing it back to basics, because as we know, basics are key and foundational.

So, what you are doing that adds relaxation to your day? A short walk, 2 min of breathing the car or the closet?

Hows your meditation and or breath practice?

What are you saying no to that keeps stress down? (late night emails or phone calls)

What are you doing to make sure your relationships are healthy and maintained? Letter writing, phone calls or FaceTime.

Have you made it to the doctor for your follow up appointments? 

If you need help with any of this, we coaches are her to support. We can help make and or update a plan for you and or just check in to make sure you are taking care of YOU!

All of these things are truly essential always and especially in this stressful time for many of us.

Rest, restore, nourish and nurture yourself. 

Saturday’s Workout

   8am in person (must RSVP via zen planner)
9:30 hybrid (zoom and inperson -via zen planner)
For a “Good” Time!
16 Single Arm DB Power Snatch + OH Reverse Lunge (alt.)
32 Shoulder taps in Plank
200m Run- 30min Cap-


I would say most of you came here to move in some way, be it health, fitness or wellness. I ask you to ask yourself why? Here are some reasons I believe some people move. 

To be 

To release

To challenge 

To play

To grow 

To learn 

To connect 

To destress

To be healthy 

To express 

To disconnect 

To be intentional

To live 

Saturday’s Workout

Frittata! “aka” Leftovers

4 rounds of
1:00m work / 1:00min rest

Weighted Squats
Push Ups
Lateral Lunges
Bent Over Rows
Elbow Plank