There isn’t one. 

Example #1 : Billy Bob is training for a marathon in June and then plans to train for a powerlifting meet in December. Now imagine the change in his diet- and all the adjustments he could possibly make.  Without going into great detail about the various ways this could be done. Just know that nutrition can help you optimize your performance. It’s wise to pay attention to something that can help you achieve your goals. 

Example #2: Sara is going to Hawaii in 2 months and wants to have a “six pack in her bikini”? Does she really want that?  The better question would be, what would she be willing to give up for those 8 weeks, to potential get those abs. 

Although a key component, nutrition is just one piece to the puzzle that is known as RECOVERY. You can only TRAIN as hard as you RECOVER!  If you’re not up on your sleep, nutrition, & mobility-  you won’t be at your best. The reality is, life, work, family obligations are all things that can pull time away from proper recovery. It happens, don’t beat yourself up, but do be honest with yourself. We just have to do our best to create healthy behaviors that keep us in the game for the long haul. 

Humans are diverse. We need to know our “WHY.” Reach out to your coach. Have a conversation. We are not just here to point to the whiteboard and turn the clock on. If you think that, you are terribly mistaken.  

So much on my mind, I’ll stop here. If you’d like to dive deeper, you can find me lifting something heavy and then putting it back down over and over again! #barbells4life  



Tuesday – Competition

“Down to Clown”
10 Rounds for Reps (5 rounds each partner, alternating) :90:15
P1: In a weighted Plank (45/25)
P2: Goes through stations any way they choose as long as they hit all stations before repeating.
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
10 Cals on Clown Bike
10 (each side) SA RKBS (20/16)
10 (each side) See Saw Press (40/25)
10 2×4 High Wire Split Squats

Wednesday – Practice

A) Box Squat

B) 6 RFQ
15 SA KB Thrusters (24/16)
5 KB Windmills
5 Bar Muscle Ups



Don’t forget about them. This is the foundation to your house. Drill these down and develop strength.

You want to do kipping pull ups? First, make sure you have adequate amount of strength to do a strict pull up. You want to back squat 300+lbs? First look at your bodyweight squat. You want to do handstand push ups? First work on your push ups. 


While working on the fundamentals of movement might not be super sexy, it’s what allows for your body to thrive for the long haul. Mix in plenty of sleep, a clean diet, and consistent mobility, you’ll be doing what you love for a very long time!

Tuesday – Competition

12 Lateral Burpees
6 Deadlifts (225/155)

Rest 3 Minutes

12 Lateral Burpees
6 Deadlifts (275/195)

Rest 2 Minutes

12 Lateral Burpees
6 Deadlifts (315/220)

Score = Total Rounds + Reps

Wednesday – Practice 

A) AMRAP 15:
20 Cal Row
10 DBall Squats
12 TTB
6 DBall Up and Over

B) 3 on 3:00
2 lengths Pinch Grip Plate Carry
Bar Hang Till :90

Hi All – 

If you remember back to my blog post for the end of 2018, I wrote down a couple goals that I wanted all of us to achieve. One of those, was read a new book; a goal that I have taken with me into 2019.


My current book of choice is “Make Your Bed” by Admiral William H. McRaven. I highly recommend this book- it is a quick read, insightful and motivating (without being cheesy). One part that really resonated with me was the below quote. More often than not, we often see our struggles as greater than someone else’s. We blame people for our failures. 

Chapter 4 – Life’s Not Fair – Drive On!

“It is easy to blame your lot in life on some outside force, to stop trying because you believe fate is against you. It is easy to think that where you were raised, how your parents treated you, or what school you went to is all that determines your future. Nothing could be further from the truth. The common people and the great men and women are all defined by how they deal with life’s unfairness: Helen Keller, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking, Malala Yousafzai…”

This quote goes to show that pointing the finger does nothing, and it is up to us to create our own successes. One simple task, of “making your bed”, can lead you on the track of completing more and more goals and achievements. One tasks turns into two, two turns into a whole weeks worth of goals/task that you have achieved.

Tuesday – Practice

Stict Pull Ups
1 Minute Rest
L – Sit
1 Minute Rest
Bar Hang
Score = Total Reps

B) For Time (8 Minute Cap):
30 – 20 – 10
Power Snatch (95/65)
Calorie Row

Wednesday – Practice

A) 6 RFQ
6 D-BALL Lap To Up Over Bar
4-6 Candlestick levers

B) Box Squat
10 x 2 @ 70% + 20lbs

What is “Tempo Training?”


Today you guys experienced a ‘3010’ tempo on your front squats. Do you know what that means? If not, turn off Netflix and gather the whole family around. You’re about to have your minds blown! We’re all on the quest to GAINZVILLE, so it’s only appropriate that we introduce you guys to the glorious world of TEMPO TRAINING! 


First, how do you read a tempo? For example, 3010.

  • The first number is the Eccentric portion (descent) of the exercise, which is the load coming down. (ex. Squatting down, lowering of the body in a pull-up, etc.) 
  • The second number is the Pause at the bottom (ex. holding the bottom of a squat, pausing at the chest on a bench press, dead hang on a pull-up bar)
  • The third is the Concentric (ascend) which is the weight moving up. In the some cases, in place of the third number you may see an “X” which means explode up as fast as possible. (Refer back to my last blog on Box Squats about the importance of being explosive.)
  • The fourth number is the Pause at the top. For some movements like the squat,  it is back to the start position, for others like the pull-up it is holding the top position with the chin over the bar.

Now that we’ve explained how to read a tempo, here is a short list of the many benefits that tempo training produces. 

  1. Teaches people to lower under control, which will help with connective tissue strength. What’s connective tissue strength?…let’s just say that you’ll reduce the amount of injuries and become really strong. 
  2. Improved body awareness. 
  3. Improved stability. 
  4. Focus on muscular elements versus tendinous elements. If you lower yourself down into a squat with control, you’ll place more of an emphasis on the muscles vs. dropping it like it’s hot that will place much more stress on the tendons. 
  5. Develop work capacity. 

In other news, get ready to lift some heavy weight tomorrow! 



Tuesday – Competition

Olympic Weightlifting Meet  
A) 1 RM Snatch (20 minutes)
B) 1 RM Clean & Jerk (20 minutes)

Wednesday – Competition

“Diane on the Run”
For time:
Deadlifts (225/155)
* = 400m Run

Squat Stance…Go wider. Yeah, wider than that. Nope. WIDER!!

We want to make sure you guys are keeping your stance wide! By doing this, you place a greater emphasis on your glutes, hamstrings and lower back.




Here are some more benefits to box squatting:

  • You always know how low you’re going. It’s very common for people to start scaling their depth once they start putting on heavier weights, the box will keep you honest.
  • For those that lack mobility and/or motor control, this can help to bring about awareness and improve your squatting mechanics.
  • Squatting on a box breaks the eccentric/concentric chain. This is one of the best ways to develop explosive strength – the ability to exert maximal force in minimal time.


On another note, how much rest do we need between sets? Only take 45 to 60 seconds rest between sets and use compensatory acceleration – A training methodology in which an athlete deliberately tries to accelerate the bar throughout the concentric phase of the movement (the upwards phase of a back squat), instead of applying less force to a lift because the load is lighter. Essentially, be as explosive as you can coming out of the bottom!!


The takeaway from this: An athlete must be able to generate a combination of the two, FORCE = MASS X ACCELERATION. For example, when the load is heavy, there will be an increase in muscle tension and resistance. The same applies when an athlete is using a lighter load, but is moving the weight with a higher acceleration. 


So, if you feel the box squat weight your using in our programming is light, be more explosive and lift it faster. This is necessary in order to elicit the same amount of force needed to lift HEAVY ASS WEIGHT!


Oh, and make sure your squat stance is WIDE!


That is my rant on BOX SQUATS 🙂



What is Compensatory Acceleration Training and how can it help you get stronger?


Tuesday – Practice

A) 5 Rounds on the 2:00
10 DBall Sumo Deadlift
Max Effort T2B

250m Row
7 SA DB Hang Clean L(45/30)
7 SA DB Front Squat L
7 SA DB Hang Clean R
7 SA DB Front Squat R

Wednesday – Competition 

15 Minutes – 1RM TGU

Rest 5 Minutes  

“Tear Down That Wall”
25 WB PP (20/14)
25 WB Sit up



Tuesday – Practice

A) Weighted Pull Up – Build To A Heavy 3

B) 3 RFT w/A Twist
20/15 Calorie Row
15 Muscle Snatch
**Twist = Fewest Row Strokes Possible

Wednesday – Competition

CF Games Open 11.2

9 DL (155/100)
12 Push Ups
15 Box Jumps (24/20)

Hi All!

Officially here to welcome you back!

We hope you all had a safe and relaxing holiday break. I hope that the past few weeks allowed you to decompress, recharge and come back with an open mind, fresh attitude and willingness to get after it!

Now that we are back into our first official week of the year, you know what that means…TEST WEEK! Take a look and really think about the workouts. Have a specific goal in mind. Whether it to be go sub 7 minutes on a mile in Run Class. Or try and go unbroken on your DU’s.  Whatever it is, we just ask that you put forth all of your best effort.

Along with Test Week; A new year brings about new goals. Talk with your coaches about what you hope to achieve this coming year. Know that we are here to help you succeed and want you to get the most out of your time with us, when you step into the gym.

Test 1 is done. Get ready for tomorrow. Get some sleep, mobilize, take a cold shower and put the phone away. We have some great workouts this week, you’ll need all the help you can get.


Here’s to 2019!



Tuesday’s Workout 

A) 1-Rep Max Weighted Pull-up or Chin-up

B) 1-Rep Max Box Squat

Wednesday’s Workout

3 RFT: 

60 Calorie Row
100m D-Ball Carry
100 Double Unders (35-minute cap)



Hi All!

Thank you for coming to the party. It was a pleasure to see all of your beautiful faces outside of gym clothes. Hope you had fun, enjoyed the food, booze, Matt’s playlist and just chatting it up with your fellow community members.
As your coaches, it was pleasure hosting you for the evening. Congratulations again to all our award winners. Already looking forward to next year.
On another note, this Thursday’s 7:30pm class is going to be a breath class presented by PJ Nestler for his mother’s charity, Set Her Free. There is a link below that will take you to the website for more information as well as making a donation. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your coach!


Tuesday – Practice 

A) Gymnastics Pulling/Pressing Movement Competency

B) Bar Muscle Up Drills

C) FQT (Movement+Work Capacity – 8 Minute Cap):
Bar Muscle Up
SLLS Combo (Squat + Lunge + Lunge + Squat)

Wednesday – Competition

Nancy’s Drunk Uncle
A) Mov-Cap: Overhead Shoulder Test – Mobilize – Re-Test

B) Work-Cap: FT
400m Run
15 OHS (95/65)
200m Run
400m Run
15 OHS
200m Run
400m Run
15 OHS
10 Burpees “Over The Bar”

Friendly Reminders

Hi guys! Hope you all had a nice, long, family/friend filled Thanksgiving break! I know I did.

Just wanted to send a couple reminders your way of a few things going on over the next few weeks.

Holiday Party
Date: December 8th
Time: 7pm
Location: Gym
Tacos, dancing, free drinks and a photo booth!!

Holiday Schedule
December 17th through the end of the year, we will be be having a limited class schedule.

Specific dates and times to be announced soon.

There only 36 DAYS LEFT in 2018. That’s 36 days left for you to accomplish any and all last minute goals, that you set for yourself this year. 36 days to try something new. 36 days to do something nice for someone. 36 days to read a new book. But most importantly, 36 days to decide what you want out of 2019. Talk to your coach. We’re here to help you along your journey. 

It’s a new week. Fresh start. Get after it. 

Tuesday – Practice 

A) Movement Capacity: Thruster Find Heavy 3

Thruster = Front squat + OH Press

B) 8 Rounds For Time: (8 MIN CAP)
5 Thrusters (135/95)
50 DU

Wednesday – Practice

A) Dry Land Swimming
4 Rounds for the Experience:
12/8 cals AB @ 90-95% RPE
3 Breaths
Max distance Farmer’s Carry on breath hold / exhale
Rest coach’s interval
*3 Rounds breath hold as you want,
*1 Round breath hold on exhale

B) Work Capacity 8 RFT:
Row cals (20/16)
10 Burpees to Target
Rest 2 minutes b/t rounds


Hi All-
This Saturday, November 17th is my birthday! 

Like most people, when my birthday approaches I tend to reflect on all the things that have happened in the last year. As well as come up with some ideas of things I would like to do and/or achieve in this coming year. Some of those may be personal, professional or from an athletic standpoint. All different, but all attainable.

With that being said, I challenge you all, to join me on this quest. Below you will find a few ideas that I have for you. Not only will they help you inside the gym, but I truly believe you will see a change over all.

1. Take a cold shower. Whether you finish off with just 30 seconds at the end or take an entire shower cold, it does make a difference. You’ll see changes in skin, hair, recovery and overall tolerance to weather changes.

2. Go Reusable: Invest in a portable coffee mug, buy reusable straws and bags. Whatever you can think of to help eliminate plastic usage.

3. Eat the Rainbow: For one week, try and have at least 3 different colors in every meal…or keep it simple, eat vegetables every meal!

4. Limit phone usage: Get outside, read a book and relax away from the screen. Get yourself into a parasympathetic state. 

5. Step outside your comfort zone at the gym: If you typically only show up on the endurance based days or tend to go lighter on a workout just to finish, this is for you. Try and add that extra 5 pounds that you never do. Show up on a practice day, to work on your weaker movements. MOVEMENT CAPACITY AND WORK CAPACITY = A BAD ASS MF!! If you’re unsure what I just said, stay tuned. 

6. Read one new book before the end of the year! 7 weeks left (that’s plenty of time).

7. Get to know one new person at the gym! 
Yes, I know we all tend to go to the same class times. But if you see someone you don’t know, say hi. Welcome them. If you go on the weekend, try and partner up with someone you haven’t worked out with before. This is a very easy way to get to know the community.

8. Self Care: There are 24 hours in a day. There is no reason, one of those hours can’t be all about you…or spread it out throughout the day. Stay ahead of those aches and pains. I like to refer to this as maintenance. You’ll never get away from your body. Listen to it. Be proactive. I wish I could say that all you need from a self care or maintenance standpoint is for you to come to class, that’s just not true. YOU GOTTA START DOING THIS S**T ON YOUR OWN!! #healthyhabits 

9. Set your alarm 15-20 minutes earlier than you normally do. Take this time to read, breathe, stretch. Anything that helps your day start off smoother and slower.

10. Be Kind! We could use a lot of more that in our would.

Retest Week


A) Bench Press
Find a 3-rep max (20 minutes)

B) Sumo Deadlift
Find a 1-rep max (20 minutes)


For time:
Run 1 Mile
50 DB Alt. Box Step-ups (50/35) (24/20)
Run 1 Mile