Many of you know Nancy Yaeger, but I don’t think many of you know her daughter, Caroline. Caroline has primarily worked with Char on developing her running skill and capacity, though you have probably seen her occasionally in class during the summer months. Caroline is putting her running to the test while raising money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as she prepares to run the 2019 Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon. The race in October 13, 2019, and a link to Caroline’s fundraising page is here. Please check it out and donate if you are able.




Franklin Hill “6 on the 6:00”



A) Front Squat 7×6 @ 70% of 3 RM

B) 3 RFQ:

     16 (8 per) Farmer Thrusters (45/30)

     0.7 mile Assault Bike

     100m Sprint

     100m Recovery

I have really enjoyed the last several weeks as our community has embraced the experience of breathwork and fire & ice on Sundays. If you are looking to explore the benefits of these modalities for training and recovery, I will be offering Breath & Exposure Workshops 3 times in September. These workshops will include education on the science behind the breathwork and thermal stress exposure, as well as the logistics of using the sauna and ice baths. Each session will begin with an exploratory breathwork session followed by fire & ice exposure. The workshops will last about 90 minutes and sign-ups will be limited to 12 people. The first workshop will be this Saturday, September 7, from 12:30-2pm, at Oak Park. If you want to sign up or have questions, please email me at




“Working 9 to 5”

For time:

200m Row

9 OH Squats (135/95)

300m Row

8 OH Squats

400m Row

7 OH Squats

500m Row

6 OH Squats

600m Row

5 OH Squats



A) EMOM 12:

     1 Power Clean + 2 Hang Power Cleans + 2 Split Jerks

B) AMRAP 16:

     200m Run

     16 Deadlifts

     12 Pistols (alternating)

So many options for health, fitness, and wellness await you tomorrow and next week!

Friday, August 30 – In addition to our regular schedule, Lindsay Ashmun will be teaching GroundControlFlow on Friday, 9:00-10:30am. Make plans to attend this amazing class.

Monday, September 2 – No regular classes! Labor Day Community Workout, 9:00-10:00am. Bring family and friends. Fire & Ice will follow the workout. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to experience breath, fire & ice as a recovery protocol, this is a great opportunity to check it out.

Friday, September 6 – Friday Night Yoga with Shirley begins! 7:45-8:45pm. Close out your week with restorative breath and movement flow with Coach Shirley.




10 Rounds for max meters:

Row 1:40

Rest :20

Will you choose to give your best effort on every round?


For quality reps in 30 Minutes:
Max Pull Ups (strict)
Max Push Ups
Max Dips
Any rep structure or set. Total Reps recorded.
*Also known as the “Benet blew his ACL out playing soccer” workout*
“Triple Deuce”
For time:
Run 2,000m
Row 2,000m
200 DUs
Labor Day Community Workout
Just show up, it will be fun.

I was given some great advice a few days ago and I wanted to share it with you all:


Assume that every person and every circumstance you encounter is conspiring to make you successful.


We have lots of cool stuff coming up this week and next – all of it part of our conspiracy to make you successful. Lindsay Ashmun will be here on Friday to teach GroundControl Flow (9:00-10:30am). Our Community Workout + Fire & Ice on Labor Day Monday (workout starts at 9:00am). And…Friday Night Yoga with Shirley begins September 6th at 7:45pm.




A) Muscle-Up Drills

B) QAMRAP 27 (Teams of 3)

     P1-200m Run

     P2 – TGUs

     P3 – 3 D-Ball Cleans Over a Barbell + D-Ball Squats for remaining time it takes the running partner to come in, then switch posts




10 Rounds for Total Distance:

Row 1:40

Rest :20

Will you choose to commit to your best effort on every interval?



GROUNDCONTROL FLOW with Coach Lindsay Ashmun

One class only @ 9:00-10:30am

We are halfway through Cycle 21 Test Week, the last cycle of 2019. A couple of fun tests remain and all of us can find some value in testing what’s to come on Thursday and Friday.


Want to test your power and athleticism? Come in on Thursday and storm through box jump overs and power snatches. Want a test of skill, strength, and control? Come Friday and challenge yourself with the gymnastics workout. If you’re working on your nutrition and looking to improve your body composition, this will be a great one to re-test in November because nothing makes bodyweight movements easier than less body to move!


Finally, if you are training hard (and you are) but you’re not giving effort to your nutrition, sleep hygiene, mobility, and recovery — you are leaving performance on the table. To that end, we are doing breath, fire and ice for Recovery Sunday this Sunday. If you’ve done it, you know how amazing you feel after. If you haven’t done it, then get in here and do it. Breath at 11:15am, Fire & Ice at 12:15pm. Bring a swimsuit, towel, and a 20lb bag of ice.




For time:


Box Jump Overs (24/20)


Power Snatch (95/65)




12 Pistols (alternating)

8 Dips

6 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

4 Bar Muscle-Ups

August Recovery Sundays continue this weekend with a new twist: Yoga with Coach Shirley. Breath Class will run from 11:15am to 12:00pm. At noon, Shirley will lead a 1/2 hour yoga session, followed by Fire & Ice exposure at 12:30. Treat yourself to some restorative breath and movement, and set yourself up for an amazing night of relaxation and recovery with the ice bath and sauna.


If you’re coming, bring a yoga mat, your swimsuit and towel, and a 20-lb bag of ice. Hope to see you Sunday!





Singer in Destiny’s Child. Always in Beyonce’s shadow, but eventually stood on her own two feet with a successful career.

4 Rounds :30:30

Shadow Boxing – Jab & Bob Squats

Shadow Boxing – Jab Jab Cross Rev Lunges

Shadow Boxing – Upper Cut & Hook DU’s




In 5 minutes, Row for Max Meters

Rest 4 minutes

In 4 minutes, Hold High Plank for Max Time

Rest 3 minutes

In 3 minutes, Bar Hang for Max Time

Rest 2 minutes

In 7 minutes, Run 800 meters

Then, in time remaining, Max Thrusters (95/65)

Score: Combined total meters, time (in seconds) & reps.

Fire & Ice will return this Sunday after Breath Class. Come for a good workout at 8, 9, or 10am. Stay for Breath Class at 11:15 to calm your body and mind and after the workout and to learn some breathing techniques for handling the sauna and ice bath. Then, challenge yourself to take a dunk in the ice bath and recover with your friends in the sauna. Fire & Ice will start at 12:15pm. Bring your swimsuit, towel, a bag of ice, and a friend!




5 RFT: Run 400m

10 Split Squat into Pivot Reverse

5 Deadlifts (315/225)

5 Muscle-ups




1994 Olympic Figure Skater who, at 25, got clobbered in the leg by Tonya Harding’s people.



10 Bird Pickers with Plate

10 Skater Jumps

10 Box Jumps (28/24)

500m Row

Score is number of reps PLUS style points

As part of our pre-workout warm-up and mobility, we will often use a rubber band (usually the medium-sized green one) to assist in mobilizing our shoulders, hips, or ankles. Do you ever wonder why we use the bands?


Our joint capsules – the ligaments, bone, and cartilage that make up a joint – can get tight and short when the joint is held in a bad position for long periods of time. Imagine that you sit at a desk or in a car most of your day. Your shoulders are likely rounded forward and the fronts of your hips are likely short and tight. Sit like this for long enough and it becomes difficult to get the shoulders into a stable, externally rotated position and to fully extend the hips. Sound familiar?


We can use the mobility balls, the foam rollers, and stretching to try to feed slack to the shoulder by getting some space in the pecs, and we can work on lengthening the front of the hip (couch stretch), but that only addresses the musculature around the joint and not the joint itself.


To address proper functioning of the joint capsule, we need to create space within the joint to allow movement. Physical therapists like Dr. Kelly Starrett, friend of the gym and creator of Mobility WOD, whose work our coaches have studied in depth, do this manually for patients, but Kelly believes that all humans should be able to perform basic maintenance on their own bodies. Thus, Kelly has introduced the banded distractions to us as a tool for creating this space for ourselves.


When we use the mobility bands, we can set them up so they pull the joint surfaces apart so that we can reset the joint into a good position. We can use the bands to encourage motion through the joint capsule to help restore good articulation of the joint. We can also use the bands to force the joint into a good position and then add rotation or movement of the joint in the good position.


Once we’ve addressed the positioning of the joint, we can then train and strengthen the joint through good movements in good ranges of motion. Doing this consistently over time is essential for proper joint function and the health of the joints.


(For more details on the role of joint distraction in joint mobilization, see Dr. Kelly Starrett (2015). Becoming a Supple Leopard, p.136-137.)




“Thomas V”

For Time:

4 Thrusters (95/65)

1 Rope Climb

8 Thrusters

2 Rope Climbs

12 Thrusters

3 Rope Climbs

16 Thrusters

4 Rope Climbs

*8 Minute Cap*





5 Rounds For Time:

20 Pull-Ups

30 Push-Ups

40 Sit-Ups

50 Air Squats

3 Minute Rest

We will be providing a challenging, new experience this weekend and I encourage all of you to join us. If you showed up last week, you know what I am talking – ice and heat. Many of you had questions last week about why we would do it, and I am sure many of you who haven’t experienced it yet are also curious about why we would willingly sit in a hot sauna or choose to immerse ourselves in icy cold water.


We train hard at this gym. Most of us train 5-6 days per week and some days it is very challenging. That training is a stressor on your body. Adaptation comes only from stress, but the adaptations most of us are seeking (increased health, fitness, and wellness) only come when our bodies recovery from the stresses of training.


But how well do we recovery? Do we recover with the same intensity, the same consistency as we train? Simply put, No. Not really, and we all know it. The answer needs to be Yes. If we are serious about how we train (and we are) and we are actually committed to our fitness goals, the answer needs to be Yes. Recovery begins with sleep, hydration, and proper nutrition — all of which is fodder for many other posts. If we have those dialed in, we can also add in active and passive recovery methods, including cold water immersion and heat exposure. I want to offer some insight into why we would supplement our recovery with these tools.


Just as training is a stressor, thermal exposure protocols also stress us. It is deeply uncomfortable psychologically and physiologically, and that is why we do it. 


Ice and heat are psychological stressors: the extreme temperatures cause discomfort, which creates vulnerability. Within this vulnerability, we build resilience. Learning to control the mind and our stress responses in these extreme environments can transcend into other areas of our life. Simply put, there is a large psychological payoff from doing things that suck.


Ice and heat are physiological stressors: studies suggest that the extreme temperatures (which our ancestors once routinely dealt with as a part of life) are unique stressors that may activate adaptations we may not be able to access in other ways. Some of the benefits associated with ice and heat include improved blood flow, reduced inflammation, and improved muscular and cardiovascular recovery. In short, you will feel amazing afterward.


If you choose to join us on Sunday, you will do something that is mentally confronting, physically challenging, and just plain hard. It is going to be very uncomfortable, But that’s what we do! People like us do things like this. We choose discomfort, because from that challenge comes growth.




A) Death by Sucka Punch Foo’

B) 5 Rounds on the 4:00 for Quality:

     2 Rope Climbs

     4 Man Makers

     8 Double Paralette Lateral Hops



A) Back Squats (deload)

     3 x 10


     800m Run

     6 x 10m Sled Push

     400m Run

     4 x 10m Sled Push

     200m Run

     2 x 10m Sled Push

     Then Max Push-Ups until the 20-minute cap.



Folks! Coach Shirley will be leading a free yoga class on Friday night at 7:45pm. Bring your yoga mat and a friend and start the weekend feeling flexy and bendy. If you want a double-dose of free on Friday, come at noon for a free 1/2-hour performance breath class with Coach Matt.




A) 5 Rounds on the 3:00

     :20 Low Plank

     2 Hang Power Cleans + 1 Squat Clean (~70%)

B) For Quality:

     4-8-12-16 reps of:

     Strict Pull-ups

     Front Squats (115/95)

     ***200m Run on the 3:00***



“Franklin Hill Light Hunt”