Some class schedule updates for you guys:

  • You may now reserve a spot in class up to 36 hours before the scheduled start time
  • The 12pm class on Wednesdays is now a hybrid class (in-person and Zoom)
  • Beginning on Monday, August 10th, we are adding a weekday, in-person 5pm Group CrossFit Class

Reminder for those of you who are signing up for and attending in-person classes:

  • Contact the class coach by email or text when you reserve class and let the coach know that you have done the CDC Self-Check (available here)  – THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL
  • Wear a mask – THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL
  • Maintain physical distance from other people – THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL
  • Arrive at the gym 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of your class (not late and not 20 minutes early)
  • If you have reserved a spot for class and for any reason need to cancel, please contact the class coach and let them know so that your spot can be made available for someone else

Finally, if you want to come in to Oak Park to train but our current schedule of in-person classes does not work for you, please let us know! Talk to your coach and let him or her know the times that you would like to see us offer an in-person class (unless it is 4am, because that it not happening). We would love to see more of you in-person at Oak Park and if you let us know how to make that happen we will make it happen.



For Time:

1000m Run

50 D-BALL Squat Cleans (100/70)




5 Bent-Over Rows (heavy)

10 Push-Ups

15 Squats


The Google algorithm decided that I needed to see an ad today that informed me that “Elon Musk used to read 2 books a day and this app will help you do the same!” Oh great. That sounds…useless. Assuming I could speed read, or have this app speed read to me, what are we guessing I will retain from those two books? Fifty percent of the information? Twenty percent? It cannot be much, but I guess I could join the ranks of Elon and others who “read two books per day.” I guess that would make me seem pretty smart.


Elon is a smart guy, no doubt, but I don’t know if every decision he makes is a good one (Have you seen the unveil of the Tesla truck and its unbreakable windows? Have you heard of Amber Heard?) (that one was for Jamie, who loves puns). I am not sure that anyone who reads 2 books a day is being smart about their time, nor am I convinced that they are retaining any of the information in those books. However, I feel like saying “I read two books a day” is about making other people *think* you’re smarter or working harder than them. And I guess if that is what you’re after, then the speed reader app might be for you.


I love books. I love reading. My roommate constantly gives me a hard time because of how much space my books take up in my room. But the accumulation of books or the checking off of a list of “I’ve read x” is not what I am after. I want to know what is inside. I want to understand. I want to learn. And I don’t believe that charging through two per day is how to accomplish that. In fact, some of the best advice about reading I have seen is from Rob Wilson, one of the founders of Art of Breath. Rob was asked by someone at a seminar what book he would recommend they read next. Rob said, “Go back to the last book you read. Re-read it and actually take the time to understand it and apply it in your life.” Rob might not be the genius that Elon is (debatable) but on this issue I think he has it absolutely correct. When we are seeking to learn, more is not better. Better is better. Reading is not knowledge. Reading is information. Taking the time to apply that information is the way to truly learn it. So, if you’re looking for a good book to read, rather than just check another book off the list, I urge you to go back to the last good book you read and actually take the time to apply it to your life.



Gym Workout:


800m Run

30 American KB Swings – You choose the load!

30 Step Ups (30″/24″)

Zoom Peeps:


400 High Knees

30 Weighted Swing

30 Lunges


For Quality and For the Pure Joy of Movement:


Turkish Get-ups (alternating)

Standing Broad Jumps


David Whyte


Above the mountains

 the geese turn into

  the light again


painting their

 black silhouettes

  on an open sky.


Sometimes everything

 has to be

  enscribed across

   the heavens


so you can find

 the one line

  already written

   inside you.


Sometimes it takes

 a great sky

  to find that


first, bright

 and indescribable

  wedge of freedom

   in your own heart.


Sometimes with

 the bones of the black

  sticks left when the fire

   has gone out


someone has written

 something new

  in the ashes

   of your life.


You are not leaving,

 even as the light

  fades quickly now,

   you are arriving.



Super Light “DT”

10 RFT:

12 Deadlifts (95/65)

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks


Dear Oak Park Community,


For 16 years, the CrossFit training methodology has served as the foundation for our programming at Oak Park. While the health and communal benefits are perhaps obvious, the profound impact of its extensive business and educational resources for our coaches as professionals cannot be understated.


Greg Glassman, the creator and now former CEO of CrossFit, made a series of reprehensible remarks on Sunday to which we, as an affiliated gym, feel compelled to respond: Greg Glassman does not speak for Oak Park, our coaching team, or our community. He has made it clear that his values do not align with our values. We reject Greg Glassman.


We believe that CrossFit is greater than Greg Glassman. The legacy of CrossFit in our lives and its contribution to our health, fitness, and wellness is not lessened by the vile stupidity of one man. This incident highlights, now more than ever, that the organization is in need of serious reform. Though historically CrossFit under Glassman’s leadership has responded viciously to criticism from its affiliates, we have seen evidence that this is a moment in which the organization is open to change.  


While some gyms have opted to end their relationship, Oak Park will remain affiliated with CrossFit for now, because we believe the best way to bring about the very necessary changes in the organization is to actively work from within.


We are also reflecting on the ways in which the Oak Park coaching team and community can do better. One action we are working on is our openness to seek and receive feedback from our community. 


We care deeply for this community. Our purpose is to guide your intentional, sustainable growth in an environment that supports playful learning and connection with others through fitness. With all the challenges making 2020 an historic time, we are as committed to our purpose now as we have ever been.


With much love,

The Oak Park Coaching Team

Coach Matt here on a Monday to say hello and that I hope you’re all healthy and safe. We are starting to have discussions amongst the coaching team for the next evolution in the growth of Oak Park and it is exciting stuff guys. Can’t wait to share more with you when the time is right. For now, keep showing up for the Zoom classes and inviting your friends and loved ones to log in and join us, too.


5 Rounds:

1:00 Work / :20 Rest

DB or KB Swings

DB Renegade Rows

Rest 2 Minutes

5 Rounds:

1:00 Work / :20 Rest

Alt. DB Snatches



* You are the best quarantine partner

And so another week of physical separation and online training comes to a close. It was great to see so many of you in the live stream classes this week and in response to your feedback we are adding a weekday 6PM Live Stream beginning Monday. This week, Coach Matt will be leading the 6PM Live Stream class. You may see some familiar faces in the 6PM class, including Coach Jen and Andy & Maggie – all at appropriate social distances. Thursday night’s Live Stream & Chill was a big success and we will continue to add more of those classes as well. You can chill with Coach Diz on Mondays, Coach Matt on Wednesdays, and Coach Shirley on Fridays. 


So guys, this is the situation for now – but probably not forever. Maybe it isn’t ideal, but we can still connect. We can still play. And we can still grow. We just can’t do it while touching each other.


PS – If you are in the live stream classes and you notice a friend who isn’t there, please share this post with them and let them know you miss them.



7am Live Stream CrossFit (Mon/Wed/Fri)

7am Live Stream Yoga (Tue/Thurs)

8am Live Stream CrossFit (Tue/Thurs)

9am Live Stream Women’s Only CrossFit (Tue/Thurs)

12pm Live Stream CrossFit (Mon-Sat)

6pm Live Stream CrossFit (Mon-Fri)

8:30pm Live Stream & Chill (Mondays)

8:30pm Live Stream & Chill (Wednesdays)

8:30pm Live Stream & Chill (Fridays)


As we head into the weekend, the coaches are hard at work to push additional video content to the site. We will have a live Zoom call at noon tomorrow where you can join in and do the workout with our community. Additionally, we are archiving the live workouts and providing yoga and breathwork videos here. I would love to have more of you guys join us for the live workouts and I believe we will soon be rolling out live Zoom classes in the mornings and potentially evenings as well (will update you when I know more). In the meantime, if you would like to check out a kettlebell or a pair of dumbbells from the gym so that you can participate in weighted workouts at home, please contact your primary coach as soon as possible.



Mental Toughness

For time:


Thrusters (DBs, KB, broomstick, or your neighbor’s cat – you choose!)




Get yourself outside!