Not long ago, let’s call it a decade and change, people read newspapers.  In general, there were two ways one would read the paper: as a specialist or a generalist. The specialist was the wormhole person going deep on one section (often op ed). Meanwhile, the generalist goes broad on many grazing the headlines without much depth typically never reading an article in its entirety. Details vs. Big picture kind of thing. 

As athletes understanding how we read our physicality is key to our growth. Zooming in and specializing for a limited time sets you up for peak performance in one area (Like run, barbell class or triathlon team for example). Zooming out and generalizing allows you to maintain breadth of fitness in multiple areas all at once with smaller gains across the board (our cycles).  Either way, you’re gaining something and either way you’re likely leaving something on table. 

As we roll into 2020 we’ll continue this conversation with much more breadth and depth.

Monday’s Workout

5 Rounds For Time:
30 Wallballs
30 Box Jumps
60 Double Unders

Tuesday’s Workout

A) E2MO2M 16
1 Hang power snatch
1 Hang squat snatch
1 Squat Snatch

100m Pinch Carry
20 (2ct) Russian Twist   


I intend to connect with Bryan soon. If any of you have notes or cards I’m more than happy to share with him directly (just leave your coach or me directly). Additionally, if it makes sense for you there is a Go Fund Me page for Gracie Muehlberger.

Monday’s Workout

For time:
21 – 15 – 9
Thrusters (95/65)

Tuesday’s Workout

4 Rounds on the 5:00
In 2:30 complete:
200m Sprint
12 DB Bench Press (50/35)
and, in time remaining:
max effort Push-ups


Monday’s Workout

A) For Quality in 10 minutes:
800m Run (Gear 3 Breathing)
then, in remainder of time, AMRAP:
14 Push-ups
14 Box Jumps (24/20)

B) Snatch Progressions
Work up to heavy Power Snatch + Snatch

Tuesday’s Workout

A) Muscle up play (turn up and don’t be a chicken)

12 Push Jerks
12 Pistols
–Rest 2–
12 Back Squats
12 Burpees


Monday’s Workout

In 10 minutes:
Run 1 Mile
then, in time remaining:
AMRAP Wall Balls (20/14)

– 5mins rest –

In 6 minutes:
Run 800m
then, in time remaining:
AMRAP Wall Balls (20/14)

Tuesday’s Workout

A) EMOM 16:
8 DB Thrusters
4-8 Pull ups

B) 4RFQ:
5 SA KB suitcase DL
5 SA KB swings
5 KB Cleans
5 Rvs FR lunge