It’s no secret that this gym has a deep roster of endurance racers. Over the weekend John Bonds added to his legacy here by completing the most notable of all triathlons, the IRONMAN in Kona.  To celebrate him appropriately we’ll get together Saturday November 3rd for this years Bondsy-Q.

Monday’s Workout

5 Rounds on the 4:00
     200m Run
     40 Double Unders
     MAX REPS Ground to Overhead (135/95)
     Cut Off: 3 Minutes

Score = TOTAL G20


Tuesday’s Workout

A) Tempo Partner QAMRAP 12
     P1: 5 Push Ups (3-2-1)
     5 KB Front Squat (3-2-1)
     P2: Row (Gear 4)
Partners Switch after P1 finished reps

PEAK: 3 x 5 @ 85%
BASE: 5×5 (by feel)


Saturday, November 3rd we are celebrating just because with some old school throw down type work outs followed by a legendary, Bondsy-Q!

In the coming week vote for your favorite workouts and make sure to save the date.

Monday’s Workout

800m Run G2
12 Snatches (95/65)
400m Run G3
9 Snatches (115/80)
200m G4
6 Snatches (135/95)

B) Partner-AMRAP 6
10 DB Strict Press (45/30)
10 Ring Rows

Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

For Time:
21 Right arm Turkish Get-ups
50 KB Swings (24/32)
21 Left arm Overhead Squats
50 KB Swings
21 Right arm Overhead Squats
50 KB Swings
21 Left arm Turkish Get-ups



For the last few years I’ve been considering the assumption that using tech tools, specifically social media, increases the quality of life.  This rabbit hole led me to a former student of mine, Tristan Harris. His TED talk points out how the tech he helped create hijacks our brains. 

So I went to the Center for Humane Technology and have made a few practical adjustments. First, I’ve switched my phone to Grayscale (Not a huge deal as I’ve been using F.Lux for a few years). Additionally, I’m using Moment to see exactly where the time spent on the phone goes. Last, I’m deleting IG and FB from my phone this upcoming weekend and taking at least 30 days off of them completely to see subjectively how I feel? and objectively what happens to the time I spend on the phone (measured by Moment)? If anybody wants to join or is curious please hit me up in person or by email.


Monday’s Workout

Franklin Hill Fitness Score

A) “Franklin Light Hunt”
Back Up
Back Across
Max Light Posts Score

(Rest 10 minutes)

B) 2 Intervals on the 6:00:
Franklin Hill Sprint 220m

“Fitness Score” is the total of your two intervals times on part “B”…divided by your Light Post Score on part “A”

Tuesday’s Workout

A) Bench
PEAK: 4×4 @ 85%
BASE: 5×4 (by feel)

“Half n Half Cindy”
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
8 Air Squats
7 DB Front Squats (40/25)



Laird Hamilton and our friends from XPT are coming to Oak Park Saturday, October 27.  If you’d like to join us for pool training, exposure protocols and advanced breath work sign up now.


Monday’s Workout

A) For Time:
Round 1 (Gear 3)
600m run
20 (10 per arm) SA KB FR Squat
Round 2 (Gear 4)
400m run
30 (15 per arm) SA KB FR SQ
Round 3 (Gear 5)
200m run
40 (20 per arm) SA KB FR SQ

B) Reflection

C) Sumo Deadlift:
PEAK: 4 x 3 @ 85%
BASE: 5×4 (by feel)

Tuesday’s Workout

Row – G3

Plate Good Mornings (45/25)
Push Up
Alt DB Snatch (55/35)
Pull Ups

Row – G4

Monday’s Workout

A) Shoulder Mobility

B) EMOM 10:
1-3 Muscle Snatch
(focus on speed of turnover and strong turnover)

C) EMOM 10:
1 Hang Power Snatch + 3 Tempo OHS (3/3/1 Tempo)

D) 4 Rounds on the 3:00:
200m Run
Dips of the Highest Quality
(2-minute cap)


Tuesday’s Workout

3 Power Cleans (185/135)
30 Double unders
300m Run


Monday’s Workout

A) Sumo Deadlift
PEAK: 5×5 @ 75%
BASE: 5×5 (by feel)

B) 4 Rounds :30:30
Seated Wt’d Rope Pull (over Pull-up Bar)
OHS (50-60%)
Plank Ups

Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

For time:
3-9-11-8-25-6-13 reps of:
Thrusters (95/65)
Bar-facing Burpees
Run 1 mile (Nasal Breathing)

Join us 9am Labor Day at Ocean and Montana (where the run classes meet) for a spectacular 90 minute fitness session.

Monday’s Workout

15 min AMRAP:
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
15 DB Power Cleans (55/40)
20 (Seconds) Chair Hold


Tuesday’s Workout

Push, Pull, Run
3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18
Training push ups
Strict pull
200m Run
15min Cap

B) EMOM 10
1 Hang Power snatch
1 OH Squat
1 Snatch

C) 3 x 10
Seated Arnold Press on Coregeous ball

Monday’s Workout

A) Bench Press
Base: 5×10 (by feel)
Peak: 6×5 @ 65%

B) For Time:
15 Front Squats (185/125)
1 Round of Cindy
12 Front Squats
3 Rounds of Cindy
9 Front Squats
5 Rounds of Cindy

Cindy = 3 Pull Ups/6 Push Ups/9Air Squats

Peak: = 5 Pull UPs/10 Push Ups/15 Air Squats

Tuesday’s Workout

A) Sumo Deadlift
Base: 5×5 (by feel)
Peak: 5×5 @ 70%

9 Bar Muscle-ups
20 DB Walking Lunges (50/35)
7 Bar Muscle-ups
20 DB Front Rack Walking Lunges (50/35)
5 Bar Muscle-ups
20 DB OH Walking Lunges (50/35)

C) Reflection

This week I’ll be guest speaking at The XPT Experience in Malibu with Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece.  This experience and training truly extraordinary and life altering. If you have questions about the event email me directly: 

Monday’s Workout
Partner Competition

When I Jerk, You Jerk, We Jerk”
With a partner:
(A) Find heaviest combined 1-rep Jerk
(10-miunute cap)

— Immediately into —

(B) “Helen”
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (24/16)
12 Pull-ups

Tuesday’s Workout
Throwback Competition

For Time:
10 Alt DB snatch (55/40)
100 Double Unders
20 Alt DB snatch
75 DU
30 Alt DB snatch
50 DU
40 Alt DB snatch
25 DU
(15-minute cap)