Of all the things humans have endeavored, that was once learned, why did the bike become the expression in our lexicon?

Well, there’s a neuroscientific explanation for why we never forget how to ride a bike!

There’s a particular nerve cell in the brain the controls the formation of memories for motor skills.  They’re called ‘molecular layer interneurons’.  These never cells encode electric signals leaving the cerebellum – the part of the brain that controls coordinated movement – into a language that can be stored as memory in other parts of the brain.

This process is true for all other motor skills, from throwing a ball to dancing the tango…so why have we singled out the expression…’ It’s like riding a bike?’  Why not it’s like dancing the tango???

For some reason, we’ve chosen riding a bike as the benchmark by which all motor skills are to be judged?

I personally don’t know why this is, I’m sure no one really knows…but science has a theory:

“Intrinsic stability” meaning that the modern front steering wheel of a bike, when at speed, will steer itself.  For example, have you ever ghost riding a bike before?  You get up to speed and jump off and you watch the bike go!  The bike will even make small steering corrections to keep upright. It can be suggested that our brains feel a sense of instability with a dash of fear when we learn to ride a bike – we quickly correct and encode a permanent skill out of necessity?

Or…..I like this theory.  It may have to do with childhood when most of us learn to ride a bike. It’s one of the few universal skills taught to us by a trusted adult.  That leap of faith when the trainers are removed and the person holding the seat to keep you steady… (but has secretly let go).  I ofter dream about the time when I was riding my bike for the first time on my own. I remember looking back and seeing my dad blocks away…and thinking….”this is the best feeling!”  

I’ll never forget that moment…




Starting in my 40’s, I started to feel weakness and pain in my low back & right leg.  I chalked it up to riding my bike and all the cement naps (aka falls) I had from my skateboarding days.  I was in moderate pain for over 10 years until 2016 when my training and lifestyle started to suffer greatly.  The MRI revied that I had two compressed nerve roots: Lumbar 4, & 5.

So I jumped on the therapy wagon and trained smarter (Thanks Dr. Britt & Tiana) and had a couple of good years, but then the wheels started to come off in Sept. 2019…I’ve been in the pain cave ever since.  I had another MRI and it was the same diagnosis…so I decided to intervene with an Epidural procedure.

They take a needle and inject a steroid (anti-inflammation) into the nerve root canal along with another injection of pain medication.  While the procedure went well, I did not get much relief.

Fast forward, I had another injection TODAY with Dr. Gene Tekmyster (USC Medical Surgery) and went in with a different approach.  My hope is after a few weeks, I come out of the pain cave and get back to moving.  The Dr. reviewed my MRI’s and he’s confident that my back problems are genetic…or normal aging of the disc space and not from trauma as I suspected….either way, it’s been a pain in the ass!

P.s. Through it all, I’ve never stopped moving and thanks to the Oak Park Community and my Tri Teammates…you guys keep my spirits high!


10 rounds on the 1:15
3 Power Snatches + 3 OHS
*Every 2 rounds go up in weight.





My dog is sleeping in this morning and not barking

My back is in pain, I’m going to stretch and breath

I have a Zoom Call with a 78yr old client who needs to move

I’m thinking about all the people in my life that I love

I’m eating Steel Cut Oates for lots of reasons 🙂

I have other clients and students that want to move today

At some point, I will turn on the news…

Tonight I will remember this day and hope that tomorrow will be a new day.



Strength & Power

A) 5 Sets – Increase load/set.
3 Position Squat Clean
High Hang
Mid Hang
Low Hang

B) 5 Sets –
5-10 Strict Pull Ups
– Scaling Options:
– 5×5 second Negatives (supinated grip)
1 Round ‘Durante Core’
– Durante Core =
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
10 second Hollow Body Hold


It’s quite simple…

Lie on your back and breath

Focus on your breath

Then shift your focus to…you

Ask yourself what fulfills you and are you taking action?

If not, visualize your fulfillments

Can you see them in an image, or in a single word?

Then, get out some magazines, pictures, or even search the Webb…

And create your vision and start taking action!


*Courtesy of CrossFit.com*

For time:

300m Row
20 Push Press (135/95)
300m Row
15 Push Press
300m Row
10 Push Press
300m Row
5 Push Press


In honor of our resident chiropractor and Oak Park member Mackenzie Kolt, we’ll be staging the inaugural New Year’s Day Workout:
The Manitoba Mac“.

Why Manitoba you say….?  Well turns out Dr. Kolt hails from this fridged part of Canada and he wanted a workout that would reflect the harsh conditions.


So, if you want to join in on the “fun”???
Here are the details:
Day/Time: New Year’s Day at 8:00AM 
Location: T26 Short Term Parking Lot & Beach – Directions
The Workout: 20min Beach Workout with Stuff and Fun! 

Note: Your coaches will send more details to you soon!


Some Fun Facts about Manitoba:

The coldest day with windchill in 2019 in Winnipeg was -53 Celsius or -63.4 Fahrenheit.

The average January day is approximately -13 to -22 Fahrenheit.

The polar bear capital of the world is in Churchill Manitoba! They roam wild!

The largest snake den/pit in the world that houses ~ 70000 garter snakes

It’s lake country in the summer, Over 100,000 Lakes.

The northern lights are a common thing. Head north to ‘The Pas’ and see the sky dance every Jan-March.

There are the most curling rinks per capita in the world. We like to Curl! 🥌

Manitoba is the geographical center of North America.

Manitoba is from the Cree language and it means ‘the narrows of the great spirit’


Strength & Power

15 on the 1:15
5 Deadlifts** – You choose the weight!
3 Hang Power Cleans
1 Shoulder to Overhead

**Build weight every 5 Rounds**

Example: Coach Olive Oil
Rounds 1-5: 155
Rounds 6-10: 185
Rounds 10-15: 205

Every Saturday I get an email from Oak Park member Todd Riley, asking me to join him for a lovely open water swim in the Pacific ocean. Before I reply, I have to pause and think about the 60° water temperature and the 55° air temperature!

I’m no stranger to swimming in the ocean as I’ve been a surfer since the age of six and I’ve been swimming recreationally and competitively in the open waters for sometime now… That said, 60° is no joke!
At Oak Park, many of us have experience ice baths, however we are guided by expert coaches that lean into breath regulation and state of mind control. In the open water anything could happen… dolphin sightings, large waves and wind conditions that can turn you completely around.

I admire guys like Todd who have used their physical, mental, and emotional practice at the gym and have Applied their skills to Cold-water ocean swimming.


200m Run w/Med Ball (20/14)
16 Pistols* (24/20)
12 Burpees
*Box Step Ups while holding Med Ball ‘bear hug’ style


In the event, you missed Coach Shirley Brown’s goodbye Zoom meeting….Kenny thought of a AMRAP of love for Shirley….in the Chat section  Here’s a smal sample


….3 2 1 …GO!


From  Andy Petranek : love

From  KEVIN.P.BUTLER : determination

From  Laura Martinez : Beautiful soul

From  John Bonds : strong

From  Dan Estes : Shirley is literally one of the most genuine loving human being I have ever met

From  Keith Fielding : heartfelt

From  Wiggi : Smile

From  ANDY! : love you Shirley!!!!

From  andrew kline : 😎

From  Annita Reuben : loving

From  Andy Petranek : peace

From  Laura Martinez : smile

From  Drew Eddy : love -Lauren

From  Jake Kramer : sweet

From  Nancy Yaeger : nice

From  Dan Estes : thank you

From  Alyssa Parker : true friend

From  Blair Doolittle : am I live ?

From  Dawn Forrester : LOVE YOU SHIRLEY!!!!

From  andrew kline : 🏋🏻‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️

From  Keith Fielding : Alyssa…that’s a full fridge

From  Zach Meincke : I have to take off. Thanks for EVERYTHING, Shirley!

From  Matthew Camp : I need to drop off. Love you Shirley!

From  Jake Kramer : Shirley got to go. always remember that you are a rockstar. you have an amazing family from the roots of oak park and I’m so happy that you have taken a piece of those roots. plant yourself and watch you sprout your own roots and make them be strong and healthy

From  Kenway H : Time to get the kiddos to bed as they have been screaming for the last hour in the background.. Just wanted to share that I have enjoyed all the times I’ve spent with you, received your call, text or email (always gave me a smile). I clearly remember bragging to my eldest son Austin for 6+ months last year about how he is going to meet and work with his 1st and most awesome coach when he turns 5. He and I will both miss you and wish we could have spent more time with you over the years. If you ever need any assistance in any future endeavor, please reach out. Wish we could get together, hopefully we’ll get to see each other in the future. Thank you and SO Much Love. ~Kenway

From  Char Kane : You have thought me so much.  To be grateful, patient and kind. You have put so much kindness to the world and to your immediate circle. Much love.. will always miss you walking in through the doors of CFLA / Oak Park.


Strength & Power

A) 4 sets:
2 Hang Squat Snatch Below Knee*
3 Snatch Balance
*Start from the high hang and use the stretch reflex to ‘practice’ speed under the bar
– Build up to 50-60% of 1RM Snatch

B) 3 sets:
4 Overhead Squat
– Use 60-70% of 1RM Snatch

C) 5 sets:
3 Front Squats
– Build up to 60-70% of 1RM C&J
– 1 set @ 60% / 4 sets @ 70%

Wake up from your Thanksgiving food coma and come have an adventure. Join me on this Fun Run and Stair Climb around Santa Monica. It will be a 90min long endurance piece and different groups divided into speed and ability. 

Time: Sunday November 29th, 8 AM
Location: Ocean Ave & San Vicente- picnic tables just north of the bathrooms.
Workout: A no drop (no one gets left behind) group run and stair climb extravaganza in Santa Monica Canyon.
Questions, comments, concerns, tips… Contact Jamie@oakparkla.com