Wake up from your Thanksgiving food coma and come have an adventure. Join me on this Fun Run and Stair Climb around Santa Monica. It will be a 90min long endurance piece and different groups divided into speed and ability. 

Time: Sunday November 29th, 8 AM
Location: Ocean Ave & San Vicente- picnic tables just north of the bathrooms.
Workout: A no drop (no one gets left behind) group run and stair climb extravaganza in Santa Monica Canyon.
Questions, comments, concerns, tips… Contact Jamie@oakparkla.com


Sometimes the CONTEXT is just plain old FUN!!!

A) Strength
6 on the 2:30*
3 Squat Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Push Jerks
**Increase load every set – Finish around 70-80% of your C&J**

B) 20 Minutes of Practice: Pull
– 5×3-5 3 sec. Negatives
– 5×5-10 Chin Ups
– 5×5-10 Pull Ups
– 5×3-7 BMU

**Superset w/Durante Core**
– 10 Hollow Rocks
– 10 V-Ups
– 10 Tuck Ups
– 10sec. Hollow Body Hold

Example: 135 – 155 – 185 – 205 – 215 – 225


5 DB Squat Cleans
5 DB Front Squats
5 DB Push Press
5 Burpees

B) 20 Minutes of Practice: Pull
– 5×5-10 DB Bent Over Rows
– 5×5-10 Single Arm DB Row

**Superset w/Durante Core**
– 10 Hollow Rocks
– 10 V-Ups
– 10 Tuck Ups
– 10sec. Hollow Body Hold

Our respiratory system is a network of organs and tissues that help us breathe. It includes your airways, lungs, and blood vessels. Muscles that power your lungs like your diaphragm are also part of the respiratory system. These parts work together to move oxygen throughout the body and regulate carbon dioxide.

When there are more elements in the air other than Co2, that are harmful to the system and ultimately our health, we call that pollution.  Currently, we are in another fire season: strong winds, dropping humidity, and lots of forest fuel.  

So…you may find yourself avoiding outdoor activities for a few days and are now spending more time indoors?  If so, you may be surprised at how much your “indoor” environment is susceptible to pollutants!

Here are a few things you can do to help keep the air clean in your home:

  • Keep it clean. A clean house may be a healthier house because good indoor hygiene can greatly cut down on dust and animal dander
  • Keep the greenery outdoors, as most indoor plants trigger allergies and can attract mold
  • Change your filters on your heating vents or other intake points
  • Invest in an air purifier…especially for the bedroom
  • Let the fresh air in…Yes, open your windows every day and securely through the night.


5 RFT:
10 Unbroken Deadlifts (235/165)*
15 T2B
(15 Minute Cap)
*Must use an overhand grip w/out the help of hook grip*

– If you cannot do T2B, practice the following:
– Knees to chest: Work on the kipping swing in this movement. Keep tension on throughout the kip.
– 1:1


Been managing a head cold for a while and have been off the Bike…I’m not at my best when I’m not riding.  Nothing compares to the feeling of being on a bike.  A sense of freedom and exploration with a sprinkling of boyish tomfoolery…


3 RFT:

20 T2B
10 Power Cleans (135/95)
50 Double Unders


Sub T2B for V-Ups or Tuck Jumps?

You guys know the drill…Stay hydrated with water and food sourced electrolytes.  Pay attention to your breathing during workouts…Nasal priority breathing will help core body temps stay down as nasal breathing will lower respirations per minute and more importantly, govern metabolic output.  

Stay cool!


“Newport Crippler”

For Time:
30 Bodyweight Back Squats*
1 Mile Run


**If you cannot clean your bodyweight, find the heaviest weight you can clean safely and get over your head to do back squats. Practice being able to take the weight from the ground, bring it to the front rack, and finish off by bringing it over to your back.* 


This guy walked down a flight of stairs for the very first time!

Ash’s environment is unknown and challenging every day.  However, after 6 weeks of carrying him down a flight of stairs at 5 am to pee and poop…he all of a sudden said..


How does your physical practice promote your growth? 🙂



**Courtesy of *CrossFit.com

* AMRAP 20
400m Run
7 Pull Ups*

*Zoomers and Gym peeps…any kind of “pull” will do…be creative!

A few things that help me stay calm and grounded…
– Yoga
– Paying attention to my breathing
– Eating well
– Riding my bike
– Getting in the ocean
– Connecting with family and friends
Whatever yours are…I hope you are well and thriving!

Gym Peeps – 5 on the 5:00
400m Run
15 Back Squats (135/95)

**Score = Slowest Round**

…Immediately into 10 Minute Row:
Option A or B? You choose. Do it!
A) Avg Watts
B) Active Recovery


Zoom Peeps – 5 on the 5:00
400m Run
15 DB Squats

**Score = Slowest Round**