A few things that help me stay calm and grounded…
– Yoga
– Paying attention to my breathing
– Eating well
– Riding my bike
– Getting in the ocean
– Connecting with family and friends
Whatever yours are…I hope you are well and thriving!

Gym Peeps – 5 on the 5:00
400m Run
15 Back Squats (135/95)

**Score = Slowest Round**

…Immediately into 10 Minute Row:
Option A or B? You choose. Do it!
A) Avg Watts
B) Active Recovery


Zoom Peeps – 5 on the 5:00
400m Run
15 DB Squats

**Score = Slowest Round**

Guys..this simple Breath Protocol has helped me greatly in times of stress and uncertainty.
Here’s how I go about it…Whenever I feel the anxiety starting to build, I remove myself from the situation or the thoughts swirling in my head by finding a quiet physical place to isolate.

I sit or lay in a comfortable position and start to breathe through my nose.  I then focus on the mechanics: I take the air in low (diaphragm), then to the ribs, and fill my chest.  This “wave” breath helps me anchor my attention to my breathing. Then I add a tempo of: 4:1:6…meaning, 4sec. inhale 1sec. breath-hold, then a 6sec. exhale.
Each breath should start “LOW” in the diaphragm, “SLOW” follow the tempo, and “DEEP” ensuring you are filling up and using your breathing apparatus.  Usually, it takes only 10 breath cycles for me to feel the calming effect.  

I hope this helps you!

Gym Peeps
:40 Work :20 Rest
Minute 1: AB Cal or Cal Row
Minute 2: DBALL GTOS
Minute 4: Burpee Box Jumps

Zoom Peeps
:40 Work :20 Rest
Minute 1: Jump Rope
Minute 2: Wtd. Swings
Minute 3: DB Squats or Jumping Squats
Minute 4: Burpee Tuck Jumps


Gym Peeps:
5 Clean & Jerks (115/75)
7 Front Squats
9 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)
11 Wtd. Sit Ups (50/35)* *Use 1 DB


Zoom Peeps:
5 DB Clean & Jerks
7 DB Front Squats
9 Tuck Jumps
11 Wtd. Sit Ups


It took me some time to give myself permission to get away and chill…
I hope you guys can find brief moments of calm…

Coach Jamie.



20 Cal AB or 30 Cal Row
16 Back Rack Step Ups (135/95) (16’/12′)
14 V-Ups **16 Minute Cap**

Zoom Peeps!

20 DB Deadlifts or 60 Mountain Climbers
16 DB Walking Lunges
14 V-Ups

Deadlifts –
• Option 1: Use 1 DB and do sumo stance DL’s
• Option 2: Use 2 DB’s and do more of a trap bar-style DL DB

Walking Lunges –
• Use 1 or 2 DB’s
• Any lunge variation is fine


Coach Nick’s son’s name is Jack…He’s turning 3 months old today!
Remember what coach Nick always says for Power Cleans…” keep the bar and Jack close to your torso!”


Gym Workout
“Jack Nicholas Yiakos”
Birthday WOD 4.15.20

4 Hang Power Cleans (185/125)
15 Cal Row
20 Unbroken Wall Balls (20/14)


4 DB Hang Power Cleans
15 DB Deadlifts
20 DB Thrusters*

*DB Thrusters = Use only 1 DB. Hold it with one DB head in each hand.


Oak Parkers! 

We are going to use the Parking Lot to accommodate larger classes with the addition of outside workout stations!  This will be available only on:

Saturday’s: 8:00am  Gym Class
Sunday’s: 9:00am Gym Class

As Kenny’s blog mentioned yesterday, for the month of July, we’ve made changes to the class schedule for both Zoom and Gym classes.  We hope that we can accommodate more peeps in the gym and keep the Zoomers moving at home!

Log in to reserve GYM classes up to 24hrs in advance – but 10hrs before to ensure there’s minimum attendance.

Zoomers – Just Log on and get moving!

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Log in with your email and password to reserve Gym Classes!


200m Run
20 SA Renegade Rows (Each)
20 DB Pass Throughs
20 V-Ups