We are making some updates to the website and the ways in which we deliver information, including the daily training, to you. We are also making some changes to the online Zoom classes. Some of these changes are in effect now, some will be rolling out in the coming days. If you find issues, please share them (and your proposed solutions) with the coaching team. I cannot promise we will adopt your proposed solution, but we absolutely will listen to your feedback.


We are experimenting with – and will likely move to – the Sugar WOD app for posting the workouts online. Sugar WOD will allow you to log and track your progress, which is something that we believe is necessary for real growth. It also allows us to more easily deliver the workouts to you in a timely manner and helps us collect data in the workouts. You can take a look at how the workouts will show up by clicking on the “Today’s Training” link in the menu on the right side of the blog or in the main navigation menu on every page of this site. I encourage you to sign up (it is free), try it out, and give us your feedback.


Zoom classes will continue for the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7am classes without changes. Zoom classes will continue for the Monday-Friday 6pm classes without changes for now. For all other classes, if you want or need to attend remotely, you may do so. But you will need to contact the class coach well in advance to let them know you will attend.


I am going to offer a morning guided breathwork + journaling session on Tuesday mornings at Oak Park beginning tomorrow (November 10th). We will start at 7:05 and I will guide you through about 15 minutes of breath work and give you 15 minutes to journal afterwards. If you are curious, please show up! I know this is a great way to start the day and I look forward to sharing this with you guys. This will be an in-person offering. Wear a mask and bring your journal. We may add ice baths to this, if there is enough interest.


You may notice that Tuesdays are consistently an aerobic capacity class. It is not an accident of programming, but an intentional decision on the part of the coaching team to systematically introduce Aerobic Capacity on Tuesdays and Sundays as a class specifically focused on developing your aerobic engine and your understanding of your own physiology. You may notice that Wednesdays are consistently a Strength & Power day. That, too, is intentional. This will likely extend through the end of 2020, but our plan rolling into 2021 is to begin offering multiple types of classes each day of the week, so that you can choose a combination of classes throughout the week that best supports your purpose in training. More to come on that. For now, if you want to build your engine, get in here on Tuesdays and Sundays for sure. If you want to focus on strength and Olympic weightlifting, do not miss Wednesdays.


Got questions or suggestions? I would love to hear them.


Tuesday’s Workout

Aerobic Capacity – Competition


18 Rounds

:60 Row – MAX EFFORT!!


**After 18 rounds, perform 50 burpees.**

**Focus will be on your AVG. WATTS after 18 Rounds.**

**Two Scores: 1) AVG. WATTS 2) Time: 50 Burpees


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