Peace, I read somewhere that its an inside job. It’s likely there will never exactly be peace all around us. We can do our best to create conditions of peach, but in reality there will always be something.  In each moment there are sounds, people moving and distractions. The practice of mindfulness allows us to turn inward and just lets the outside sounds and distraction be just what they are. Outside sounds and distractions. 

This seems to be the topic at hand. How do you find peace when there are so many things up in the air?  Anxiety is high and people can barely sit still. Those who have never been interested in politics, have voted and taken interest. In my mind it’s actually quite amazing. This breakdown of our country has also been an awakening of people. Noticing, paying attention and speaking up. 

Each day we get to start something a new. We wake, can set our mind and chose to focus on what is important to us. There are tugs and pulls and the more we practice being present, in this very moment, the only one that truly matters, we can be at peace. 

I say this all because, being calm and at peace is a practice. You don’t need quiet room or a meditation cushion. You just need the willingness to show up, bring your attention inward (breath or mantra) and when your mind wanders, and it will it, be compassionate with yourself and then bring you attention right back to your breath, mantra or whatever your focus is that day. 

I encourage you to go inward if you have been feeling anxious, worried or distracted.  

You can find peace within you. 

Peace IS in you.

Saturdays Workout

I’m sure it will be fun- be prepared for a bit of moisture and chill 🙂

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