Yoga means unite or yolk. From the outside its appears to be a physical practice (asana), like what we do here in our fitness classes. Yoga, like what we do here is deeper than that. It’s more than the physical.  We are practicing how to move our way through life. How do we handle the stress life throws at us?  How are we at practicing things we are not good at.

For youth it offers the opportunity to SLOW down, focus, get off a screen and experiment and play.  

Starting Wed Oct 28th for four weeks I’ll be offering youth yoga at 4-4:50pm.  Open to youth of all ages. RSVP get in for the four weeks. 

Enroll if you are interested in trying yoga or have been missing it. Bring your own mat.

Saturday’s Workout


50 Cal Row
40 Pull ups
30 DB squat Cleans(100/70)
20 Box jump overs (32/24)

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