Today I visited the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC. It is an amazing building located here in Santa Monica. If you don’t know what the Ellison Institute does I recommend you take a look at their website, but here is a short quotation of their mission:

“The Ellison Institute of USC draws collaborators from across conventional health and wellness fields, as well as from a broad range of other disciplines such as physics, biology, math and engineering to study cancer and potential ways to prevent, detect and treat the disease.”  


I have worked with Dr. David Agus for about a year and he is truly an amazing, humble and outstanding person. I am excited for this opportunity and to see what our Oak Park Team of coaches can do to help staff members, doctors and patients at this institute to improve their wellness, health and fitness. Feel free to donate, all donations will go to cancer research. 



Thursday’s Workout 


Aerobic Capacity


Run 500m Row

1.4 Miles AB

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