Twice this week it’s been a topic of conversation. The perception of self or what I heard today as I listened to the Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra. The selfie is not the self.

We are always changing and growing. An actual photo represents one moment in time. All my cells, thoughts and feelings are constantly changing, and likely never to be the same.

All around there are peceptions of me, whether they been seen, talked about or created. I’ve got one of myself, and you likely have one of me too. I would bet they are different.

All of my experiences, expectations and judgments have shaped what I think of myself. All the experiences you have had have shaped what you think I am. Then there is: what I think, you think, I am. (yes, what I think, you think, I am)

It takes looking inward to move away from this perceived self. Letting go of beliefs others might have of me, Letting go of things people have said and old thoughts and behaviors that accompany them.  Letting go of old beliefs I’ve had of myself requires being vulnerable, honest and present. 

I share this with you as an opportunity to take a look at yourself, your perceived and your most truest self.  Maybe take a seat, close your eyes, and connect with your breath. Notice what you notice, reflecting inward, letting go of images, judgments and just notice.

Be Well. 


OAK PARK OPEN 2020 Workout #3


2 Shuttle Sprints

5 Deadlifts (315/220)



Level 4 = 315/220

Level 3 = 275/195

Level 2 = 225/155

Level 1 = 185/13

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