Folks, we have some fun workouts programmed for Friday and the weekend but note that we are keeping an eye on the air quality index and may choose to cancel some classes if the air quality is so poor as to be dangerous for your health. It is LA, so air quality is always an issue, but the smoke from the recent wildfires is adding a level of danger and post-apocalyptic flair to the air that isn’t typical. If we need to cancel class we will let you know as early as possible to disrupt your lives minimally. Thank you in advance for understanding.

FRIDAY’S WORKOUT (Air Quality Permitting)

A) “Jackie In Reverse” For Time:

     30 Pull-Ups

     50 Thrusters (45#)

     1000m Row

**8 Minute Cap**

-Rest 2 Minutes-

B) “Mini-Helen In Reverse”


     12 Pull-Ups

     21 KBS (24kg/16kg)

     400m Run

**8 Minute Cap**

-Rest 2 Minutes-

C) Light “Double Isabel”

     For Time:

     60 Snatches (95#/65#)

**8 Minute Cap**

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