Finding time for yourself seems to be impossible, doesn’t it? Making time for yourself is realistic.  This is a conversation topic I have with a handful of my students regarding how their physical practice, revery and all snapshot pieces, make their ways into their life. 

Yesterday I was on the phone with a student and I asked him; How does he make sure anything important in life and or work gets done? He says he schedules it in. I said, you are likely going to have to do that with your fitness. That is until this (new pandemic life) becomes a habit. Meaning constantly showing up for yourself, in ways that allows you to show up better in life for those around you.

We all have the areas that can use a bit more growth. And we can always be a bit more loving and kind to ourselves as this is a process. It’s a balance of the kindness and self love mixed with making sure we take care of what we need to do.

For me, it’s expressing fully. Over the last few months I’ve written much more than I ever have from poetry to essays to journaling. The expression on paper now always seems easy and fun. Occasionally in life I run into time where what I want to say doesn’t flow freely. 

In the end when I say what I feel inside, it always feels better after. I’ve gained a bit more courage, flexed that muscles a few more times and in the end know that I am better for it. When I don’t, I’m working on being kind with myself. 

All of this take intentionality. Awareness to slow down and recognize what we are feeling. Then deciding what needs to happen moving forward in that moment that best serves us. If there is a feeling of anxiety, fear or worry, question, what can you do work with that? If you keep missing a workout that you say you will show up too, what now?

 My solution, be in the the present moment. Practice stopping for a moment, taking a breathing and coming back to what is most important to you. Whether it be the physical movement, putting the right thing in your mouth or self expression. It’s all important.

And remember kindness matters.


Saturday’s Workout
Gym Workout:
Turkish Get-ups (alternating)
Standing Broad Jumps

Zoom Workout:
Same as above, but you’re doing it at home

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