What are carbohydrates?  Do you know what they do and how much you need  to reach your goals? There is a lot to learn and if you need more guidance and help on this subject, please reach out to us coaches. Dr. Andy Galpin spoke about this on his youtube channel and podcast and I would also recommend you listen to what he has to say. 

So what are carbs? Typically three major categories:

i) Sugar – fruit, added sugar, dairy, some vegetables like beets or potatoes.

ii) Fiber – grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts that the body can’t break down.

iii) Starch – beans, plants etc. 

So what does carbohydrates do to your body? This is what Dr. Andy Galpin stated: 

“Things that make you gain weight.

Things that give you dementia.

The reason for Covid-19!”


Please reflect upon this and be safe. 

– Coach Char 


Thursday’s Workout: 

A) Booty Pop Time

3 Rounds Not For Time:

5 Glute Bridges w/2sec. Pause

5 Single Leg Glute Bridges w/2sec. Pause (L+ R) 

5 3 Point Glute Leg Lifts



20 Double Unders

20 RKB Swings

20 Goblet Squats

20 Sit Ups






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