Change is inevitable, growth is optional – John C. Maxwell

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately and open to feedback and hearing from more of you. KK and I were interviewed for the So Cal affiliate rep position last Tuesday, and it was great to be heard. It provided a glimpse of hope for me. There were many great candidates, and we did not get the position.  I’m proud of myself for putting myself out there. 

Now, continued work on the inside. Flip the perspective, change the view.

What can we acknowledge?

  • We’ve got a wonderful caring committed community 
  • We’ve created an amazing professional coaching team
  • We serve a specific class of people 

What could we do differently?

  • Examine our tenants and values – making sure we are all in line (purpose, growth, value, legacy, tribe)
  • Redefine our tenants and values- what is important to us NOW.
  • Create more diversity in who we serve, including race, gender, class and ability.
  • Allow access to those who do not have access

Question environment, systems, behaviors, leadership and purpose  

  • We are here to help you grow
  • We use physical training and coaching to do that
  • How we lead matters. Are we leading the best way we can?
  • Can we continue to use intention, education, support and love to grow?

The world is crying for something different. Something new and revised. I’m trying to find more of my voice in all of this. I’ve often felt seen, but not heard, especially with little practice in a nation that is not creating a supportive environment for it. The systems are not working. 

We as a team our examing our gym. We have heard from some of you and I appreciate you sharing what is on your mind.  We don’t know what actions truly comes next, beside thinking about some of the above. 

Saturday’s Workout

NANCY “Light”
4 rounds of:
400m Run
15 Over Head Squats (65/45)

At Home Workout
400m Run or 30 Reverse Lunges + 20 Lateral Lunges

Any Object that looks and feels like a “Bar” may be used to go over head on the Squats. If the “Bar” is light?…Can opt to do temp squats: 3:2:1

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