Three simple steps to showing up to a Gym Class:

#1 Log in to Oak Park Class Schedule as early as 24hrs in advance to reserve your class by:

#2 Make sure you are healthy for your safety and others – Review Covid-19 Symptoms before you arrive at class!

  • Text the COACH of the class before your arrival to confirm you have reviewed the Covid-19 Systems checklist.

#3 You MUST wear and mask into the gym and wash your hand or use sanitize gell. 

  • Once in the gym, the coach will explain all the stuff to keep you and your gym mates safe!

Oh…one more step, HAVE A BLAST!!!!

10 RFT
200m Row
15 Squats
10 T2B
**20 Minute Cap**
“Home Zoom Option”
10 RFT
200m Run or 100 High Knees
15 Squats
10 V-Ups
**20 Minute Cap**

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