Today as I coached my first hybrid class I was reminded why I appreciate you all so much.

From coach Nick Co-coaching our Juneteenth workout at 7am (Thank you), to those of you who brought friends, showed up early and responded with actions to make our world better.

To the noon class when Josh stepped it up and put money on the movement of the class, as he shared that experience with his family and to Diz just always showing unlimited LOVE!

And likely, 6pm experienced joy and fun too.

Over the last 3 months (and many years) I have truly seen how great of a community we have. On Monday, Maddison sent out an email that truly made my day. She thanked us, and also asked us to do better. Calling us out. I appreciate that as that is what helps us grow.

CFHQ recently they announced they are starting an affiliate representative program- to which you/we can nominate people for to help build lines of communication with HQ. After Kenny and I had a conversation I decided to ask some of you for that nomination. I nominated Kenny and hope that this can be a team effort.  When HQ showed me this action I wanted to also step up (with a lil nudge from my boss). 

I believe in our community, I support all of you. I hope that you all continue to do and be better, whether it be in our walls or outside in this beautiful world that is crying for help and what looks like, we are responding. 

Thank you to all of you working to make this world a better place! 


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