June 17th. That is my birthday. Oh boy what year a year it has been.

 Wild fires and evacuation.

Covid-19, a global pandemic and strict quarantine for three months. 

A forced shutdown of our business, a global economy that is nose diving, 50 million people have lost their jobs. 

Sickness, vandalism and racism. 


I am not going to lie – its been the toughest year in my life. On so many levels. BUT something good will follow. It always does. I wish people that experienced and survived the Spanish flu back in 1918-1919 could share with us their life experience. Maybe they would tell us to not to worry because scientist will find a vaccine for Covid -19, they same way that the first penicillin was discovered back in 1928. Maybe they would tell us the civil rights movement (BLM) that is growing strong  among us all, will lead to real change in society, the same way the suffragettes fought for women’s right back in the early 1900 that made it possible for me as a woman today to vote. Maybe will the wild fires, air pollution and the direct correlation to covid-19 sickness and the dying economy, force a change of behaviour among us and for us. 


I believe we have good things ahead of us. The decade of 2020-2030 will follow and positive change with that. But with a lot of work. We need to try everyday. And for you who read this, there will always be excuses not to do the hard thing. To instead, choose the easy way out. But what good will it serve you and society?  


I refuse to let this crappy and mentally tough year bring me down. I am not going to lay down on my sofa – feeling sorry for myself because the hardships my family and the world are experiencing and in protest quit everything because it feels overwhelming.  I promised myself to get up every morning, do my physical training, take care of my kids, work hard to support my children’s and parents future. Work hard for the community. I am going to travel less, bike more and donate time and money to non profit organisations that I believe in. Life is unfair and horrible and dark. But to think about that is not going to help me make the rational choices and changes that will be necessary to move forward. I refuse to end up with those thoughts.. So cheers to another year!



Birthday Girl  


Thursday’s Workout


200m Run

15 T2B

15 Pull Ups

**16 Minute Cap**


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