I’ve been so happy to share yoga with many of you over the last month. I wanted to share a bit more about Yoga. I started practicing yoga over 20 years ago, it was just the physical (asanas) that interested me. After moving to Los Angeles I learned there were so many types of yoga offered here it opened up a lot of possibilities. 

2 years ago I took my teacher teacher training with Jayco at Yogaraj. I spent three months studying the philosophy and movement practice. Each Sunday we showed up for a morning of philosophy lecture, then asana (physical) practice, then learned about anatomy and how to teach. Our expectation as teachers in training was to practice with other teachers in the community and on our own at least 4 times each week. It was wonderful to learn with this group of people.

You might be wondering what else is there besides the movement. Well, Yoga can be defined in many ways, some define as yolk, union, unite or love. Uniting us all, mind and body. According to Pantajalis yoga sutras (Sanskrit text of yoga) There are 8 limbs of yoga. Which defines yoga not just as a physical practice but a way of life or being. Here they are below.

1 Yama (ethical/moral practices)

2 Niyamas (self discipline/personal practices)

3 Asana (physical postures)

4 Pranayama (breath control)

5 Pratyahara (attention inward)

6 Dharana (outward focus)

7 Dhyana (Meditation/concentration)

8 Samadhi (freedom) 

and lastly-

Here is last Thursday’s LIVE  Zoom Yoga Class that will help before or after Murph for restoring your body, please enjoy. 


And.. Hope to see you all this Monday at Murph

9:00am Speaker 

9:30am Workout 

Saturday’s Workout

Stay ready for Murph and/or get what you need!

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