Individually we do Murph for a lot of reasons, but we all do Murph to honor…Lt. Michael Patrick “Murph” Murphy…or so I thought…

A few years ago, at a CrossFit LA “Murph” workout event, our keynote speaker, a retired Navy Seal had some lasting advice for all of us…

“…when doing the “Murph” workout, pleases don’t feel like you are honoring a fallen hero by going hard….your actions today mean nothing to me or my fallen friends.  Instead, my job was to preserve and protect our way of life.  I hope that you respect that and I only ask that you be a good person to your fellow countryman…that’s all…”


With that said…I hope you can show up on Monday, moving in any capacity, and more importantly,  support one another… this is what Oak Park is all about! 

Live Zoom “Murph” 

Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th – 9:00AM

Kenny & Matt will host a Live Zoom introduction from the Gym!
9:00am – Key Note Speaker – Ex-Special Operations Officer involved in “Black Hawk Down”.
9:20am – Work demonstrations and optional scaling options.
9:30am – Live Zoom Workout Starts!
Reach out to your coaches with questions or concerns – let’s keep the human connection going!!!


50 Double Unders
40 Squats
30 Push Ups
20 Ground Pull Ups or Towel Pull Ups

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