First of all, I saw these monks on my run today, and I consider it a hopeful sign.

Do you see fitness people or your gym mates on Instagram doing home workouts and think, “Good for effing them,” and slump back to the couch?

Are you having a hard time getting moving consistently? I get it. Or when you start to workout, you think: Why does the 16kg kettle bell feel many kilos heavier at home than at the gym? (It really does.) Or does your run sometimes feel like total trash from beginning to end? Today the last mile of my run felt like doo-doo even though the last few runs had felt good. Ug.

How many times have you done a mental toughness workout at the gym? The ones that are a grind and seem to last forever? I’ve done a lot, and many of these at-home workouts and runs — or just finding the motivation to actually do a workout — have felt like I’m in the middle of an AMRAP 45 of burpees, hill sprints, and thrusters and heavy dumbbell squat cleans. Oh and wall walks. 

Listen, of course you’re going to feel like shit during these workouts. Of course, you’re going to feel paralyzed at times. These times are so stressful and heavy and uncertain. It’s enough to send us into the dark abyss sometimes.

But, you guys, keep pushing through, if you can. When whatever you’re doing feels hard, slow down, take a box breath, and take one step at a time. It’s the same coaching we give for an in-gym mental toughness workout. I used to tell athletes in my class all the time, if you’re suffering, probably others around you are, too. And one way to help yourself through a tough time is to encourage and connect with others. This is true more than ever. It works for workouts, too.

We won’t have a live stream tomorrow , but Jamie came up with this fun, home workout on THIS VIDEO

Also, here is a 23 minute gentle, yoga flow video I put together. I had to do a voiceover for the video, which is kiiiiinda funny, but it’s the best way to hear. Listen, we’re not professional videographers — yet — so bare with us as we keep trying our best to get you our content. 



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Love you guys.

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