… Skill Development Forever
“The challenge with learning a difficult new skill or variation of an existing skill is that the process necessarily includes a period of time when the athlete will struggle. In order to develop new skills, one must voluntarily place oneself squarely back in the beginner phase. This is often difficult for experienced athletes who have developed a self-perception of competency. However, it is important to properly consider the beginner phase of development, because in this phase, the largest adaptations are made. This is where the distance between inability and competence is the greatest. For example, the beginner weightlifter makes gains at a pace that any competitive lifter would die for later in their career. Regularly tapping into this vital beginner stage is a valuable tool for anyone pursuing broad fitness.”




Tuesday – Practice

A) 20 Minute Cap – DELOAD
(3 Squat Cleans* + 3 Front Squats)/5 @ 60-70%
*Squat Cleans NTnG

B) 5 Rouds on the 4:00
6 High Box Jumps
Max Push Press
– CAP at 2:00 –

Wednesday – Competition

For time:
Deadlifts (225/155)
Lateral Box Jump overs (24/20)

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