While the title was meant in jest, the word “HEAVY” is to be taken seriously in the context of variance, when programming your general phyisical prepardness! 

Heavy days are necessary to build top-end strength and power or work capacity in the intervals of about 10 seconds or less. 

The heavy-day workout consists of small sets, most often in the range of 1–5 repetitions, where the total volume of working repetitions is approximately 7–25.  Exposure to heavy days are usualy programmed 1 in every 6-10 workouts. 

The working sets generally occur at or above 80–85 percent of a one-repetition-maximum load, and warm-up sets used to get to this loading do not count toward the total working repetitions.  This is not an exact percentage, but a working set should be heavy enough to require concentrated effort.  The working sets also do not produce a significant cardiorespiratory response.

Heavy days are for everyone: the young, old, fit, and unfit. Using the concept of relative intensity, Oak Park coaches will encourage each member to lift a load that is relatively heavy for him or her. 

So, do not be shy or intimidated, we are here to support you and help you carry the load! 🙂

Reference: CrossFit® (#42TrainingGuide.pdf) 


A) EMOM 10

    3 Position Squat Clean (Top Down) @ 60-70%

1,000m Row

— 5 Rounds
20 DB Push Press
10 Lateral burpees
— 500m row





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