Entering into the new year brings up a lot of talk about building new habits. Certainly habits are important – our unconscious behaviors drive so much of our progress toward (or away) from who we want to be. A book I have been reading recently had a nice reminder about awareness, i.e., consciousness, and the importance of awareness over habit:

“The beauty of an action comes not from its having become a habit but from its sensitivity, consciousness, clarity of perception, and accuracy of response.” – Anthony DeMello, Awareness

As you move through this new year, I support your work to change your habits to support your goals. That is important, of course. But I also invite you to be present – to appreciate that it is the awareness in the moment, and the actions that flow from that awareness, that will spark real growth.


NOTE: Fire & Ice is on SATURDAY at 12:30pm or you can join me in Tarzana on SUNDAY at 11am for a workshop at Interval Strength & Conditioning





3 RFT:

400m Run

21 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)

12 Pull-ups






10 Pistols (alt.)

15 Pull-ups

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