As we last week entered Thanksgiving celebration and the beginning of Christmas preparation – we also entered the period of ear infections, colds and the ultimate stomach flu. It is a wonderful time of the year. 

If you are a mother/father with young kids at home, it is almost a guarantee that you will get hit with some type of virus or bacterial infection. The week of Thanksgiving is the guaranteed “sick week” in our household. It happens E.V.E.R.Y darn year. This year we started off with one ear infection, followed by another ear infection and ended the grand finale with the stomach flu. No sleep or recovery between rounds. All this while trying to work, take care of our and other peoples health and enjoying (read prepare) for one of the biggest holidays of the year. Needles to say that when sh*t hits the fan, it can be really really challenging. But I wouldn’t change it for the world (only the stomach flu). 

At Oak Park – we practice hard emotional labour. We do that through physical and functional training. We do that through mental skills and we do that through breath work and active recovery. As a mother of two young boys, as an athlete and entrepreneur – I would never be able to get through a week of craziness and sickness as we had last week unless I had my physical practice and recovery patterns to fall back on. Crap will always hit the fan. The bigger question is what will you do and how will you behave when it hits you?

Please read and listen to Mindful Motherhood: Finding Flow, Abundance, and Bliss When the Doo Doo Hits the Fan! A motherhood series where we discuss topics like the one above. You can also check out

Stay healthy, keep moving and wash your hands!  

Tuesday´s Workout 

For Time
2K Row

Wednesday´s Workout

* = 200m Run

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