Truthfully…this is coach Jamie Silber hijacking coach Nick’s Blog Post!!

Why….? Because my post is about running and Coach Nick likes running as much as I like sand paper underwear!

That said :-), you may have noticed there’s been more Running in this current training cycle.  As one of our simple seven movement patterns, running and lunging are foundational for so many things we do in everyday life….like running and lunging. 

However, this Blog is simply a call to action!  The Run Classes have been going strong:

Thursdays: 7:00AM on the Bluffs – Run technique and interval work.

Sundays: 8:00AM at Westridge Trail Head – Endurance and mental toughness.

Whether you attend the run classes or have been showing up at the Gym, we would love for you to join us at our Target Event: The Santa Monica / Venice Christmas 5K & 10K on December 7th 


For some, it will be a competition, testing for a new PR and it can also be a FUN RUN with your gym mates!


A) Front Squats 5×2 @ 95%


Amrap 3

10 Ground to Over Shoulder with Dball 200m run

Rest 1 min

Amrap 3

10 Front Squats with Dball (front rack carry) 200m row

Rest 1 min

Amrap 3 10 Ground to Over Shoulder with Dball 200m run


6 Power Snatch*

5-10 Bar Dips

AM-Miles-AP 8:
Assault Bike

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