I’ve been having this conversation with few students lately. It’s about how they feel when they come to a 6am class. Most have noted, they don’t feel like a supple leopard. It’s like their bodies aren’t ready for movement at that hour. So, what’s a student to do?

Your body does take a bit of time to wake up. But what if you don’t have more time? Like you just can’t wake up any earlier. (your likely chained to your bed at that hour). My first word of advice is get yourself enough quality sleep.  Take look at how many hours you are getting now, see what happens when you get more sleep.(start small- go to bed 5 or 10min earlier) Take some steps to improve your quality of sleep and up your sleep hygiene. (Black out shades, cold room, mouth tape). Also look at your bedtime routine. (electronics out of bedroom, taking time off electronics before bed, tea, reading or nighttime ritual) 

How about some breath work to energize you? You could take a few minutes in bed, even before getting out of bed and start to up regulate your body. (more breath in than out)  A bit of yoga in the am? Pair that breath with movement (could be a 5 min flow) to wake things up, sun salutation anyone? 

If your only option is to come at 6am and your body is not responding how you would like it to, first off try something I mentioned earlier. Next, be kind to your body, the compassion you have for it can be helpful and even allow it to do more. Remember all of this is a practice which requires constant reflection. 

See you in the am!

Wednesday’s Workout
A) Russian Dips 3 x 8

16 Push Press
16 Pistols
–Rest 2–
6 Box jumps
12 Burpees

Thursday’s workout
A) Front Squat 6×5 @ 83%

B) 21-15-9

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