What does it mean when you hear someone talking about their ‘strength ratios?’ It means that they’re interested in being a BAD A$$ MOFO or they simply want to know their ideal strength levels between lifts. Either way, this is important in keeping your body healthyand reducing the risk of injury. Let me explain. 

Popularized by Charles Poliquin, ideal strength ratios are presented as the following:

Reference List: Back Squat

Bench Press: 75% of Back Squat
(Powerlifting) Deadlift: 120% of Back Squat
Strict Press: 45% of Back Squat 

To be clear, I would recommend referring to either your 3RM or 5RM, as your 1RM can vary by quite a bit from day to day. With that said, I’m going to go against my own word and use an 1RM (for this example), from an athlete I know quite well. This athlete has tested the above multiple times and has sufficient amount of data to feel confident in using their 1RM. Thus, being able to compare ideal strength ratios between lifts. 

Reference List: Back Squat – Current 1RM 270 pounds

                       Ideal                                                    Current 1RM                       
Bench Press:  75% of Back Squat                         150 pounds (55% of Back Squat)
(Powerlifting) Deadlift: 120% of Back Squat       330 pounds (122% of Back Squat)
Strict Press: 45% of Back Squat                            100 pounds (37% of Back Squat)

As you can see, this athlete is balanced between their squat and deadlift. Another way to look at it is, this athlete is balanced between their quads & hips/lower back. If this athlete’s deadlift was, let’s say, 270 pounds, then I would have this athlete work on strengthening their hips/lower back to prevent injury down the road. 

Real quick, CONTEXT, this athlete isn’t a ‘powerlifter.’ Their primary exercise is CrossFit. Also, this athlete is a female where most of the time, upper body strength is a primary weakness and needs work. I’m NOT saying females aren’t strong, so back on up!! But, as you can see, her Bench Press and Strict Press could use some work.


Every athlete is different! Your training age, consistency, and even your levers can play a huge role in your percentages. Lifting is a process, that takes time, but is completely worth it. 


Learn what your strength ratios are and become a BAD A$$ MOFO! Your body will thank you!! 




Tuesday’s Workout – Practice


A) EMOM 12:
1 Power Clean + 2 Hang Power Cleans + 2 Jerks

B) 15*12*9*
DB Snatches
200m run*

Wednesday’s Workout – Practice

A) Russian Dips 3 x 8

16 Push Press
16 Pistols
–Rest 2–
6 Box Jumps
12 Burpees


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