The coaches are usually required to read books either for professional development or to inspire us to view human movement in a new or deeper light. The last book we read was Natural Born Heroes, which was a fascinating, albeit detailed, account of how everyday Cretans and a group of Resistance fighters led Nazis on a goose chase around Crete during WWII not allowing Nazis to advance to Russia; that advancement would have changed the outcome of the war and probably much more. Though that’s the framework of the book, below the surface the book is about athletic prowess and humans’ instinctual ability to do extraordinary things with our bodies. “Every ordinary person has a touch of the godly.”

I am also reading a few books having to do with an upcoming intensive, continued yoga teacher training.

I hadn’t read any fiction in a long time — until recently. It had been even longer since I’ve devoured a book, but Circe has me riveted! It’s based on the Greek mythology of Circe a goddess, witch, and daughter of Helios (god of the sun). The author brings the story to life, taking liberty to fill in the sparseness of the original myth with vivid detail giving the story such dimension I feel I’m truly privy to the thoughts of a goddess. 


Friday’s Workout

In Pairs
2 Rounds of:
2:00 Ski Erg for Max Cals
2:00 10ft Free Thows for Max score

Saturday’s Workout

BEACH WORKOUT! Meet at Montana & Ocean

Sunday’s Workout

24 mins Total (alternating between iso, strength and conditioning piece)
Iso (MENTAL TOUGHNESS) 8x, Strength (PRACTICE) 8x, Conditioning (COMPETITION) 8x

1: Iso (30-45 seconds)
*Can pick two

Wall Sit
Hollow Body
Bottom of the Lunge
Side Plank
Bottom of the Pushup

2: Strength (3-5 Reps)
*Can pick two

Sumo Deadlift
Weighted Chin Up
Strict Press
Bench/Floor Press
Back/Front Rack Reverse Lunges
SA Bent Over Rotational Row

3: Conditioning (30-45 seconds)
* Can pick two

Assault Bike
Ski Erg
Step Ups
Rotational Med Ball Slams
Sit to stands

Monday’s Workout

Franklin Hill 6 on the 6:00


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