As the seasons change, as circumstances at the gym change, I read the following from my restorative teacher Jillian Pransky, and it reminded me that everything will be ok. Change is a natural and inevitable part of life. It’s all in how we deal with it.

“Nature consistently demonstrates the Law of Change. Everything is in the process of becoming something else. We know that the natural order of things is not sameness, but change. We can see this easily in the life cycle of plants and seasons, as spring buds turn into leaves that then evolve from summer green to autumn gold before they fade and fall to the winter earth.

Change can be difficult for most of us. Self-initiated or not, change moves us through a transition zone which often creates a sense of groundlessness. It can be unsettling, even scary, to be in this in-between state of letting go of what we’ve known, to allow for something new to emerge.

In fact, to stay in our comfort zones, many of us even resist or suppress our own longing for change. Instead, we spend a lot of energy constructing our lives… working hard to make things the way we want them… to feel safe, in control. But no matter how much planning or arranging or clinging we do to make ourselves feel secure, there will always be circumstances beyond our control, and change is one of them.

Whether caused by a new season, a new job, moving homes, a relationship shift, or simply aging – the only thing we know for sure is that constant change is the norm.  And, however challenging, resisting necessary growth for too long will eventually break you down, make you sick, or if you’re lucky, just force you forward ungracefully. It is simply healthier, on so many levels, to go with the flow of change rather than to inhibit it.  

In fact, according to yoga and Ayruveda, our well being is dependent on our ability to change. Our very survival is based on our ability to continually evolve. “

Friday’s Workout

A) Front Squat
7×6 @ 70% of 3 RM

B) 3 RFQ
16 (8 per) Farmer Thrusters (45/30)
.7 mile Assault Bike
100m Sprint


“Kenny Kane’s Aerobic Test” 35 Minutes for Distance:
800m Row
1.5 Mile Assault Bike
800m Ski

P.S. – Lindsay Ashmun will teach at 10:00am…show up and DO IT!!


“Kettlebell Kitchen”
4 SA KBS right
4 SA KB Clean
4 Burpees
*If you miss a skip — if you don’t skip unbroken — you must add a burpee to the next round, and keep that added burpee for all future rounds. Keep adding one each time you miss during a round.


Monday’s Workout

A) Front Squat
6×6 @ 75% of 3RM

B) EMOM 15:
1: Dips or Parallete Dips/Push-ups
2: Row
3: Barbell Complex


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