I have really enjoyed the last several weeks as our community has embraced the experience of breathwork and fire & ice on Sundays. If you are looking to explore the benefits of these modalities for training and recovery, I will be offering Breath & Exposure Workshops 3 times in September. These workshops will include education on the science behind the breathwork and thermal stress exposure, as well as the logistics of using the sauna and ice baths. Each session will begin with an exploratory breathwork session followed by fire & ice exposure. The workshops will last about 90 minutes and sign-ups will be limited to 12 people. The first workshop will be this Saturday, September 7, from 12:30-2pm, at Oak Park. If you want to sign up or have questions, please email me at matt@oakparkla.com.




“Working 9 to 5”

For time:

200m Row

9 OH Squats (135/95)

300m Row

8 OH Squats

400m Row

7 OH Squats

500m Row

6 OH Squats

600m Row

5 OH Squats



A) EMOM 12:

     1 Power Clean + 2 Hang Power Cleans + 2 Split Jerks

B) AMRAP 16:

     200m Run

     16 Deadlifts

     12 Pistols (alternating)

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