Kids classes are NOW happening. In fact my first class was Tuesday afternoon. One of my favorite parts about coaching kids is watching them grow and learn to appreciate the work their body can do. I also love to see the kids that come in because their mom told them too, ask to come back for another session.  

I will run two 6 week sessions- one right after the other. Your child can enroll in one or both sessions. 


Yoga starts this Friday night, 745pm. Bring a mat and be ready to breathe, move and  recover your way to a great weekend.  Yoga will count as one of your classes and will last 60min. 

Wednesdays Workout

A) Front Squat
6×8 @ 65%

4 Ant Man Floor Press (2 per side)
3 C2B Pullups (Singles)
200m Row


Thursdays Workout

“Working 9 to 5”
For time:
200m Row
9 OH Squats (135/95)
300m Row
8 OH Squats
400m Row
7 OH Squats
500m Row
6 OH Squats
600m Row
5 OH Squats

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