My yoga mat has disappeared into the ground under my feet.

My ashram has become the coffee counter, a bad joke
exchanged with the barista, a friendly smile creeping over a
frozen face, and the whole world willing us along.

My temple is the shopping mall, the dentist’s waiting room, the
empty meadow in the morning with its soft yellow light and
virginal air.

My guru is the incubating roar in the belly, the melancholy of
the evening and the hope and despair of raw existence itself.

Nothing needs to be added.

My enlightenment is the ordinary moment, this mundane
experience drenched in the sweet nectar of my own attention.

My origin is the breath and the breath is my destination.

My lineage is the hungry cat greeting me on my evening walk,
ambling beside me awhile, rubbing her fur against my shin, her
fur soft like the cashmere blanket grandma used to wrap
around us as the nights came in early, fur becoming skin, and
the cat nonchalantly moving on to peruse a discarded sandwich
wrapper, and me walking on.

My spirituality is deep in the earth; it is in the mud, the heat,
the bowels, the awkward and the inconvenient, the cry for
mother and the courage to penetrate unexplored regions of the
psyche. It is the yearning for home and the happily exhausted

Friday’s Workout
Test Week, Cycle 21

12 Pistols
8 Dips
6 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
4 Bar Muscle-Ups
Don’t forget: Fire & Ice
The Workout:
CHOOSE 1 Option:
1K Row
800m Run
60 Cal AB
20 Push Press (95/65)
75 DU
20 Front Rack Alt. Lunge
75 DU
20 Power Cleans
75 DU
20 Squat Cleans
75 DU
Monday’s Workout
A) Front Squat
5×10 @ 60%

B) 4 RFQ:
1 mile HARD AB or less than 2min
12 DB Seated Press
100m Suicase Carry
12 Dips

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