This week is an opportunity to see where your fitness and movement stand. Monday’s test of power, Tuesday’s test of strength, Wednesday’s lung and heart capacity, Thursday BB skill work and Fridays body weight test is a beautiful balance.  I hope you are all enjoying showing up and seeing where you stand.

As we get to reflect on what’s been done we can see what excites us, what we are good at and what needs attention. Then we get to decide what to work on. Have a conversation with your coach about what you want to work on over the cycle.  It can be anything, but the more specific the easier it will be. 

Areas for improvement: 

Movement capacity – work mobility and putting yourself into different shapes
Work Capacity- be smart about increasing volume of work
Mindset- breath work can help with that
Strength- find a focus: squat, pull, push, hinge, flex/extend, rotate (simple 7 anyone)
Consistency- make a plan to show up

Any of the above or something else you have in mind is a great focus. 

*** Youth classes start up after Labor Day. Kids ages 5-17yrs. Weekday and Weekend class. Email for info or to enroll. 

Wednesday’s Test
Cycle 21 

“Big Ass Buy In”
In 30 minutes, complete:
1 Mile Run
2K Row
3 Mile Assault Bike
Then, with time remaining:
AMRAP D-BALL Ground-to-Over Shoulder (100/70)


Thursday’s Test
Cycle 21 

For Time:
Box Jump Over (24/20)
Power Snatch (95/65)

*Time Cap: 13 Minutes

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