Happy Weekend and Happy Back to School to the parents out there!

Friday’s Workout
Week of Kelly

In 5mins:
Row for Meters
4 minutes rest
In 4 minutes:
High Plank for max time
3 minutes rest
In 3 minutes:
Rig Hang for max time
2 minutes rest
In 7 minutes:
800M Run Then…
Max Thrusters (95/65)  
Note: All Elements are “cumulative” in reps and/or time Score: total meters, time (in seconds) & reps.


Breath at 11:15am
Fire & Ice at 12:15pm

Monday’s Workout
Cycle 21 Test Week!

3 Rounds
In 90 seconds, complete:
10 DB Thrusters (45/30)
2 x 40′ Weighted Rope Pull (90/50)
ME DB Thrusters

Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds
Score = Total # of DB Thrusters


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