August Recovery Sundays continue this weekend with a new twist: Yoga with Coach Shirley. Breath Class will run from 11:15am to 12:00pm. At noon, Shirley will lead a 1/2 hour yoga session, followed by Fire & Ice exposure at 12:30. Treat yourself to some restorative breath and movement, and set yourself up for an amazing night of relaxation and recovery with the ice bath and sauna.


If you’re coming, bring a yoga mat, your swimsuit and towel, and a 20-lb bag of ice. Hope to see you Sunday!





Singer in Destiny’s Child. Always in Beyonce’s shadow, but eventually stood on her own two feet with a successful career.

4 Rounds :30:30

Shadow Boxing – Jab & Bob Squats

Shadow Boxing – Jab Jab Cross Rev Lunges

Shadow Boxing – Upper Cut & Hook DU’s




In 5 minutes, Row for Max Meters

Rest 4 minutes

In 4 minutes, Hold High Plank for Max Time

Rest 3 minutes

In 3 minutes, Bar Hang for Max Time

Rest 2 minutes

In 7 minutes, Run 800 meters

Then, in time remaining, Max Thrusters (95/65)

Score: Combined total meters, time (in seconds) & reps.

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