Greetings from Oakland… HAPPY RETEST WEEK! 

While y’all are re-testing, I am in the bay area working with my alma mater where I received my master’s in Sport Psychology. Specifically, I am assisting a group of first year grad students with their teaching of sport psychology concepts to a group of golfers (some of which are as young as seven years old!). The students I am working with are attempting to teach mental toughness, and they are breaking down the all encompassing topic of mental toughness for these golfers by using psychologist Peter Clough’s Four C Model:

  • Commitment
  • Challenge
  • Control
  • Confidence

As students of Oak Park, you are already very familiar with the purpose and importance of CHALLENGE as it pertains to a mental toughness workout. If you need a refresher, I recommend you revisit this blog post. For this post, let’s consider the role that the other 3 C’s play, particular when retesting this week. 


  • COMMITMENT is largely about the specificity of goal setting, and your ability to adhere to the goals you set for yourself. For example, how many retest workouts this week are you committed to retesting and WHY? What additional behaviors are you going to commit to before (e.g., breath work), during (e.g., intentional strategy), and after (e.g., mobility) your retest workouts to support the plan you have for yourself? 
  • You only have 100% CONTROL over your thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes (combination of thoughts and behavior). Therefore, the strength of your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and physiological sensations will determine how well you can exercise control of your behaviors. This behavioral control is most effective when you are least mentally burdened by fixating on that which is out of your control. This is also why we stressed the importance of writing down the variables of each test workout during test week–to clarify what is in your control, so you can replicate it (e.g., seat height on assault bike), and what is out of control so you are less distracted by it (e.g., weather outside when running the urban course). 
  • As for CONFIDENCE, what do you believe to be true about your abilities and how do your beliefs about your capabilities affect how you focus during a workout? Do you believe you are capable of PRing? If not, why not? Your beliefs are a version of your thoughts that YOU have CONTROL over. If not in existence yet, I encourage you to adopt the belief that you are capable of PRing and then super charge this belief with supporting evidence that is true for YOU: For example, I have consistently attended 3-4 classes a week this past cycle, I have been getting more sleep, my mobility has improved, and I have gotten better at nasal breathing.

Now, which of the 4 C’s will be most pertinent to your success and fulfillment during this retest week!?

A) For Total Feet: (15 Minutes) 3 Broad Jumps
B) 1RM Power Clean (20 Minutes)

Urban Course 2.0

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