Think back to when you were in college or growing up and going to school. You would often have one last final exam before you could enjoy weeks off for summer break.


Your teachers would probably emphasize that coming to every class would be crucial to passing this exam. That the answers would be provided in lecture. That the occasional extra work would be very helpful, to retaining the information. Or, that they would even be willing to offer extra office hours, so you could be successful. All key ingredients that would almost guarantee you success on that final exam. We all know this; and we all knew that ones who showed up and put forth the effort, would often pass. Well the same goes for our gym.


You cannot expect to show up once or twice a week, and max out your lifts. You cannot expect to never try one of running or cardio classes and get a sub 7 minute mile. Just like showing up in school and putting in the effort in and outside of classroom, the same goes to towards our class.


We like your former teachers, are here, willing to give you those extra tips. Willing to provide those 1:1 sessions (aka office hours). Or anything that you may need. But, it’s going to require a lot of work from you.


You cannot only show up on the days, that you deem to be a “good workout”. Show up on the days that challenge you, that bring out your weaknesses, that prioritize nasal breathing, and so on. All of these things matter. And I promise, if you show up, work hard, ask for help –you’ll get what you’re looking for. 



Tuesday – Practice 

A) Power Cleans: 5 Rounds on the 2:00
2 @ 60%
2 @ 65%
2 @ 70%
2×2 @ 75%

B) 3 RFQ:
40 lateral Hops
16 Alt Pistols
100m DBall FR Carry
Flex Arm Hold

Wednesday – Competition

“DA DIZ” 10 Rounds
2 min to complete: 
250m Row
10 Burpees to a Target
-60 Second Rest-

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