Does your effort dictate your outcome? Well, it will dictate a certain outcome. But, will it be the specific one you are looking for? That’s a great question.

There are things in life that effort does not necessary mean you will get a specific outcome. It all depends on what you are working towards. Setting goals is key- knowing what you want and how you will get it is key. Knowing what effort is needed can be helpful.  Let’s talk about consistency.  If you are continually putting in the effort to show up regularly and you are showing up, then yes, your effort will earn you your outcome of showing up consistently. 

Let’s say you have put in a lot of effort to say learn a skill, but something isn’t clicking. The effort might not match the outcome. It’s possible to spend time doing something and not get what you want. (you might need some more coaching and other tools to help)

That’s why we are here. To guide you in that process. We (your coaches) can help you along the way and set some goals and learn what you want to work towards. 

Wednesday’s Workout

A) Stability/Parkour Training

B) 4 min QAMRAP
4 Goblet Squat Jumps (heavy-ish)
4 Strict Press (eccentric iso–90 degrees)

C) Back Squat 1×10

Thursday’s Workout

A1) Power Cleans
2 reps @ 60%
2 reps @ 70%
2 reps @ 75%
2 reps @ 80%

A2) Clean Pull
4×3 @ 90%

B) Progressive Watt / Squats on the 2:00/2:00
Round 1
AS Bike :60 @ 70% G2
Max Air Squats :60
-Rest 2:00
Round 2
AS Bike :60 @ 80% G4
Max Air Squats :60
-Rest 2:00
Round 3
AS Bike :60 @ 90% G5
Max Air Squats :60


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