We talk a lot about breathwork at Oak Park and we use breathwork a lot, too. Mostly, we use breathwork during training to improve your performance. But we also use it as a tool to ramp up the body and the nervous system in preparation for training and we use it to bring the body back down after training to jump start the recovery process.


You can also use breathwork outside of the gym for a variety of situations. If you ever feel stress (who doesn’t?) or deal with anxiety, a few minutes of mindful breathing is probably the simplest and most accessible method for resetting during a stressful situation or when those anxious feelings come. The next time you are feeling particularly stressed or anxious, take 5-8 minutes to do this:


– Make a playlist of 2 or 3 of your favorite songs and start the music

– Find a comfortable position to sit or lay in (I like laying prone with knees bent)

– Close your eyes and place a hand on your belly

– Inhale gently through your nose, feeling your belly rise against your hand as you inhale

– Exhale calmly through your mouth or nose, with an almost audible sigh

– As you exhale, let your shoulders fall and relax your abs

– Continue gentle inhales through your nose and gentle exhales and begin to extend the length of your exhales so they are about twice as long as your inhales

– Continue this relaxed breathing pattern until your playlist ends


If you aren’t feeling especially stressed or anxious, you can also use this as a pre-bedtime breathing practice to set you up for great night of sleep. Give this a go this week and let me know how it goes.





     4-8 Strict Pull-ups

     12/9 Cals Assault Bike

B) “The Heiden V”

     Challenging technical lateral movements

C) Back Squat

     1 x 20



Annita’s Farwell

5 RFT:

5 Deadlifts (275/205)

15 Box Jumps

30 Sit ups (anchored)

E2MOM 9 OP burpees

Finish with 800m run

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