While coaching it might seem like I’m looking for perfection. I cue my students on little and big things. I come around again and see how it’s going. I look and cue again and my student replies back “I’m doing all I can”. Usually I can 

At my CrossFit Level 2 certification I was told to be more persistent. Funny thing was I felt like I was being persistent. The constant cues, the encouragement, the support and correction and communication. Not enough in that moment during my cert. They told me to be relentless. In an effort to be a great coach I continue on that journey. I make mistakes and sometimes forget to check back on a student after giving a cue, sometimes I miss things too. What I’m really looking for is effort. 

It’s truly not perfection I’m looking for.  I believe if you continue to put in effort over time you will get closer to what your goal. Yes, there will be mistakes, and that’s why we practice. We practice our breath, mobility, movement, and mindset, all of this takes time. And then we mess up. We run into an obstacle that can either get our way, or be an opportunity to learn and it’s all ok. The mistakes are normal. I’ll continue to put in effort as a coach as I hope you do as a student. 


Wednesday’s Workout

A) Box Squat
Sets of 2 with speed

B) 6 RFQ
15 SA KB Thrusters (24/16)
5 KB windmills
5 Bar muscles up


Thursday’s Workout

5 Rounds on the 4:30*
*3 Minute Cap*

:60 MAX Cal Ski
9 T2B
# of MAX Cal Ski – D-Ball Ground To Over Shoulder

Score = Differential Between Cal Ski & D-BALL

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