Change is an inevitable function of time. Whereas, GROWTH requires intentional, deliberate behavior. Growth over the long term (intentional, sustainable growth) requires even more of the proper stacking of these five ingredients: 

  • Autonomy: Freedom to be who you are
  • Purpose: Utilizing your autonomy in service of your WHY
  • Context: Acknowledgement of needing to adjust your behaviors given environmental specificity 
  • Mindset: Attitudinal willingness to adapt
  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt given what best fits the specifics of context. 

(In part 2, I’ll dive deeper into the concept of autonomy)

A) EMOM 16:
     Odds: 3-position Hang Power Clean
     Even: 2-to-1s
B) FT (with a partner): 8-6-4-2 reps of:
    10m D-Ball Carry
    D-Ball Ground to Over Shoulder (12-minute cap)

A) Ski Erg -Sprints for:
     max wattage
     max calorie
     max 500m pace
   21 Cal for time
B) Weighted Pull-up Build to a heavy 3
C) 4RFQ :60:30
    Weighted Squat/Lunge Complex
    C2B Pull-ups (3 sets)

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